57 Chapter 57

Quetzalcoatl was wide-eyed. Jaune used her ability with far more power than she could output. She wasn't the only one surprised. Scáthach didn't know that Jaune was able to summon the bones of Curruid and use them as armour. And that wasn't all. She felt the power of Jaune's God Mode increase when he used Curruid Coinchenn.

"He truly is full of surprises," Scáthach said. "I wonder how far he would go?".

"He…He used Piedra Del Sol!" Ritsuka said. "He can use other people's Noble Phantasm?!".

"No…It was different from mine," Quetzalcoatl said. She analysed it from the activation, and it was different from hers. "However, the outcome of the magic is the same. Simply put, he created his own version while making it look like mine".

"I guess that's the power of True Magic," Ritsuka said.

"Let's head into the portal before it closes," Scáthach said. "If that happens, we won't be able to enter Kur".

The group headed to the portal that Jaune left opened when he kicked Tiamat into the underworld.

Jaune and Tiamat were descending into the underworld. They both felt a massive surge of power trying to restrain them. Thankfully, Ereshkigal noticed that the person with bone armour was Jaune.

"Jaune!" Ereshkigal said. She then waved her…spear? And gave Jaune the ability to exist in the underworld. She then went to Jaune. "Are you okay?".

"I'm fine, but I'm quite drained," Jaune said. The armour around him dissipated. "This is the first time I've used God Mode and Curruid Coinchenn. I'm exhausted, but that shouldn't last long".

Jaune knew that Avalon was actively healing his exhaustion. Typically, it should be recovered, but Jaune went over the limit of his God Mode. His body and soul was injured, making healing difficult.

"The others should be here shortly," Jaune said. "Thanks again, Ereshkigal. For letting us use your underworld to contain Tiamat".

"I-It's alright," Ereshkigal said. "It's the least I can do".

Lightning was surging around Tiamat's body. She was restrained by the underworld, for she had no permission to be there. But looking closely, she was resisting the power.

The others on the surface have arrived, and they were looking at Tiamat, then at Jaune, who looks exhausted.

"Welcome to the underworld," Ereshkigal said. She then did the same thing for them as she did for Jaune. "I made an exception and authorised permission for you to exist and to float within the underworld. For now, within the underworld, you do not count as living creatures".

"This is going to get some time to get used to," Ritsuka said. "Feels weird to be able to float at will".

"Jaune!" Scáthach shouted as she ran towards him. "Are you alright?".

"I'm perfectly fine," Jaune said. But Scáthach wasn't buying it. "Okay… I'm mostly fine. I overused God Mode, and my soul is slightly fractured, and that's enough to cause me difficulty moving. However, it's slowly getting healed. It's just taking longer than usual".

"You told me you weren't doing anything suicidal?!" Scáthach shouted. "How is this not suicidal?!".

"You have to believe me, Scáthach," Jaune said. "I didn't know that I was going to be this badly injured from exceeding the limit of God Mode".

[God Mode alone wasn't responsible for your injury. It was when you used it with Curruid Coinchenn. The power was so much that your body and soul could not withstand it.

As you know, your soul looks different. That's because it was done to accommodate the usage of God Mode. But, Curruid Coinchenn was added to that equation. Hence, the injury to your soul]

"Great! So, I shouldn't be combining two overpowered abilities together," Jaune said. He then looked towards Scáthach. "I'm sorry for making you worry about me again".

Tiamat wailed and caught everyone's attention.

"Amazing!" Romani said through Ritsuka's wristband. "Enough heat comparable to Ishtar's Noble Phantasm set Tiamat ablaze, and it doesn't seem to be going out!".

"That's one of the underworld's security features," Ereshkigal said. "This happens to the living who come without my permission. This was laid down by the world known as 'Uruk'. Not even Tiamat is an exception to that rule".

"So, it's an authority you hold," Jaune said. "That's quite amazing".

"I'm going to finish Tiamat off as the master of the underworld," Ereshkigal said. "Hear me, gallu spirits, the spears of rotting flesh and death! Make her feel the wrath of the iron hammer of Kur!".

Red spears of light appeared and surrounded Tiamat. It then struck the ground around her. Tiamat wailed.

"Here in Kur, even Tiamat is just another god!" Ereshkigal said. "An all-out attack from me and the gallu spirits was enough to dispatch…to dispa-".

Ereshkigal couldn't finish her sentence due to the shock she was receiving. Tiamat was fighting against her authority in the underworld. Tiamat then used her mud to cover herself and was changing form.

