1 Jorgun Mystick

Jorgun was a Viking, a Norse man, he believed in the all-father, while pillaging Britania, amid a battle with 2 militia, He got ran over by a fleeing horse carriage, instantly making his brain splash all over the carriage.

at the moment the old Viking woke up in a forest, he stood up and looked around with confusion.

"Where in Odin's beard am I?" Jorgun said with confusion in his voice.

For as long as he remembered, Jorgun only knew ice and snow from his home, to see all of the trees and grass made him flabergasted.

He looked around him, seeing mountains to his right, and grassland to his left, so naturally, he would go towards the ever-familiar snowy peaked mountains.

Taking steady steps towards his destination, he stayed sharp as he knew the wilderness will be filled with wolves and wild goats.

After 30 minutes of walking, he saw signs of a weird bunny with white fur, red eyes and a 30 cm long horn sticking out of its head, the moment the bunny spotted Jorgun, it screeched and started charging towards his direction.

Jorgun even though surprised by such a weird bunny, got prepared to dodge, he picked up a heavy and sturdy stick and equipped it like a battle-ax.

The mad rabbit didn't even make a reaction when Jorgun sidestepped, it only kept running until it impaled a tree, Jorgun came from behind and made a bone-breaking overhead strike, splattering the brains of the hopeless rabbit over the tree.

"What a sharp spike, it even penetrated the wood, maybe I could trade this for a battle-ax." Jorgun mused while ripping off the horn and grabbing the rabbit corpse for later usage.

Suddenly, A war horn sounded inside the Vikings head, Jorgen heart speeds up hearing that old and very welcome sound, he looked around for a bit until he saw a scroll in his hands.

Opening it, weird lines and symbols were scribbled that he could understand even though he didn't see them before, it wrote with blood-colored ink.

[Recalibrating for the users understanding and knowledge]

-Jorgun Mytisk, you have been giving the rights to domination, use the life of your enemy's to progress your power, this scroll will show you the way to your strength-

Level: 0

Class: None

Strength - 12

Agility - 8

Inteligence - 10

Wisdom - 9

Charm - 7


[Low Unique - Passive - Unavoidable Strike]

Never miss with a melee weapon even if the enemy dodges, the target has to be in a 10-meter zone around the user for the skill to work.

[Uncommon - Passive - Ax Mastery - Proficient 67%]

The knowledge and experience of handling an Ax.

1.3x STR while using an Ax.

15% attack speed while attacking with a two-handed Axe.

[Common - Active - Overhead Strike - Beginner 78%]

Savage head-crushing strike, used by many, feared by all.

1.1x STR -10% more damage - 5% more knockback.

Jorgun looked with wide eyes at the seemingly mystical scroll, holding it like an Asgardian made treasure.

'Oh mighty Thor, Thank you for this glorious gift, I will repay you with the blood of my enemies' Jorgun swore with bloody fervor.

Now that Jorgun is looking at the scroll, he notices the Unique skill, he laughed loudly, no more slimy sneaky bastards dodging his mighty Ax.

With a smile not fit for a Viking, Jorgun continued walking towards the faraway mountains, he encountered more of the white bunnies, easily dispatching them, they were so many he had to abandon the bodies but still took the horns.

When he reached the foot of the mountains, he had already slain 9 rabbits, now that he is close to the mountains, he spots a cave, it was filled with green midget men surrounding a bloodied man on the floor, one of those green-skinned men turned around and saw him, he grunted to the others, after a bit they turned towards him, they looked at him with beastly eyes, and Jorgun knew by experience those men are filled with madness and bloodlust.

Jorgun counted 6 goblins and seeing the number, he dashed towards a formation of rocks, the green men followed with passion.

Jorgun faster than the greenskins, got to the rocks first, he hid behind a giant rock, he knew that he could take 3 to 4 of them but anymore he would get overwhelmed, and maybe even get wounded, and being wounded would greatly destroy his chances of getting out of the forest.

The greenskins finally reached the rock formation, fortunately, they split up to search for him, a decision they would die for.

Slowly one of them came close to the hiding spot, in a split second, Jorgun activated overhead strike with the stick, the greenskin tried to dodge but the stick still hit his head, destroying left half of his face and some parts of his brain, he died instantly.

Jorgun dragged the body to a bush, hiding it, he put some dirt on the blood and brain splattered about.

Jorgun waited for another prey to pass by, one passed by but he was a little bit far for the reach of the stick, he was debating for a charge until he suddenly remembered, the skill he had, so with another overhead strike, he swung the stick, for anyone observing they would surely tell that the stick would miss, but weirdly it seemed like the space between the two shortened, resulting in another kill.

Jorgun looked with bright eyes at the miracle that occurred before him, he kissed the bloody stick, pleased by such a power.

Jorgun now confident in his triumph climbed the rock, and in one mighty shout got the attention of the greenskins.

[New Skill!!]

[Uncommon - Active - Shout - Beginner 5%]

Gets the attention of your enemies, and maybe even scare them by your might voice

10% to cause fear for weaker opponents

5% to cause fear for equal opponents

Jorgun ignored the voice in his head, opting to focus on the approaching greenskins, when they got into the range of his skills he started making overhead swings, the greenskins didn't even defend because who would think that they would get hit from that far away.

By the time the greenskins got close enough, he had already made 2 of them into headless bodies, with a wide swing Jorgun kept the 2 greenskins on their feet, when the two got separated he charged at the left one, again making his new favorite move, an overhead swing, the greenskin blocked wit his arms, but force of the swing was too much to handle, turning the once ugly face of the greenskin into a headless corpse with a broken arm.

He turned around quickly enough to intercept the finale greenskin, this one ended in the same fate as the other headless green corpse.

Jorgun thrilled by such a victory, he put the scroll in the bodies of his enemies, the once green corpses turned shriveled in several moments.

[Absorbing 6 Goblins]

Level: 0 => 1

Class: None

Strength - 12 => 14

Agility - 8

Inteligence - 10

Wisdom - 9 => 10

Charm - 7

Jorgun shouted, feeling strength flow through him, happy with his acquisition, he walked towards the cave with the bloodied man.

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