Journey into the Dark Universe
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Journey into the Dark Universe


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What is Journey into the Dark Universe

Journey into the Dark Universe is a popular web novel written by the author nyype, covering SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, MAGICAL REALISM, ACTION, THRILLER, SCI-FI, GODS, SPACE, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 233.4K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 32 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 131 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


While looking at the messages shared by his friends on his phone, Viny realized that something was missing from him. He looked right and left and grunted. "Why did I suddenly feel like something was missing from me." Was it luck that disappeared from Viny? How far could Viny's luck drag him? Could he survive from this cycle by his own protection? Do you also feel like Viny, sometimes something is missing from you? *** When a tribe that exists in our Dark Universe makes their tribal magic formation, they do it step by step; The chieftain took the bowl and came to Anuo. "My existence is a fire." The tribal leader said out loud. "My existence is a fire." Anuo then repeated. The whole tribe followed up "Good morning, child of the fire." "My existence is from blood." The tribal leader said out loud. "My existence is from blood." Anuo then repeated. The whole tribe followed up "Let the blood come, Spring to the life. Let the soul come, Arouse the fire." “Our ancestor Akon Hear me! Anuo will not deviate from your way!” Anuo shouted. The chieftain took the liquid and poured it over Anuo's head, and Anuo bit the bloody heart in her hand and ate it to the end.

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I am waiting your supports on my first book. I have many book ideas as well, However I will finish this long-winded project of mine. we have really likeable final. We have immersive story. Well, it consists of magic, cultivation, dao, science. Many of readers likes things from each other. how come all in one? well, I stayed by logic of course. Everything in this journey is answered. so there you go! Love you guys, Thanks for supports Hey, we have more than one MC, so female and male leads as well. dont get confused at the beginnig. I will not describe a lot the people whom is not important for story, because I DONT NEED FILLER CHAPTERS.. My story has huge concept enough. I will not explain the same things twice, but the novel will be long so if I did, just ignore and forgive me. Enjoy it!


I really like this story a lot. Would definitely recommend if you like books like this one... The sypnosis is really nice and interesting and the overall work in a must read.


The introductory of each character was perfect, first off. Secondly, details of the characters, place, and the description of what they did was on point. I was invested in the first three chapters and I extremely satisfy the way each character has their own light to be introduced. You manage to grab my attention now. To the library the book is. ☺😊😁


The synopsis has its impact alone! If you have to read something of science fiction and a fantasy combined genre and magical realism added ingredient in it, this book will suit you! Great job author!


Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating


Thanks for reviews and supports as this story got award the third place @ WPC 142


I really loved the world building part and how the characters are introduced. Very engaging in terms of how the plot moves ahead. I am really enjoying this read. Best wishes to the author and keep going on your writing path!


Great read. The book is very detailed and interesting. Also I like the fact that there are more than one character that will be playing big in the story, so that I don't have to always see a name start each paragraph.


Well written and great narration! Please release more chapters


The Synopsis is really what caught my eye. The author has you yearning to know what happens to their lead. Of what I've read, the story is very descriptive, well-planned and easy to visualise! The author's commendable grammar alongside character development is to look out for! Must read!


Fantastic! This book is immersive, interesting, and intelligently planned. I think this is one of the best cultivation book around.


This is an amazing book! The synopsos really suits the book! I relly like how you developed the characters in the first few chapters! There are things that you could potentially improve but other than that I think your book is great!


Writing style? It's a TEN, why? I like the way it was written in details. I'm not a fan of reading magical realism or anything that relates to fantasy but the author did a great job by letting the reader feel they are on scenes and I feel im one the scene. Keep writing


The synopsis is interesting and kind of made me question myself. The writing is superb and I like the pacing. Looking forward for this book~


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Great plot so far. Have yet to finish the story but I know that I love it since I’m hooked on the story. ....<3 <3 Keep up the good job and I will always looking forward for the update




Hey there Author, keep up the good work. The novel is coming great and I know that you can make it even better. So dont lose hope and do your best! 💪💪


The story is pretty well-knit, the characters were introduced appropriately while the author took his time to build the world. The plot is interesting to explore There are minor sentence structure mistakes, here and there otherwise it is a polished piece of work. P.S. Author San could you work on the synopsis a little more, it would get you more readers that way. So far, it is still good.[img=recommend]


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