1 Reincarnation

My name is Ken. I was an orphan who lived in modern Japan. just like any young child , I loved manga and anime . but my love for them was more than normal so , I was a so called otaku .

I left my orphanage when it was time to join a high school . my dream came true as I worked at many part time jobs to earn money for rent and my otaku stuff . I was just attending school because I wanted a stable job in future so that I can immerse in anime and manga world other than my work time.

everything was going well but one day I died . let's rewind the story some .

I was very happy nowadays because due to coronavirus there were no classes and I could enjoy in my own world of imagination all day at my small apartment. I was in my last year of my high school but didnt have to study ... such a wonderful fact . i also didnt have any money problems because i wrote lite novels online for money and they sold really well too.

humans but nerd to fill their stomachs to sustain life so i went to buy some food supplies from nearby store . i was leisurely walking wearing a mask when i heard a scream of a woman . i saw that , a truck was going to hit that woman who was couldn't move due to fear . my body just moved at inhumane speed on it's own and I pushed her away . after that I felt some shock and everything went blank . I knew I had died sigh ..

now , i was sitting in front of a glowing man who called himself reincarnation God in his office which didnt look any different from a normal one . I just accepted the fact I was dead now and asked him about my judgement.

God- it's good that you have accepted the fact you are dead rather easily but are you deaf , I just told you that I'm a reincarnation God and my job is to reincarnate chosen souls in other worlds not to pass judgement on them .

I was just surprised at the development which i read in a novel online someday and he continued.

God- look , there are karma points given to souls according to their deeds they did during the time they were alive . you saved a woman before dying right. well , she invented the cure for coronavirus after a few years saving countless lives so you got absurd amount of karma points . yea yea I know that you're thinking that it's like a development in those fanfictions and yes you're right but you dont get any wishes of your choice.

now look at this roulette, you just have to touch it and it will spin automatically. whatever is the result will be your perk in new life . so just do it now . oh yea don't worry , the more karma points are there, the better luck .

I just held my anticipation and touched the roulette. it only spun for a few seconds at insane speed and result was something that I couldn't read .

God- well well dont worry , its universal language in heaven so you have no means to read it .hmm ... you got yourself a big perk . congratulations.. you got a system that can do many things and the most important thing is that you can reincarnate in various anime worlds after your death and start over again .

hmm.. I forgot to mention that your new world is already decided after looking at your memories. it is naruto world and the timeline will depend on your luck which is high so dont worry .

oh yea the system is bound to your soul so you can talk to it inside your mind anytime. now go already there are many others waiting for their turn .

after that God waved his hand and everything went blank again.

when I woke up , I found myself in a forest . first I decided to check that system was real or not as gods talk was unreal for even an otaku like me .

I then called system once in my mind .

system initialize 100 %

welcome host . system will be your partner in your journey .

I was just honestly happy as I could now be sure that everything was real as I could hear a clear feminine voice in my head .

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