1 Black Iris

"MR PRESIDENT WE NEED TO GET YOU INTO THE BUNKER NOW!" Shouted a young man in an army garb with urgency in his voice.

Sudden the sound of static could be heard for a brief second before a woman started talking. "Jesus christ Bobby how long are you going to keep watching this garbage tv. We're going out for dinner tonight so get ready."

"Come on Jess can't we just order take out? Replied Bobby grabbing the tv remote his girlfriend just put down on the arm of the sofa and turning it back on.

"Bobby! We agreed on Monday that when I finished work today we would go out to eat."

"Fine... ill go have a shower and get ready" Replied Bobby with a hint of reluctance in his tone.

Half an hour later Bobby and Jessica took the elevator down from their penthouse apartment to the lobby floor. Entering the garages the two got into a car and drove to the restaurant. Getting out of the car both of them walked down the road to a quaint restaurant.

In the restaurant, there were a group of people seemingly celebrating. "Boss congratulations, you've finally got that judge on the bench. We're going to be untouchable haha."

After getting taken to their table Jessica and Bobby ordered food and drinks. Getting their food, both of them were about to start digging in when suddenly a loud repetitive noise reverberated in the ears of everyone in the restaurant followed by the sound of glass breaking. Seemingly without thinking multiple people jumped up out of their seats.

Throwing the table to the side Bobby ran towards Jessica pushing her to the floor covering her with his body as multiple people in the restaurant got pierced by bullets.

After time seemed to stop Jessica came too and started to react. Looking at Bobby on top of her she could see blood dripping off his head onto her face. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BOBBY" Screaming and bawling her eyes out Jessica rolled Bobby off her chest and put her fingers on his neck trying to find a pulse after not being able to she started to attempt compressions on him. The entire restaurant was in carnage. Blood started to spread and cover the floor, not long after the few people still breathing in the restaurant could hear sirens getting closer to them as Jessica continued doing compressions.

In another plane of existence, a baby boy was being born. "Push miss, Push" called out a young midwife.

In another room, a creaking noise was heard as a large wooden door opened.

"Master the young lord has been born, congratulations." declared an old hunched over man.

Hearing the old man talk to him, the man with a stature of an emperor turned around.

"Good let me go and see him" replied the man. Walking towards the labour room, a strange air seemed to follow and surround him.

Entering the room the man saw a baby wrapped up in a towel with eyes that looked like ice darting around the room, the baby was being held by a sleeping woman. When the baby saw the man his eyes seemed to stay on him for a long period before they started to dart around again. Seeing his son he smiled walking towards him and rubbing his hand on the babies cheek.

"Master what will you name the young lord," asked the midwife who now had blood patches covering her clothes.

Looking at the baby the man everyone called Master seemed to go into a daze and started talking "When I was younger I found a strange item, it has guided me towards lots of treasures in my many years"

"Master the na-" cutting the midwife off the man continued to talk

"I was one day meditating when the item destroyed my spacial ring and started to float in front of me. To my surprise, the item that I had always thought to be nothing more than some kind of treasure compass, or something of the like, started to spin and float in front of my eyes. Suddenly without realising it, I entered a strange plane of existence where a figure sat on a throne of bones, he claimed his name to be death. He looked at me through the darkness, this hooded figure seemed to be non-existenant but a single ice blue eye seemed to peer through my existence. He started to talk to me, or at me, I should say."

"Longing to return will consume your son, it will guide him to me, only then will he understand. Only then."

Meanwhile, looking around him the baby started to formulate some thoughts "Where the hell am I? And what kind of language are these people talking"

Looking at his body the baby seemed to be in a sense of shock. "What the hell is happening, the last thing I remember... Jessica!" Suddenly the baby started to look around franticly and started to cry and scream out "JESSICA WHERE ARE YOU" Looking at the baby finally crying and calling out in garbled tongue. The midwife relaxed significantly because before this the baby didn't seem to make any noise.

Hearing her baby crying out the woman who had just given birth woke back up. In a sense of confusion, she looked around. Noticing the man she called out in a weak voice. "Arron, look at our beautiful baby boy. Have you decided on a name yet?"

Hearing the woman the man named Arron snapped out of his daze and replied "His name will be Robert" After hearing the name everyone in the room started to get goosebumps on their skin. Suddenly a loud noise like walls being destroyed seemed to get closer and closer until the door to the room was smashed through. Arron reacted in a millisecond moving in between his wife and baby, and the door. At the same time, a force seemed to form around everyone in the room.

The old man that followed Arron waved his hand and the dust formed from the door being destroyed blew away, this had all happened in a second.

Everyone noticed a fluid-like substance that suddenly started to flow towards the Arron his wife and child, time seemed to stop for everyone in that room. The fluid moved through all the barriers that everyone had put up it seemed to be going through space and time itself until it arrived above Robert and suddenly pierced through the babies eye before disappearing completely, suddenly Robert's eye seemed to go black whilst the other one remained ice blue.

A few days later multiple physicians were standing before the man named Arron. Every one of them had a deep frown on their face, they all appeared to be contemplating something until one last one finally came out of the room behind them.

"Anything?" Asked Arron.

"Forgive my ineptitude Emperor, I don't understand why his eye has turned black, all I can tell you is his soul is solid and shows no signs of damage or interference. His constitution also shows no sign of interference or damage"

Letting out a deep sigh the man named Arron waved his hand. Seeing the wave all the physicians quickly left.

"I should have destroyed it... If not for my greed my only son would not be in this position" Declared Arron.

"Master forgive my impudence but If even the higher-ups from the physicians guild can't diagnose any problems, perhaps there is no problem." Said the old hunched over man.

"There is one person left who might be able to figure out what happened but where she is, I don't know."


"ENOUGH JEREMY, You will protect my family in my absence. My wife Annabella will take over the throne in my place while I'm gone and you will help settle any problems she has is that understood?"

"Yes, master" Replied the old man in a servile but reluctant tone.