"That's Chaos Tide corruption!" Romani said. "This is bad! It'll take over the whole underworld if it keeps spreading!".

"Wh-Wh-What… What's happening?!" Ereshkigal said. "Is she corrupting my underworld?!".

"That's not all!" Romani said. "Tiamat's Spirit Origin is reverting to the Age of Gods! IT's already reached the Jurassic Age!".

"Spirit Origin inflation has halted," Da Vinci said. "And the magical Reactor Core is rebooting, as well!".

"This is bad!" Jaune said. "We need to move, now! Tiamat's injury she sustained when I kicked her into the underworld is healing!".

Jaune and the others moved away from Tiamat's mud. Scáthach was carrying Jaune since he couldn't move fast on his own.

"Transformation into dragon form complete!" Romani said with immense worry. "The creature before you is undoubtedly a god in itself!".

Tiamat then screamed.

"It's all over if a wave of Chaos Tide lands!" Romani said. "Isn't there some way to hold it back?".

"I'll try," Ereshkigal said. "I'll try it out, but…the corruption is too overwhelming!".

Before Ereshkigal could even make her move, a wave of mud or Chaos Tide nearly hit everyone. However, Jaune did something he wasn't sure would work at the last minute. He used Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth to transmute the mud into a flock of energy birds. It worked.

However, not for long, as another wave of Chaos Tide appeared. Suddenly, the Chaos Tide turned into flowers before it would hit everyone.

"Chaos Tide's detoxification is accelerating!" Romani said. "Lahmu emittance is zero?" Then, what you see there is just a…".

"No way!" Ritsuka and Mash said.

Looking around, everyone saw the cause of it, Merlin! The man died earlier during the fight with Gorgon, except the one that died was his Servant form. This one, in front of everyone, is the real Merlin.

"Alright! I made it in time!" Merlin said. "Operation 'If the mud births life, all you have to do is change that life into something harmless' is a great success!".

"I already did that earlier before you," Jaune said. He then tried to stand on his own, which he could, since he was healed enough. "If I wasn't injured, I would gladly use Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth as much as needed".

"Merlin!" Ritsuka and Mash said. "We're glad to see you again!".

"The decrease in Kur's output has stopped!" Ereshkigal said. "That means I can…".

Ereshkigal couldn't finish her sentence as Kur quaked due to Tiamat, who deployed her wings.

"If Tiamat gets out of the underworld," Romani said. "She'll regain her invincibility once again, becoming unable to die!".

Up high in the cave-like structure of Kur, Ziusu-dra stands there with his sword in hand.

"All that begins must end," Ziusu-dra said. "So, too, all that lives, dies and in dying, value finds. Thy vaunted eternity is but hollow slumber.

Beast of disaster, evil born of mankind's folly, thy benevolence which desired regression shews thy rejection's root. Thou fallen god, to beasthood turned, if 'Primordial Mother' be thy title, attend, and hear my name.

From the mountain abyss, I come, and only death do I bring. I am the Old Man of the Mountain, the First Hassan-I Sabbah!"

Tiamat attacked Assassin with a blast of energy beam, but Assassin was able to split it in half and made his way towards Tiamat, who continued to fire more energy beams.

Assassin struck Tiamat, and he was able to clip her wings. He struck once more, and lines appeared throughout the body of Tiamat.

"Beast has the concept of 'Death'?" Da Vinci said. "Romani, this means…".

"Fujimaru, Mash, Jaune, now is the only chance!" Romani said. "If you act now, you can completely destroy Beast!".

Everyone gave it their all to attack Tiamat.

"O' spear!" Scáthach said. "Stab and penetrate! Thrust and impale! Gáe Bolg!".

"Shana-Ō's Wandering Tales!" Ushiwakamaru shouted. "Eight Boats Leap!".

"The Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred Arhat!" Benkei activated his Noble Phantasm.

Tiamat wailed from everyone's attack. However, their attacks weren't doing enough damage. Tiamat moved and climbed on the walls of Kur to try and escape.

Jaune saw this and used the Crimson Band of Cyttorak to bind Tiamat's arms so that she wouldn't be able to climb. But the sheer strength of Tiamat was too much even for Jaune. So, everyone grabbed hold of Jaune to help him contain Tiamat.

Because of this restraint, Tiamat initiated her Chaos Tide once more. Everyone had to get out of the way, including Jaune, meaning the Crimson Band of Cyttorak on Tiamat was removed. To make it even worse, Tiamat made more of her offspring.

