20 01 20 - Strange Times

The rest of the night was just me and Less fighting the beasts that were in the plains, the wyvern even helping to fight some while also fighting smaller beasts, and by 11pm, I had leveled up to 40, my stats greatly increased, and when I hit level 35 earlier, a notification popped up.


All skills are 8% more faster.

Skill Breakdown currently has 1 skill being examined.

It will only take 4 days left rather than one more week due to the player leveling up.


I was hella happy about that, and for creation, it would also take less time to create two skills that are higher leveled, it was quite exciting. Through out the leveling up process, I also noticed Leaf had grown a bit.

It started off with it being able to fit in my hand, now the wyvern had some of it's body on my wrist area to stay still. it was leveling up with me. Then I realized, I still don't know it's gender.

So while we were walking back to the capital since it was getting late and I had work, I asked the green haired male another question.

"Do you think you can figure out what gender Leaf is? I don't want to keep calling Leaf "it" since it sounds like I'm calling the wyvern a item."

I spoke as the beast laid on my shoulder being all comfy and without a care.

"Yeah, I can probably use analysis on them."

He picked up the animal, using the skill once again, which I always thought was cool with how there was the magic circle that would pop up on his eyes, making him look really cool. After a moment and while walking, he gave back leaf with a yawn.

"Leaf's a he, I guess when they're a baby it's hard to see the difference of being a male and a female."

I looked at Leaf, holding him like a puppy in front of me.

"Well, seems like were brothers."

I grinned before saying my thanks to the other male.

"Wait Less, where are you from?"

I asked while we walked past the city walls. He's been speaking Korean really well, so he must be Korean too right?

"Oh, I'm from Canada, it's maybe 5 am now? I'm not really sure."

I looked at him, clearly confused.

"Then are you Korean? You speak it so well?"

I questioned as he just began to laugh.

"Did you not know? The game is basically a translator, so to me you're speaking English right now."

I never knew that, my eyes widen in surprise from that fact. This game was way beyond the whole world, it was amazing.

"Anyways, since were here now, I'll be getting off, I'll text you in xxx app if we're going to get some treasures alright? See ya around."

I nodded bowing a bit, still thinking it was really cool that it was possible to just instantly translate, but now I should be heading to sleep too, it was late after all.

"Hmm, how does the necklace work,,"

I thought to myself while Leaf just looked at me, then he reached his hand out to the pearl on my neck, before a small twirl of wind surrounded Leaf, then it looked like he got sucked into the pearl. I was caught off guard.

"wait Leaf! come back!"

I spoke in a rush and in a moment, Leaf came back with the same wind twirl in front of me. I let out a sigh of relief, and now we knew how to use the pearl.

"Alright, I'm going now, I'll see you when I come back okay?"

I picked him up again to help him touch the pearl. Once he was back in the pearl, I went ahead and logged out from where I was. With the reminder of being in reality again by my bedroom, I laid down in bed with a small sigh. So many things are happening, but even I knew it was better than before. I smiled to myself for a moment, before slowly falling asleep.

I woke up with only an hour left to go to work, so I rushed myself to work, I had a morning shift and all. The day wasn't anything fancy really, I was tired like usual, and it seems the news about the girl's death in game died down.

What's left for the day was to meet up with that kid who's so addicted to my skill. I still didn't know how exactly I'd show him how the skill works, unless I copy something from him, though I'm pretty sure he already saw me use his skill before.

I let out a small sigh then just continued work. Before I knew it, it was in the afternoon already and mt shift was over. Kyun wasn't working today so I switched with the other part-timer, then headed back home.

I decided to get some street food for myself, standing to the side while I ate a bowl of sudon happily. Then once I was done I went onto the bus to head back to the shared house. Now that I think about it, I never even got that kid's name yet, I guess I'll ask him later.

I walked up that familiar hill, now getting pretty used to walking up and down from it, then straight to my room to change into some more comfortable clothing. I let out a small yawn, I kind of want to take a nap.. but that kid had some tantrums, so maybe not for now.

I opened up the door to the Silver Mind, taking a deep breath before starting the game.

"Play The Land of Oasis."

After a bright light flashed into my eyes, I was back in AlanVan, and I was near the statue already. While walking, Leaf suddenly popped out in front of me out of his pearl with a coo. I smiled and gave him a small pat before he found his way back on my shoulder while we walked.

I sat down at the bench near the statue while there were many players who would walk past, I tried to see any familiar faces, but so far non.

I waited for a moment before I felt a hand tug on my arm.

"Let's go, the potion can't keep me hidden long."

I was confused but was dragged off into an alleyway by the hooded man, I was bout to fight the man then run off, before he turned around and took of the hood, the familiar short white hair from the moment I started playing the game, it was the obsessed boy.

"Why did you drag me away? I was about to scream for help because of you."

He scoffed before pulling me along.

"I told you before, I'm a PK, PK's have their username turn red, and the potion to hide my name wouldn't last long."

He spoke as I looked closer, Red AI, his game name was glowing red showing he was a PK, I opened my mouth, about to ask why exactly he was a PK, but then I just closed my mouth again, maybe It's not a good idea.

Soon we reached a door in the maze like alleyways, and inside was this bar, people where laughing and not caring, they were loud.

"I said we'll do a quest right? Just follow along don't say anything."

This seemed so sketchy, but since I'm not someone who would go back on his word, so I just nodded and followed along.

He talked to the bartender for a moment, I felt some eyes on me before he pulled me away again to go out by the back exit.

"Alright, so we need to steal something."

I coughed, being caught off guard from the sudden info.

"What?! I thought you just wanted to see how the skill works?"

He nodded while looking at his map.

"We'll at first It was just going to be some easy quest we'll do, but this quest needs 2 people, so why not."

I stared at him before scoffing and beginning to walk away.

"I'm not going to go steal anything, I'm leaving."

I huffed, Leaf looking at the other male with a tongue sticking out.

"I'll give you half of the money, I don't need most of it anyways."

I stopped in my tracks, what he just said was such a rich man move, but when it comes to money.. I can't stop myself.

Before I knew it, we were on horses and heading to the next country that was beyond the Non Vitae.

"Where are we even going?"

I asked while we slowly went through the mountain's roads, careful not to fall down the cliff, but as a flying beast, Leaf was having the time of his life flying around the place.

"Where going to the next city, some noble girl's collection back, it was an illegal trade so she didn't tell the police."

I let out a small groan.

"How exactly is that going to show how my skill works?"

He shrugged as we kept going.

"We'll probably fight off the thieves or anything. anyways, we're past the country's borders, we're going into the next country now. Pinsquin."

Past the aggressive mountain roads, the sounds of rushing water was getting louder and louder, and the moment we turned from a corner, the sounds of the waterfalls were clearer, the light from my eyes slowly adjusting to show the beautiful new terrain.

To be continued...

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