37 Chapter 37

Bang! Bang! Bang! Clink! Bang! Bang! Clink! Echoed throughout the room. Jaune was forging a weapon for Weiss as she commissioned him for it. Weiss wanted a rapier just like Myrtenaster, but she wanted it to have fewer moving parts or none at all as she didn't want to deal with the same issue as Myrtenaster when she was in Orario.

Jaune being Jaune is forging a weapon for Weiss. He was using his (Heavenly Blacksmith Hammer – Mythical) as a weapon made by the hammer is at least Legendary. However, although Jaune knew the weapon would at least be Legendary, he wasn't slacking and only letting the hammer do its job. No, he was a blacksmith through and through.

Jaune takes pride in his work. He may have gotten the knowledge and skill from the Gacha, but he never makes any equipment that he isn't proud of. Whether low rarity or high rarity, Jaune would always make the weapon with pride.

After a few hours of forging, Jaune was done with the new rapier for Weiss. The weapon had a blue grip, a blue stone with blue vines that connected the blade with the handle, and a bluish silver blade. Though Jaune may have used vine as inspiration, he didn't use the usual green and made it according to Weiss' theme, bluish-white. He gave the rapier the name Ivy.


Once Jaune was done with his forging, he came out of his workshop and headed to the kitchen. Jaune was currently in the house he bought in Vale. He repurposed the basement and turned it into a forge.

When Jaune arrived in the kitchen, he saw his family there. Jaune looked at them and saw that they were all wearing the protective charms he gave them. Saphron saw him, and she greeted him.

"Hey, Jaune," Saphron greeted. "Where have you been? Olivia has been looking for you all morning".

"Remember Weiss from yesterday?" Jaune asked. Saphron nodded. "I was making the weapon that she commissioned. Though I won't charge her, she is a friend, after all".

"Jaune," Saphron said. "Terra and I want to speak to you in private. Do you have time?".

"For my family, always," Jaune said. "I'm available now".

"It can wait," Saphron said. "I know that you came to the kitchen to grab some food to eat. We can talk after you eat. Meet Terra and me in our room when you're done".

"Alright then," Jaune said. "I shouldn't take long to eat. Ten minutes tops".

Saphron nodded and made her way to her room. Jaune then fixed himself a light lunch. Once he was done eating, he made his way to his sister and her wife's room. They were sitting in the bed waiting for him.

"Listen, Jaune," Saphron said. "A few weeks ago, dad told me about you being okay with just being Adrian's uncle. However, he also told us that if we wanted you to take the role of a father, you'd be okay with it. I know dad wouldn't lie to us about this, but we wanted to hear it from you directly".

"Everything dad said is true," Jaune said. "If you do decide to let me take my role as the father, I promise that after classes every day, I will be there for Adrian until he falls asleep. If he needs me for anything, I'll be there for him. The same goes for you and Terra".

"Thanks, Jaune," Saphron said. "Every child needs a father figure, and Adrian seems to sense a connection with you".

"By the way," Jaune said. "Where is Adrian? I hadn't seen him when I came out of the forging room".

"The little guy is with mom and dad," Saphron said. "They wanted to tour around Vale with their grandson".

Jaune, Saphron and Terra continued conversing with each other about how Jaune would be able to take the role of being Adrian's father since he is in Beacon, and they didn't want him to travel too much even if they plan to stay in Vale. Jaune then showed them that he could make a portal to places he's been to or has seen. With it, he can come and go without being stressed with too much travelling.

"Oh, Jaune," Saphron said. "Are you going to be in tomorrow's match?".

"Yeah, we're fighting after team RWBY's match," Jaune said. "My team is going against team BRNZ from Shade Academy".

"Good, because family bought a front-row ticket," Saphron said. "We'll be rooting for you".

"Thanks," Jaune said with a smile. "Though with the training my team and team RWBY went through, the people that needs luck is other teams. I'm going to make an educated guess and say that team RWBY will be able to blitz team ABRN in less than a minute".

"You have that much faith in your team and your friend's team?" Saphron said. "I don't know what kind of training you or they have been through, but it couldn't be any different from the other teams, right?".

