Why didn't He the lord God give Lucifer a second chance?, The cause of lucifer's rebellion remains a mystery to man kind from the beggining. God created man to be just like him, was it his wish that man had to die for an act which was clearly not his fault from the beginning of time?

John asked him self these questions always and has no definite answers to them. Mr Chen, a librarian was fond of john that she nicknamed him john the REVELATOR. He always told her things that never made any sense according to how she seemed it to be, it just never made any sense to her.

John stumbled on a book, named NASTRODAEMUS, he read it's content's and the book binded with his soul. He could travel back in time to seek answers to his unravelled questions. Forces of evil wanted the books for them to return back into the future. Can john prevail?

The adventure begins