Jaune was healed enough that he could fight the Lahmu. However, the power of these things was so high that he could barely follow their movement in his injured state. Nevertheless, Jaune was able to kill three of the damn things. Fujimaru, on the other hand, was able to kill one of the Lahmu. However, Merlin clashed with one of them and realised something.

"This strength…Divine-spirit class!" Merlin said. "Fujimaru! Leave this part to me… That's something I've always wanted to say. Now, when push comes to shove, I'll utilise my field of expertise".

Merlin took out Excalibur and attacked a Lahmu. The Lahmu clashed with Merlin and was blasted by a beam of energy from Merlin's staff. After killing the Lahmu, the sword in his hand disappeared.

"Eh? No…No-No-No!" Merlin panicked. The sword was meant to be safeguarded by him, yet he somehow lost it when it was in his hand. "No! How is this happening! I'm so screwed!".

On the other hand, Jaune felt something get sheathed within Avalon, and his healing was sped up.

"What the hell?!" Jaune said. He then looked at Avalon within his soul and saw a sword. Jaune remembers the energy being emitted by the sword. It was Arthurs's Excalibur, but it looked different. "How in the hell did this sword get into my Avalon? And is that Excalibur…It looks different, but the energy signature is the same. I would never forget that sword".

Jaune then tried to take it out of his soul, giving no resistance. Excalibur was now in Jaune's hand, and Merlin was surprised.

"Eh?!" Merlin shouted. Even he could never use Excalibur, and that's why the blade of Excalibur looks ordinary. But in Jaune's hands, Excalibur's blade was shining gold, meaning it was indeed active. "How can this be?! How is Excalibur allowing you usage? There shouldn't be anyone other than Artoria that can wield Excalibur!".

"So, this is Excalibur," Jaune said. "But who the hell is Artoria? I thought Excalibur was Arthur's sword?".

"Wait…" Merlin said. "You know Arthur?".

"Yeah, Arthur Pendragon," Jaune said. "I summoned him when I was younger, and I trained with him. Too bad, I was only able to summon him for a month. By the way, why does Excalibur look different?".

"Hmm… That's probably a different Excalibur," Merlin said. "Well, same but different. Probably from a parallel world where Artoria was a male. You did say he".

"I see," Jaune said. "So? Why did you have the sword?".

"I was asked to safe keep it," Merlin said. "However, it seems like the sword found a new wielder. But how did it suddenly disappear in my hand and into yours?".

"It didn't appear in my hands," Jaune said. "It appeared in Avalon".

"I see…" Merlin said while nodding his head. Then he realised something amiss from Jaune's words. "Did you say it appeared in Avalon? Do you happen to mean the sheathe called Avalon?".

"Yeah," Jaune said. "I've integrated Avalon within my soul".

"Ha-ha-ha! No wonder why!" Merlin said. "Good! Then keep the sword. No one else can you use it anyway, and it chose to be wielded by you".

Tiamat then wailed as she started to climb the walls. Jaune once more used Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Tiamat. However, it wasn't enough. But Gilgamesh arrived and fired his Gate of Babylon's weapon towards Tiamat, making her fall.

Tiamat was once more in the ground. Everyone was glad, but not for long, as Tiamat initiated a bounded field they'd never seen her do before. It was destroying everything in its path, including the Lahmu. Thankfully, Ereshkigal could contain it with her Kur Ki Gal Irkalla, temporary as it may be.

"You truly are amazing, Ereshkigal," Jaune said. "how long can you keep her contained?".

"Not for long," Ereshkigal said. She was struggling. "So, hurry and find a way to stop her!".

Jaune then gave Ereshkigal a Green Crystal. This was something that Jaune took to increase the speed of his healing, but it did nothing. However, to the current state of Ereshkigal, it was helpful as it replenishes energy. Ereshkigal took the green crystal, and her energy was replenished.

"Materialising the shrine given to you by Nergal, I see," Gilgamesh said. "Truly fit to be the ace up your sleeve".

Romani and Merlin explained to everyone that Tiamat was using her Nega-Genesis to overwrite the underworld itself. It was the authority of Tiamat, and any Servant that enters the field of Nega-Genesis will be erased.

"To counter that cursed bounded field of hers," Gilgamesh said. "We would need something that would be able to rival that thing".

