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Read ‘jejxhxh’ Online for Free, written by the author zhaoaq, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: jdjdfj



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"In the heart of darkness, where the echoes of forgotten sorrows linger, a question hangs heavy in the air: What does it truly mean to fight for a cause greater than oneself? As the flames of conflict engulf a realm torn asunder by war, one must confront the specter of destiny and ask: Can one person change the course of history, or are we mere pawns in a game played by gods and men alike?" ______________________________________________________________________ In the dead of night, a chance encounter with a familiar face leads our protagonist, our MC, to a life-altering decision. Racing to save the girl from an oncoming truck, our MC is struck down before he can even process the outcome. Awakening in a new world as Aurelio Ignis, a 12-year-old boy, he finds himself navigating unfamiliar surroundings with a sense of both trepidation and curiosity. Despite the initial shock of his reincarnation, Aurelio embraces his new life, forging friendships and experiencing the simple joys denied to him in his past existence. However, tranquility is shattered when war erupts between the kingdom and the neighboring 6th Veridian empire. Villages are razed, innocent lives lost, and international law disregarded, yet the world remains ominously silent in the face of injustice. Forced to flee to the capital city of Meraleth, Aurelio and his family seek refuge in a crowded refugee camp, where a grim announcement awaits them: all males aged 14, 15, and 16 are to be conscripted into the army. With his fate sealed, Aurelio is thrust into the midst of conflict, tasked with reclaiming the annexed territories and fulfilling a promise made to his family: to survive until the war's end. As Aurelio grapples with the weight of his responsibilities, the echoes of his past haunt him, driving him to confront the injustices that threaten to consume his world. Will he emerge victorious, bringing justice to the innocent lives lost, or will he succumb to the same fate that befell his brethren, leaving the dream of peace a distant memory? -------------- Some info: Release frequency- No fixed frequency, whenever I get time ig? Expect some insane power scaling in later chapters (Around the end of the Dusk to destiny arc (vol 2) ) A lot of characters, places, weapons and other stuff will be based on real historical events and names and whatnot. There isn't any sort of magic, and any powerful characters will be powerful purely due to their overall physicality intelligence and whatnot.

Aruhan · Fantasy
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13 Chs
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