42 Chapter 42

Boredom, that's what Jaune was feeling. He was bored of learning history. Dr Oobleck was the type of teacher that can make you fall asleep when he starts talking about his subject. Jaune sighed and was thinking if there was anything he could do. He then started thinking about what would have happened to him if he had never received the Ultimate Gacha.

"I'm quite curious of a version of myself without the Ultimate Gacha," Jaune said. "Would I still have been in the path of being a Huntsman? Would I be as strong as I am now? Would I have fallen in love with someone like Scáthach?

[If you're interested, then head to another version of Remnant. However, there are versions of you that have received immense luck and got different opportunities. You got me, the Ultimate Gacha, but in other worlds, you could have gotten other systems or none at all]

"Interesting…I want to see a version of me that got nothing," Jaune said. "How would he have turned out? Would he still be trying to achieve his dream of being a Huntsman or not?".

[You're really curious. You've never been this curious about anything]

"I don't know why," Jaune said. "I just felt curious about a possible future. I was thinking what would happen if you didn't come into my life".

After the end of the day, Jaune was heading to his family's house. He wanted to have some father-son time with Adrian. But when he got there, Jaune was surrounded by his sibling.

"Jaune! Jaune!" Rose shouted. "I saw something cool!".

"Cool?! It was horrifying!" Maria said. She was still a bit afraid of what had happened earlier. "I'm not even sure if what I saw was real or not".

"What are they talking about?" Jaune asked Saphron. "What's going on?".

"It's Goose," Saphron said. "We were in the backyard when a baby nevermore tried to attack our younger sibling. Thankfully, Goose was there, and she ate the Grimm. Tentacles, Jaune. Tentacles came out of Goose's mouth!".

"Oh, right…" Jaune said. He was embarrassed as he forgot to mention what Goose was to his family. "I forgot to mention that Goose wasn't a cat. She's a Flerken".

"A Flerken?" Olive asked. "Is that some other species of a cat?".

"No, a Flerken isn't a cat at all," Jaune said. "They're not even from Remnant".

"Not from Remnant?" Jayden asked. She then realised what Jaune meant, though only half of it. "Is Goose an alien? Is she from a different planet?".

"Indeed, Goose is an alien," Jaune said. "But you're only half correct. A Flerken is not from our universe at all. She's from another".

"Holy shit, Jaune!" Jeanne shouted. "Where did you get Goose from if she's from outer space?".

"That's a secret," Jaune said. "But don't worry, Goose won't harm any of you. In fact, she would protect you when I'm not around… Isn't that right, Goose?".

"Meow!" Goose agreed.

"See?" Jaune said as he gestures to Goose. "Goose said she would protect you guys".

"Whoa! One, you can understand Goose?" Jeanne said. "Two, how do you understand Goose?".

"Due to something I have, I can understand, speak and write all languages," Jaune said. "Two, how I got the item is a secret. Three, no, I can't give it to you".

It was sort of a lie when Jaune said he couldn't give it to Jeanne since he could give it to her by bringing her to another world. The ability to speak all languages no matter what world is thanks to (Dimension Travel – God).

Later in the evening, Jaune was sitting on his bed. Scáthach was staring at him.

"Hey, Scáthach," Jaune said. "How about we go on a date?"

"I've never been to one, especially the modern type of date," Scáthach said. "What do you have in mind?".

"We can go on a picnic on Forever Fall and get to know each other on a more personal level," Jaune said. "Then we can enjoy an evening walk. Or, we can do stuff that we like, you know, kill a few Grimm here and there to see which of us can kill more. I know you would like that".

"I would indeed love that," Scáthach said. "When are we going".

"We can have our date tomorrow," Jaune said. "I don't have any classes".

Scáthach agreed to Jaune's date plans. The two aren't ordinary people in the first place. Plus, in Remnant, killing Grimm on a date between Huntsman and Huntresses were a normal thing.