"If that's the case, then I can help with that," Jaune said. "I can materialise the world of faeries here. At the same time, it would be able to heal the wounds of everyone".

"Eh!" Romani shouted. "That's impossible!"

"It's not. I can do so with Avalon," Jaune said. "But I don't know if that would be enough to rival Tiamat's Nega-Genesis".

"If you truly have a way of materialising the world of faeries," Romani said. "Then it should be possible to rival Tiamat's Nega-Genesis as its power is said that not even the five True Magic can overcome the barrier".

"Great!" Jaune said. "Then it's settled. Let's hope you're right about this".

"Tiamat shouldn't be able to move while deploying that thing," Gilgamesh said. He then opened his gate and tossed Jaune a golden knife. "Take this with you. Aim for the head. Such is the nature of vulnerabilities".

"Be careful, Jaune," Ereshkigal said. "My privileges won't be effective inside that thing".

"Manifestation of the World of Faeries!" Jaune said. "Come forth, Avalon!".

A bounded field appeared, and the area was then changed to a place field with greenery. Ereshkigal was smiling at the scene. Tiamat's bounded field could no longer be restrained, and it hit Avalon but did nothing to it.

Jaune then materialised Avalon (Sheathe) so that he could move outside the bounded field of Manifestation of the World of Faeries while it was in effect.

"Scáthach!" Jaune called. "Watch over everyone. There are still some of those Lahmu. Be safe".

"You're telling me that," Scáthach said. She then put her forehead onto Jaune's. "I'm the one that should be telling you that since you haven't fully recovered".

"Don't worry too much," Jaune said. "I'll be fine".

"How can I not be worried?" Scáthach said. "While the Manifestation of the World of Faeries is in play, you don't have anything healing you if you move out of the bounded field".

"I know, but I have to do this so we can end it," Jaune said. "Then maybe we can go to a world that we can enjoy that isn't being threatened by a Beast".

"That sounds wonderful," Scáthach said. "I think I'm done with fighting for a while, especially when you do stupid stunts like jumping in the pool of Tiamat's mud".

Jaune chuckled, and he kissed Scáthach. He then made his way to Tiamat. The Beast was really relentless. It made a few more Lahmu to get in Jaune's way. But that was pointless as Jaune was healed enough that the Lahmu no longer threatened him.

Jaune held onto the golden knife and stabbed it in Tiamat's head. The next thing Jaune knew, he was in a field of white with a smaller version of Tiamat, which is what she initially looked like.

"I've nurtured many a life," Tiamat said. "Many a life has loved me. However, my children have used me as a ladder, and they always head to places so far away. I want to love them forever. I want to be at their side forever".

"And you are," Jaune said. Tiamat then looked at him. "A mother's love knows no distance. No matter how far they may be, they know that they will have their mother's love. The reason they left isn't that they didn't love you. They simply grew, but know that they all loved you. So, you need to get going too".

"Please," Tiamat said while looking down. "Don't leave me behind. Please don't leave…".

"Sorry, but I can't do that. But!" Jaune said. Tiamat looked at him once more. "You can come with me if you want. And I promise never to abandon you".

Tiamat did something that Jaune was all too familiar with. She intertwined her life force with Jaune similarly to Scáthach when he fully summoned her.

[Tiamat has chosen to be a part of Jaune. Tiamat is being converted into a summon card]

"What?" Jaune said. "Alice, what do you mean she is being converted into a summoning card?!".

Jaune didn't realise how much it meant for him to ask Tiamat to join him. Tiamat, who was discarded in the reverse side of the world when she was no longer needed, felt immense happiness when Jaune told her that he would never abandon her.

[Conversion complete… (Tiamat – Summon – Complete)]

Jaune then found himself back in Kur. Tiamat's body then started to crumble.

"What did you give him?" Merlin asked Gilgamesh. "Because if that knife was able to do that, then why didn't you bring it out earlier".

"No, that knife has no such ability," Gilgamesh said. "Whatever is happening is caused by Jaune, not the knife".

With the defeat of Tiamat, Jaune and the others returned to Uruk. Celebrations were going around the entire city. Meanwhile, Jaune was in bed being nursed back to full health by Scáthach. Even with his situation, he was smiling. Jaune couldn't help it since this was the first time he was being taken care of by Scáthach.

The following morning, Jaune and Scáthach said goodbye to everyone, and Jaune tried to give Excalibur back to Merlin, but the sword kept returning to him. After that, Jaune and Scáthach headed back to Remnant.

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