Few days had passed since Ian acquired the status of Emperor. The powerhouses have started taking their moves. But no one knows that a huge battle was about to take place in Ian's room.

It was another normal day, Ian and his crew helped the people in rebuilding Dressrosa. After having dinner, Ian tiredly dragged himself into his room. But something unexpected happened, when Ian went into his room.. he saw a woman sleeping in her bed.

'Eh! Robin! What is this situation?' Ian was amazed watching the beautiful white back of Robin. Currently she was wearing only a white nightgown which was almost transparent with black underwear under the dress.

Ian checked the room to make sure that it was his room not Robin's. Suddenly an evil smile appeared on Ian's face.. 'Hehe.. now I understand what's going on.'

Ian then acted normally and walked near the bed..

"Huh.. Today was tired as ever, to think that this will go on for months.. its troublesome.."

Ian took off his clothes wearing only his underpants and get inside the quilt and lay silently.

On the other side, Robin's heart was already rushing like a horse. She finally decided to sleep with Ian before more women came(also influenced by Albedo) and went to sleep in his room preparing herself. She was very calm until Ian suddenly returned, her strong willpower was already overpowered by shyness and nervousness. As Ian got closer, she was already at the limit but nothing happened! Ian acted normally and went to sleep without even noticing her.

'Sigh' She sighed in relieve but her heart was very bitter.. 'Am I that little to him that he didn't even notice my presence!' Robin thought in her heart. She was feeling sad and was about to get up slowly not to disturb him and go back. But as she was about to move, a hand lightly hugged her from the back..

'Eh! Whats with this situation' Robin's bitter feeling instantly disappeared and her heart started rushing again.. 'Doki! Doki!..'

She closed her eyes tightly and acted like sleeping. But Ian's naughty hand started running around her body. Her face was already red like apple and a warm feeling came from between her croutch. She started getting wet and her body becoming hot.

Seeing the condition of Robin, Ian decided to finally revealed her. He lightly transferred a soft electric current into her body. The sudden attack from Ian made Robin suddenly moaned loudly and she came for her first time..

"Ahhhn! Something's coming! Ahhh!"

"Huff.. huff.. huff.." She was breathing heavily and looked at Ian with eyes full of seduction with bright red face.

'Ok! So cute' Thats what Ian first thought. He then acted dumb and asked confusingly,

"Eh! Robin! What happened?"

Seeing Ian teasing her, she felt very shy and angrily pounded on Ian's chest..

"You bad guy! You only know to tease others.."

Ian smiled lightly, lowered his head and directly kissed Robin's mouth and shut her up.

Robin widened her eyes at the sudden kiss, she slightly panicked but soon melted with the kiss.

Ian tried to put his tongue inside her mouth. Feeling the tongue knocking on her teeth, she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue.

Robin wrapped her hand around Ian and fully enjoyed the kiss. Ian's hand went to grab her two mounds making her moaned out loud..

"Ahh!! Wait.. Ian!"

She slightly panicked but Ian didn't stop. He slowly tore the little piece of clothes covering her breast and exposed the two big mountains jumping freely. Ian lightly pinched the nipples making her moan.. "Ahhnn! D-don't pinch it~Ahh!"

Hearing the seductive moans, Ian's blood was already burning. He then kneeled back and spread Robin's leg to see a sexy black panty already soaked with love juices.

"Heh.. You're already this wet, you pervert! "

"I-it's all your fault~ Hii!" She said, but couldn't finish her words as she felt Ian's finger rubbing her pussy.

"Chuckle! Didn't even touched it clearly and you've already leaked a lot of juices.." Ian teased her as he rubbed her soaked panty. He then moved it to the side revealing a wet pussy full of love juices and started licking it.

"Ahhhn! Ian!"

Feeling Ian's soft tongue, she couldn't help but moan in pleasure. More love juices flowed down which was sucked in by Ian. Soon, he put his tongue inside and sucked on her clit with his mouth. His tongue went deeper making her screamed loudly and climaxed again.

"Mhmm! Not so deep! Ahh! Ahh! Hyaa.."

