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Japan surplus made in japan they are not for sale


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I watch a streamer nsme reana In a stremer called resident evil Tittle i should lose my mind In watch reana i think is has a potencial A pontencial that is just there Sitting in her streamer sitt plan i hope that day there will be A we see is say i love to girl and make kid jumping around With no sense is listning to the ultimate the used with no sound why because no power brownout and while your head is head banging and i like to hear is betoben music Even i do not know betoben he a fuctional comic cartoon With out breading and like korea who never undrstand a singel english,, king ill sok in movie we are english just I mind in mind that i may be the saver the life who droning with on water just full of mud that some day isis just kill All in land and never spare a one who do call just rambo Rambo will definitely just ken big roket empty he has bullet Because her just real Is like watch ed tv spartant movie Girl jumping god lay your eye on us give us credit But nothing just stop when every does believe you and you And you not included in that dump census. While watching reana a streamer elements movie Remember why wife even i have yet a wife But until i finish watch porn I will not stop dream that will come out Like water then and we unite While watching reana its good to her dress in blue While the demon eat her alive but i ken not help her I am just a ordinary guy like captain barbel teng teng Who i never ever finaly meet, Is like meet the perents Reana reana my mind ken not stop Watcher you i spent a 100 pesos every time she Was turning her bra, Just black hair cost 100pesos while you watching her Reana i spent a 200 pesos while watch her streamer While become a super fan just back of my tablet I hope some we crash Like plain Like kobe bryan crah there plain I hope our love will just crush we have big big family 49 kids and the other just never been alive Reana o reana while watching her far far tablet I magine that some i become a ultimate and get back to her You reana is like vietnam girl Why beceause i will alwalys seay kamida ande ande Palpikayo , kumawa ande ande what ande Never the important we merried in a time two we just became 3 or 4 kids reana is far far my coutry But i never lose my hope,, That god will say merry her she does not like you Go ahead dad merry her Reana is my dream girl Perfect lips Perfect dress Perfect chess Percect hair But is a big problem I will be a famous fan, Just s super super super fan, With autograph,, some we meet our course And make adam and eve in our simple ribs One her two for me and other just simple okey, Imagine reana ful of color , color like vetnum Reana is wondetbful girl you lose problem even mind will Lose when always watch is porno,, Imagine that you in heaven with split the roket say boom Boom teroist win, Reana rean is nice to see her Even do we part never understand while watch live You we been 19 year in watch live streamer imagine Your life just move a live streamer like reana reana Who does not and never see me why i have obs and streamlab,, But if win the lotto i will buy a over closet just reana I hope my novel win make a bettet stream elements If i realy get money or a fake I hope i win ,,, i retire in job Its been 19 years i been a computer gamer watc utube So for 19 years i better retired settel down If i get money for i just buy loptop And star my bussiness tittle my so called bussiness what Nothing,, But reana i hope she read and spent our life in a big boat with no water because we leave in in the heart of big dessert, just cactus and big lizard why boat if you not move The end