"Oh, trust me," Jaune said. "The type of training me and my friends have gone through is different from everyone else's".

Saphron believed Jaune since she knows nothing about training as a Huntsman or Huntress. However, with Jaune's personality, he wouldn't lie about this sort of thing.

A few hours later, Noah, Joan and Adrian came back home. By this time, Jaune already had dinner prepared for the family. Everyone had a wonderful dinner.

In the lounge area, Jaune played Remnant: The Game with his sisters and was dominating. Then again, that's to be expected since Jaune was older and had more experience in the game than they were. It would have been embarrassing if he were to lose.

Around eight in the evening, Jaune decided it was time to head back to Beacon since he needed to give Weiss her new weapon. However, not before singing a lullaby for Adrian that he learned on earth.

At Beacon, Jaune knocked on team RWBY's dorm room, and Ruby opened the door.

"Hey Jaune," Ruby said. "Do you need anything? We were about to head to bed since we have a big day tomorrow".

"I'm here for Weiss," Jaune said. "I finished her rapier".

"Cool!" Ruby said. She then called Weiss to the door. "Jaune's looking for you, and he has your new weapon".

"Already? That's fast. I only made my order last night," Weiss said. She then went to the door. "Hey, Jaune. Ruby said you finished my new rapier".

"I did, and I hope you like it," Jaune said. He then took out Ivy from his Inventory. "I named it Ivy as it was the inspiration for the rapier".

"It looks beautiful," Weiss said, admiring the rapier. While doing so, Weiss realised that the rapier was a lot lighter than Myrtenaster. "What materials did you use for this rapier? It's lighter and denser than Myrtenaster".

"For the core of the rapier, I used Mithril so that it would be easier for you to use your Glyphs such as summoning," Jaune said. "As for the blade itself, it's made from Adamantite I got from floor seventy of the dungeon in Orario. The stone in the middle is made from Thousand-Year Tree Sap. It can enhance your Glyphs making its effect last longer and consume less Aura, along with producing and controlling of Fire, Ice, Lightning Wind and Earth".

"T-This…Wow, this is leagues ahead of Myrtenaster," Weiss said. "How much do I need to pay? I'm going to take a guess and say it's a few million Lien?".

"No, you're wrong," Jaune said. "This rapier would cost around 100,000,000 Lien. This isn't a run of the mill weapon that anyone can just produce. No one, and I mean no one in Remnant, is capable of making this kind of weapon. Even in Orario, only one person can produce this type of weapon, and that person is a Goddess".

"A Hundred Million Lien!" Ruby shouted. She overheard everything Weiss and Jaune were talking about. "That's a lot of money! I bet it can give hundreds of people a great life with a fraction of that amount. A Hundred Million Lien! That's insane!".

"J-Jaune, I-I…I can't pay for that," Weiss said. "I might be the heiress for the SDC, but I don't own that kind of money, and there is no way my father is going to pay for it".

"I never said I was going to charge you," Jaune said. "I'm giving this rapier as a gift. I know that your birthday is soon on May 15th. So, happy early birthday".

"A-Are you sure? This isn't a simple gift," Weiss said. "This…This is too much for a gift".

"Well, if you don't like it, I'll just scrap it," Jaune said. "I have no use for it, and it was designed to complement your fighting style with your Glyph".

"No! Don't do that!" Weiss said. She has her own pride and doesn't want to get a gift of such value from her friend. It feels like Weiss was taking advantage of Jaune's kindness. However, she knew that Jaune would really destroy the rapier if she didn't take it, and it would waste his effort of forging it. Sigh. "Fine! I'll accept Ivy as a gift. But I want to know when your birthday is so I can reciprocate your gift".

"Nope!" Jaune said. "I'm not telling you. If you wanted to give me a gift, I want you to do so because I'm a friend and it's my birthday, not because I gave you a gift".

Weiss sighed and accepted what Jaune said. It felt distant to reciprocate a gift not because you wanted to but because you felt obligated. It's as if you don't consider the person a friend, but just a colleague. And Weiss certainly considers Jaune, a friend.

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