"Good, I'll go and prepare some food for tomorrow's picnic," Jaune said. "I'll also prepare all the things we need, like a cloth we can place on the ground for us to sit on".

The following morning, Jaune woke, took a shower and got ready for his date with Scáthach. Scáthach did the same thing. After that, Jaune opened a portal to Forever Fall. Jaune took out the food that he had prepared the other night.

Jaune and Scáthach were conversing about their life on a more personal level. Sure, Jaune and Scáthach could see each other's memories, but that doesn't mean they understand the events on a deeper level. Hence, they were talking about it.

After sharing a deeper understanding of each other, Jaune and Scáthach started eating.

"Your cooking is as wonderful as always," Scáthach said. "I wonder if you could teach me how to cook".

"If you're really interested, then yes, I can teach you whenever you want," Jaune said. "If there's anything you need and I can provide it, you can always ask me for help".

"I know, and I'm the same," Scáthach said. "No matter how difficult of an objective, if you need my help, you can come to me…Now, how about we finish our lunch and we kill some of this pesky Grimm. This time, I won't lose".

"Oh! Okay, I accept your challenge," Jaune said with a smile. "You're on!".

"Before we start," Scáthach said. "No proper weapons. We use what we can find in our surroundings as a weapon".

"That's interesting," Jaune said. "Alright, no weapons. Shall we begin?".

"Let's," Scáthach said.

Tired and irritated. That's what Qrow and Glynda have been feeling for the past few days. When Amber, the Fall Maiden, woke up, Ozpin hounded her on her bed. After they witnessed the attitude of Ozpin, they lost a lot of respect for the man. He kept forcing Amber to try and remember a memory that she couldn't seem to access due to unforeseen issues.

Qrow headed to Patch to rest on Tai and Summer's house. He wanted to get away from Ozpin for a while. However, when Qrow arrived at the Rose/Xiao Long residence, he was baffled. Both Summer and Tai seemed to be contemplating something.

"Tai? Summer?" Qrow called. "Are you two alright?".

"Oh, hey, Qrow," Tai said. "We're fine. We're only thinking about things that we experienced a few days ago".

"Qrow, tell me," Summer said. "Do you think we are strong?".

"Well, yeah," Qrow said. "I'm not the number 1 Huntsman in Vale for no reason. And Summer, before your disappearance, you held that title".

"You're right," Summer said. "But after watching a fight a few days ago, I don't think we're strong at all".

"Huh?" Qrow was confused. "What are you talking about?".

"Summer and I were a witness to a fight that was so intense that watching it made me scared," Tai said. "Each blow of the people fighting disfigured their surroundings. And that wasn't even their strongest. When they both got serious, they were able to blow up buildings with their weapons".

"Did you and Summer watch some sort of movie?" Qrow said. "Destroy a building with a single hit? I know Huntsman and Huntresses were capable of incredible feats but come on!".

"It's all true," Tai said. "That Jaune fella, Ruby's friend, fought a purple-haired woman named Scáthach. They both fought, trying to kill each other. They didn't hesitate to try and take each other out. Jaune even hit Scáthach on her heart multiple times".

"Now, that's just crazy talk," Qrow said. "I saw the kid and the purple-haired girl yesterday. If that woman was stabbed through the heart multiple times, there is no way she would be able to survive. Even if she did, she would be hospitalised".

Qrow refuses to believe that Summer and Qrow saw Jaune and Scáthach fight to the death since the kid was not even injured when Qrow last saw him. However, in Qrow's heart, he knew that Summer and Tai wouldn't lie about something like this. Heck, Summer isn't even one to lie since she sucks at it.

This started to make Qrow think how strong Jaune truly was. Sure, Qrow, Ozpin and Glynda knew that he could use magic and whatnot, but they hadn't seen him in a proper fight during his stay at Beacon. The only time Qrow saw Jaune fighting was in Mt Glenn. Even then, Jaune barely did any fighting since he could easily take down the people.

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