1 Setting The Stage P1

Over 11.3 million people are currently watching the live clearing of The Gate of Rendition RAID on Gamertube worldwide. This is a notoriously difficult area in the hit full dive vr game Woe of Millennium. It was released 3 days ago and up until now famous esports teams around the globe are trying to get their names written down in history and the first clear bonus rewards. The really good ones have been up for the past 48+ hours using hit and run tactics to push through the lvl. The farthest anyone's managed to get is lvl 6 out of the 11 "floors". Eyes are fogging up, hands are aching, and stress lvl are reaching critical. Well, at least that's the case for everyone... except the team FlashyB1scuts.

They are a well known group comprised of the weirdest dudes and chicks you can imagine. You'd think their weird personalities were just characters they acted as in game but nope... they were the exact same in real life as well. All of them were people who had either taken useless jobs, subclasses, and skills... and elevated them to godhood. No single member was better then all the rest, they worked together and every single strategy they had just involved tricks to cheese their way through any situation. Right now they are, to everyone's surprise on the final floor approaching the boss room. Why were people surprised, it's simple... they are famous but in a memey sort of way. People know who they are and what they do in games but they're not world famous like other groups and individuals are. So once their livestream started to pick up steam and reach in the millions of viewers... they had already almost finished the raid.

The game has a really cool feature where people with fdvr systems could spectate the game as ghosts and watch from what ever angle they choose. Those without will have to pick their fav gamer and watch from their in game perspective on Gamertube. We will now switch to spectate and watch them fight up close and personal.

" Reyaina drop those angles before I dropkick your sorry ass!"

"I'd like to see you try shortstack"

" You!!"

Says Borcos as he proceeds to rip the wings off a cherub and use it as ammunition for his handheld cannon.

Borcos and Reyaina are just having a friendly little chat mid fight with the corrupted forces of heaven. Both players are what's known as trolls, they scam and pk for fun all while doing so in such an entertaining way not even the people who get screwed over by them can stay mad for long.

Borcos The Briliant chose the sub-class Buccaneer which is a shittier version of Swashbuckler... witch is the better version of pi... I'm getting a little sidetracked here, sorry. Anyways, his character has low physical stats but a metric crap ton of health. More so than people who went all in as tankers. Many tank players around the world hate the fact that a weak long range class player somehow managed to become an op front heavy damage dealer without even trying. Borcos however doesn't give a crap what the critics say... he chose this class because he though it sounded cool.

Reyaina The Ruthless chose the sub-class Star Weaver. Sounds op right.... wrong, to even be able to lvl up once you're account has been permanently set with this class is to consume frikin stars! ( its stats and skills are also subpar) Keep in mind this was the first class she ever managed to get in game, so how did a low lvl player managed to get endgame EX++ rank materials on the regular to fuel her growth?She got help from Glen the Physicist, one of FlshyB1scuts more eccentric members. The only reason she even chose this class was because she knew she had the means to support it. Again, for such a powerful sounding class it's skills are all weak and entirely circumstantial. Some can only be used under direct starlight at night, other require you to use up a literal star as fuel for the spell. She however became one of the most fearsome Spell-casters in game. She's know as a person who can kill you on a whim at a glance... scariest part is.... it's entirely random weather or not you survive looking in her eyes, mainly because her skills all only work a particular time of day, season, and randomly activate every now and then.

Borcos launches the baby angel well over Mach five directly at the Principality of Time witch cause it to enter a stunned state.

" Team Thumtack, attack now!"

Screams hollins over the coms.

Right as the principality is about to enter its bullshit invincibility state, threads start to surround it and weave themselves into fabrics. It gets entirely tied up in threads and ends up immobile. It starts to laugh because it think this is simply a futile attempt to mildly inconvenience it... it never excepted fabric to be this strong. Then, In a fraction of a second it was inflicted with every negative stat debuff there is in the entire game.

" Hit him where it hurts Jean"

Yells Taylor in a fan girl screech.

Jean proceeded to pull out a comically large rubber hammer from his pocket and smacks it down with the power of a thousand Hercules'. The Principality got one-shot by a toy hammer.

This troublesome enemy was expertly taken down by team T.

Taylor The Tailor chose the class....Tailor. These player are usually alt accounts witch they use for fun to make clothes and such. Lots of them have even made careers creating wonder digital works of crochet art. Taylor on the other hand is a harbinger of death. She doesn't make clothes for fun, but for war. She can make socks that grant you invincibility for 3 hours a day, an ugly winter sweater that makes you immune to any and all cold damage while boosting cold damage done by you by 12,000%. She never sells her stuff, she just gives it to people for free. Usually as an indirect way to insult other high lvl players. Like giving a Infernal Fire Flayer a pair of mittens that allows them to keep warm in cold areas. Or a Nature Nurturer a Pair of pant that constantly sets surrounding organic matter ablaze. Needless to say, her alignment is chaotic neutral.

Jean The Jester chose the cla... you already know what class he is.

These player are actually already pretty useful on their own. They have a wide variety of AoE stat buffs and debuffs as well as some of the strongest high rank gear and weapons in the game. Only problem is... all these items are owned by the same player..... guess who? Jean doesn't joke around, every fight with him is serious business as his career was made by him always attempting to take down enemies several levels above him. And soloing lvls that even teams of player stronger than him never could. He is a valued member of the group and a genuinely nice guy irl.... he has a thing for feet tho but... I'm not judging.

As the principality was slain the Golden Black gate of "Heaven" started to open

And even these veteran players of ridiculous strength started to shudder in fear of what lies beyond........

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