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novel - Fantasy

Journey For Life


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There comes a moment in life when we all ask ourselves: are we alone? Is there something else out there, or someone there to watch out for us? What is the purpose of life? Emily Summers did not just face those questions, but the deepest pain any human could face; she faced the pain of losing any sense of meaning, even when to the world she had it all. In a moment of deepest darkness and total despair, Emily seeks to find her answers in death, to find a solution to the void that has eaten all that she is. What she never expected was that one bad choice, one wrong decision, would unchain an adventure that she would have not even pictured in her wildest dreams. An adventure that would not only change her life, but that of anyone who has dared to experience it with her. Would you as well, be willing to take such a chance? Clarification: This is a work of fiction and the names used for some of the characters are not meant as a disrespect to anyone. They have been carefully chosen to give meaning to the life-changing event Emily Summers will face.