37 01 37 - Creating the Hero's Item

The woman came up to me with a smile and grabbed my hand as she instantly gave my hand a shake, as if she wasn't just fighting with the other two earlier.

"Nice to meet you hero's descendant, I'm Iris, I'm the middle child."

Suddenly the orc pushed her away and then shook my hand.

"Who would have thought we were going to be the lucky one to be able to create something for the hero! I'm Finn, the oldest child."

The Blonde woman seemed pissed by the sudden push from the other as she pushed him back, then they were back to quarreling. 

"Iris is the half elf, and elves are usually the calm one."

A voice came beside me with a small sigh, and I look over to see the shortest of the 3, he reached his hand out to me with a keen and serious face.

"I am Zephyr, The youngest child of the Willows, I'm half dwarf."

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