1 01:Secret Marriage

Jason's POV

"Now Jason will you take David to be your lawfully wedded husband for better or worse, for richer and poorer in sickness and in health till death do you apart." the priest said

"Yes I do" I said grinning sheepishly at my better half. Who just smiled with satisfaction and piercings blue eye. "You may now kiss th..." my lip crashed against his with my tongue drilling through his mouth slowly and tenderly

We sign our wedding certificate with my secretary as my next of kin and his best friend Samantha as his next of kin. We took pictures but never uploaded them. As we have agreed to keep this a secret since he was certain that his religious father will never agree to us. I pains me that I couldn't boost him around and spoil him with a grand wedding but I knew someday will come and I will rewed him rightly.

Afterward, my secretary drew my attention about my schedule, looking at my husband seeing he was busy hugging Samantha consoling her, I moved aside from hearing.

"Jason you have a lot of work piled" Blake said. "I advice you honeymoon for a week"

I hated the sound of it but he was right. I gave an excuse of vacation for rest for a month_ how time flies.

Luckily David took a month leave for sickness. He had to practice his sick face for a whole day before he got it right.

We have been dating for a year now_ secretly of course. I had to accept his term which were his parent not knowing it really stinks to be famous. We argued but I later agreed.

I would have loved to have a week wedding then two month honeymoon. Thinking of the dirty things I want to him made me grin. But I still have a week. Concentrating my eye more on David who blushed immediately his eyes found mine. Just the thought of it gave me a boner. 'pervert' I know he would have said if he was near.

He walk steadily still fixating his eyes on me.

"hey, boyfriend" he said grinning sheepishly.

"boyfriend!" I said mimicking him. Hugging me while staring into my eyes with his ocean blue eyes.

"Who is the boyfriend" I said also smiling.

"You" he replied teasingly still staring and grinning.

"That is not the way to talk to your husband" I said biting his lower lip.

"Hmmmm, you got some issue down there" he said slowly grinding his groin against mine.

Lost in the atmosphere that was set. I grabbed his waist enforcing more force into the kiss. I felt like we were in our hotel suite all alone.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" I heard Samantha yell. Breaking free from the kiss I gazed towards her irritatedly.

"No offence but you can go for your honeymoon no need of showing us the dets." (details)

David just laugh his embarrassment, I could tell.

"Well, I'm married to him so I could do what I want to" I said looking to David hungrily.

"Be my guest if the priest wouldn't chase you out" Samantha said laughing uncontrollably.

"OK, I love your advice" I said grabbing David into my arm once more before kissing on his neck".

"Blake warn you friend" Samantha said in which Blake just laugh.

"Jas... " David moaned between kisses.

Pulling away after a while to catch our breath I pulled him by my side signaling Blake and Samantha to follow suit heading to the car. To finish what he started.


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