1 The Knight Class

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In the evening, the setting sun dyed the horizon red.

In White Deer City, at White Deer High School, Class Two of the second grade had their last class as usual.

A young female teacher wearing a neat uniform and her hair tied into a ponytail spoke confidently on the podium.

"A hundred years ago, this world was suddenly transformed into a game. Spatial Rifts that connected other worlds appeared, and many Magical Beasts with special abilities surged from within. The Magical Beasts started a crazy massacre of humans.

"At that time, half of the humans in the world died from the chaos. The living space of the humans was constantly compressed and eroded.

"But even though the Magical Beasts were constantly maiming them, the humans still did not give up on resisting. In the continuous battle with the Magical Beasts, some people over the age of 16 gradually discovered that they could use strength beyond the limits of their bodies. At the same time, they could summon shields to defend against their enemies.

"Their abilities are called skills, and upon awakening, individuals will have a designated class. 

"Thus, the first class, Knight, was born.

"There were only four types of class in the initial period when they were discovered, and this is also the origin of the four major types of classes.

"These four types are Combat, Magic, Support, and Control.

"The corresponding four classes are also known as the four primary classes. They are Knight, Mage, Alchemist, and Beastmaster.

"These classes are a symbol of the human resistance against Magical Beasts. The Knight class has always been known as the first of all classes, and it is also known as an embodiment of the human desire to protect others.

"After a hundred years of continuous exploration, humans have found more than 120 types of classes based on the foundation of the first four major classes.

"Although humans have the power to fight against Magical Beasts due to the awakening of classes, the human world still cannot eliminate Magical Beasts even until today. The crisis has not completely left us."


In the corner of the classroom's last room, a boy was tilting his head to look at the scenery outside. It was as if he did not care about what the teacher on the podium said.

The boy's name was Moss. He was not originally from this world.

This year was the sixteenth year that he had transmigrated to this world.

Moss did not have any objections about what the teacher was saying. Still, because he was the top student in the grade, he was already well-versed in this matter. As such, he considers it a waste of time.

Moreover, he did not have the mood to pay attention to the class because of certain things.

Humans in this world could choose to awaken their classes at 16. Tomorrow, the school will organize all second years to do so. 

For the past 16 years, Moss studied and trained hard, preparing for tomorrow's arrival. Unfortunately, his preparation now seems to be meaningless.

Just a month ago, Moss's father had been patrolling the outskirts of the city when a Magical Beast attacked him.

Although the city guards succeeded in killing the Magical Beast that attacked, they also suffered heavy losses, especially Moss's father. He was on the verge of dying from serious injuries.

Although the government paid for most of the treatment costs for the city guards, the subsequent rehabilitation completely emptied the Moss family's already poor foundation, leaving the family with no money to cope with the expenses outside of daily life— Awakening was a costly thing.

In this era, where there were hundreds of classes, if one wanted to awaken a particular class that one liked, they would need to bring a Class Change Scroll during the awakening process. 

These scrolls were expensive. For popular and powerful classes, the value of these scrolls would skyrocket.

Moss' family could not afford even the most basic scrolls in their current situation.

Without a Class Change Scroll, only one class could be awakened, which was the class that humans first discovered, Knight.

Unlike the magical skills of various classes nowadays, Knights could only strengthen their defense and attack. Moreover, because they had to take care of both aspects, they were not outstanding. Other classes could easily replace them.

Currently, Knights were a weak class.

Even worse, because there was no need for Knights to awaken, countless people who could not afford the Class Change Scrolls would choose to become Knights every year.

The Knights who used to symbolize protection had instead become entirely synonymous with being weak and poor. It was as if becoming a Knight meant that a person was destined to be mediocre for the rest of their lives.


The electric bell rang. It interrupted Moss' contemplation and the young female teacher's lecture.

The teacher looked at her watch, then closed the history textbook in front of her and said to the students with a sincere tone, "Students, tomorrow will be the day where you awaken your classes. I hope that everyone can obtain the classes they want and make their contributions to the human world in the future."

Following the teacher's words, the students in Class Two revealed excited and expectant expressions one after another, as if they couldn't wait for the next day to arrive.

The teacher nodded in satisfaction and announced with a smile, "Class is dismissed now!"


The classroom instantly turned into a sea of joy. The students began to whisper among themselves about the classes they liked.

The teacher noticed the young man sitting in the last row of the classroom, who did not fit in with the surrounding environment. Her heart clenched when looking at the young man's condition.

She then shouted, "Moss, come with me to the office!"

As soon as she said this, the discussion in the classroom immediately stopped for a second.

The students looked at each other. A few of them looked vaguely in Moss's direction with a curious expression on their faces.


Moss pushed his chair aside and stood up. He ignored the gazes of the others and walked to the teacher's side.

Then, the two of them walked out of the classroom together.

Behind them, the sounds of discussion in the classroom returned to normal once again, but there was more discussion about Moss this time.

Moss followed the teacher to her office.

After seeing the teacher sitting at her desk, he asked, "Miss Aisha, what's the matter?"

Moss looked directly at her, feeling deep care from Aisha's eyes. He had a rough idea of what Aisha was going to say next.

Aisha was silent for a moment as if she didn't want to irritate him. Her tone softened a little as she asked, "Moss, have you decided on what class are you going to choose tomorrow?"

It is just as Moss expected. The teacher has been very responsible ever since she started her job. She was usually very concerned about him.

She naturally knew that Moss' family had encountered such a significant tragedy. Thus, it was not unusual for her to ask about this matter the day before the awakening.

Moss nodded, trying not to reveal any emotion in his tone. He did not want to make Aisha worry, so he said, "I've decided to become a Knight. This way, I can directly join the City Defense Team after graduation. It will be good for my family if I can start work as soon as possible."

Moss heard Aisha sigh. Then, he saw Aisha biting her lips as if she had made up her mind. She opened a drawer on her desk.

There was an old scroll lying in it. Aisha took out the scroll and looked at Moss with a burning gaze.

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