Ian was already at his limit, he got up and kissed Robin once again and whispered on her ear,

"You are so cute Robin.. Now, I want you to suck my cock.."

"Understood, Captain.." Robin slowly slid down showing her round butt and pulled down his pants releasing Ian's little brother.

Seeing Ian's huge cock, Robin couldn't help but wonder if it will fit inside her mouth and her pussy.

She started licking slowly enjoying the unique taste of his cock. Soon she took the huge cock inside her mouth completely filling her and started slowly moving up and down while playing with her tongue. She was already well trained by Albedo teaching her various ways to satisfy Ian.

"Oh! Robin! Your mouth feels so good!"

Hearing Ian's word, Robin started moving faster and finally Ian poured his hot liquid inside her mouth.


Muffled by Ian's cock, she screamed as she felt a hot liquid going inside her throat and couldn't help but swallow it. She lifted her head up, opened her mouth showing her sexy mouth and started licking Ian's cock.

"Hehe.. You're such a pervert, Robin.."

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"Mhm! Ian! I-i can't hold it anymore! My pussy is aching.. I-i want your cock..Ian!"

Robin said in a seductive voice looking at Ian with blurry eyes.

"Good.. come here!" Ian directly pulled up Robin and kissed her hardly. He then laid her on the bed, spread her legs, positioned his hard cock and started slowly thrusting inside her pussy.

"Ahh! Ian! It hurts! B-but it feels so good! Ahh.."

Robin said as she felt her hymen breaking.

"Is it that hurt? Should I stop?" Ian asked in a teasing voice.

"No-no! Don't stop! Don't pull out.. It feels soo good! Mhm.. more! Do me more.. Ian!"

Robin said and moaned in pleasure, holding Ian tightly with her nails scratching on Ian's back.

Then Ian started thrusting his cock inside her. The more he thrusted, Robin felt her pussy tightening up as if not wanting to let go of his cock.

Ian lowered down, bit her hard nipples and moved hardly.

"Ahh! Don't bite! Ahhhyaa! I-i'm comminngg! Ian.."

Robin held Ian's hair tightly and finally climaxed once again.

"Haah.. haah.. haah.. Mhm! Ian?" Robin was breathing heavily and suddenly looked at Ian when she felt Ian's cock moving inside her.

"Chuckle!.. I'm not done yet" said Ian and started pounding her pussy.

Inside the room, loud moans and wet flesh hitting each other could be heard. Ian also tried various position with Robin.

After indulging themselves to lust, Robin finally fell asleep on Ian's chest. Ian lightly stroked on her back, he soon felt sleepy and closed his eyes.

The next day, as soon as Ian woke up, he felt good between his croutch. Ian looked down and saw Robin sucking on his cock which rubbing it between his breasts.

"You really are perverted.. doing this first in the morning.."

"Giggle! I wanted to make Captain feel good and I want to taste your cock as well..mhmm!" she said as she moved her breasts up and down, licking his cock inside her mouth.

After a while, Ian finally came inside her mouth and drank it all. Ian then got out of the bed, dressed up and left the room. Robin felt sour between her legs, she decided to rest for a while and went back to sleep again.

After coming out of the room, Ian decided to take a bath and went to the huge bathhouse as all the others had already left to do their works. Ian went inside, took off his clothes and jumped in the warm pool and rested. But soon he heard a footstep coming behind him. Ian turned around and saw a shocking scene.

Albedo was standing in the front wearing only a towel covering her body. The towel was so short that he could she her slightly opened pussy lips between her legs and it was already dripping wet!


Ian swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The current sight of Albedo with half naked busty body, showing a seductive smile licking her lips slightly..

Ian's mind was in complete chaos, he was in a state where he could turn to beast mode anytime.

His little brother who was a little exhausted from the morning event was already standing tall ready to attack at any moment waiting for Ian's order.

Looking at Ian's burning eyes, Albedo was already excited. She knew about the event between Ian and Robin, and although she didn't mind.. she still felt jealous and thinking about the scene, she was already at her limit wanting to eat Ian immediately.

She used her charm to seduce Ian and it seemed like it succeeded perfectly.

"Ufufu.. Ian-sama, I will service you in every way I can in your bath.."

Ian: "Gulp! T-then.. trouble you Albedo. Please take care of me.."

"Hai.. I-A-N-S-A-M-A.." Albedo replied in a slowly seductive tone and slowly walked towards Ian.

Albedo then started rubbing Ian's broad back with her soft hands using soap.

Ian was enjoying the soft hands running on his back but suddenly two big jelly like soft flesh pressed against Ian's back.

'Ahh.. So this is heaven.. ' Ian thought in his heart thanking God for sending him here. The feelings were even so much better when Albedo started moving rubbing her breasts up and down on Ian's back. Albedo was also getting horny, her nipples were already so hard that it could pierce at Ian's back anytime..

"Ahhn! Ian-sama..! How's my service? Do you feel good?" Albedo leaked a soft moan and asked in a sexy tone.

"Its the best service, Albedo.."

"Thats great Ian-sama.. Now, please turn around let me clean the front too." Hearing Albedo's word, Ian obediently turned around and almost lost his mind.

'SHIT!! ITS SO SEXYY!!' Thats what Ian thought in his mind forcing his nose not to spray out the hot bloods. Albedo's body was completely different from the others. It was mature, sexy, busty, beautiful,etc. She was the perfect combination.

"Giggle! Then.. Ian-sama, here I go.." Albedo softly giggled and slowly came towards Ian and finally pressed her body on Ian's chest.

The current feeling was completely different from his back. It was at another level. Feeling each others heartbeats and hot air, both of them were already at their limit. Albedo's pussy was already flooded with love juices dripping like a tap water. Also, Ian's cock was bulging continuosly poking on her lower abdomen.

Albedo slowly started moving, rubbing her hard nipples on Ian's chest. As she moved her body up, Ian's hard and hot dick suddenly rubbed on the pussy lips of Albedo making her moan loudly..

"Ahhhn! Ian-sama!"

She continued rubbing Ian's body with her breasts and his cock with her dripping wet pussy lips.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ian-sama.."

Loud moans sounded inside the bathhouse. Suddenly Albedo stumbled and Ian's cock which was already greased with her love juice entered inside her pussy.

"Ahhhnnn! It came in! It's so big.. and hot! I'm cumming!"

As soon as Ian's cock entered halfway inside her pussy, she let out a loud moan and finally climaxed. But Ian didn't stop and slowly pushed his cock inside her 'always tight' pussy spreading her walls slowly.

"Ahh..its coming in! Ian-sama! Your cock is spreading my wet pussy.. ahh!"

Albedo screamed loudly wrapping her arms on Ian's head tightly pressing his face in her breasts.

Finally, Ian's hot cock went till the bottom and started thrusting hardly.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ian-sama! Mhmm.. hyaa!!"

Albedo came again. Ian still continued pounding her pussy hitting her womb. Albedo's seductive moans filled the bathhouse. After thrusting for a while, Ian was already at his limit..

"Oh! Albedo.. I'm at my limit! I'm cumming inside!"

Ian immediately thrusted deep inside her and finally sprayed his family jewel inside her hot womb overflowing her pussy.

"Mhmm! Ahhh.. It's coming deep inside my womb! Its hot and full! Ian-sama.. I love you!"

Albedo exclaimed and directly kissed Ian very hard , sucking his mouth. Their tongues twirled around exchanging their saliva.

Ian and Albedo stayed connected for a while. Soon Ian's cock started getting hard again inside her pussy. Both of them continued for hours, indulging themselves in sex, trying various poses inside the bathhouse. After some time, Ian carried Albedo back to her room hurriedly without anyone noticing and continued in her room.

At noon, Ian came out quietly out of Albedo's room, slowly closed the door not to wake up the sleeping Albedo. He checked his clothes and went out to join the construction works of Dressrosa.

While resting at the rooftop of a newly constructed house, looking at the sunset.. Ian gave a long sigh,

"Huh! What a tiresome day! I really worked hard today.. chuckle!"


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