8 01 08 - Beyond the Beginning

It's been 4 days since the training, and today was the day I finally finished the quest. I felt so exhausted but I felt happy too, Nel slapping my back with a small smile, if he smiled more he wouldn't seem so scary.

"good job boy, I won't lie, I was scared I wouldn't be able to pass down my skill to anyone, good thing you came by."

He seemed like a proud grandfather, making me remember my own grandfather from before. I grinned then bowed at him.

"Thank you!"

Even though it was an NPC, this game really knew how to make them seem like real people with real feelings. The old man patted my back once more before pushing me forward.

"Take care of that necklace and sword! I'll kill ya if you ever broke any of em boy!"

I laughed awkwardly before waving my goodbye. Now it was time to truly explore the wide world That The Land of Oasis has in hand for me. First, I should check what I received for finishing the quest and what my current stats are too. I wonder if the borrower skill leveled up from me borrowing that powerful kid's skill.


Quest update

The old knight's legacy

Quest level: Rare

progress: complete.



I shouted in joy, since it's been about a week since I started this game and already got so lucky, and two, I didn't have to go through the hellish training anymore.


Current level: 12


Skills Earned

Skill - Knight's heroic armor

level 1

Info - The love for a knight's sword and shield is repaid by the exact same sword and shield. When the player's health is under 50%, the skill will give a minute of protection from any attack. A safe bubble for a minute to get the player's health black up.

throwbacks - Skill can be only used every 3 hours



Skill Earned

Skill - Knight's home

info - The determination to keep going like a knight remembering their family at home. The skill let's the player get a buff, a 50% buff on strength and 50% buff on Health for 20 minutes.

Throwbacks - Skill can only be used every 3 hours. Any equipment being held will feel a bit heavier.



The skills weren't that amazing but it was still helpful for sure, plus, the training was focused on upping his stats.

"Open stat window."

I shouted and a window was quick to pop up and showed my info, character's equipment and look, and skills.



Level - 12

Strength - 150

agility - 120

health - 1500/1500

Constitution - 100

Intelligent - 100

Charm - 5


Holy shit, this was on par with a level 30 or 40 at least, Well in old games anyways, I don't know about here, but what the hell is up with that charm level?! I'm handsome!!.. Aren't I?

Other than that one singular stat hurting my pride and heart, I dismissed it for now and went ahead and check the borrower skill.


Skill - Borrow

Level 1 - 25/100 left until level 2

Info - A skill that let's you re-create the skill of another player, mob, or NPC at 10% knowledge. Getting hit by the skill you wish to use then using Borrow will conclude with a 30% knowledge of the skill.


"huh, I guess I need to use it a lot, well, it is just coping what I see so it makes sense there isn't much to it."

I didn't realize I've already reached the starter town, but there was one thing I wanted to do before getting ready to leave this place. I sat down at the middle fountain of the town, a bench around the fountain, it was a nice place to get some rest. I opened the windows once again and pulled up the "skill breakdown." I wanted to try this bad boy out.

"Skill breakdown."

I whispered to myself like how I activated the borrower skill before, and soon another window popped up.


Which borrowed skill do you wish to breakdown?

Please pick from the 5 slots.

Thunder's rage - 10%






Seeing the name of the skill once more made me feel that embarrassment I felt from before, but it was fine, it's a good skill.

"Now that I think about it, the guy didn't say anything to activate his skill, well, he does seem like a hardcore gamer."

I cleared my throat, then picked the only option there, " Thunder's rage." The translucent blue screen then began to have a loading circle, before the message popped up.


Complexity of the skill is level 40.

2 weeks are estimated for a full 100% understanding of this skill.

Skill breakdown can be canceled anytime and will have the percentage that becomes known.

The 2 day before use throwback will still take place.

Do you wish to breakdown the skill "Thunder's rage?"


"Two weeks? Jeez, but that's fine, I'll be exploring and earning money anyways, It's not important."

I mumbled to myself before finally answering the question and clicked the "yes" button. I closed the windows and stood up, stretching with a groan.

Now that I spent a while checking that all out, it was time to get ready for adventure!.... Okay that was kinda cringe but anyways, I had to get equipment for my trip. Luckily Nel was nice enough to give me two gold coins and five silver coins.


A gold coin is the equivalent of six silver coins.

A Silver coin is the equivalent of twelve copper coins.

A copper coin is typically how much a single bread loaf cost.


Converting it to money is simple, you just sell it online to other players who want to buy in game items. Other than the 20% percent fines that the seller has to pay for and the 20% that the buyer has to pay, it was still a good amount of money.


A gold coin is equivalent to 18 000 won (around 20$ cad)


To be able to sell coins for money, it has to be the highest currency, which is a gold coin. It;s easier to see if there's a loop hole I'm guessing, which is understandable.

Now taking that to account, I could have 43 980 won (40$) right now, but it's not worth it, plus this was free money to invest on my future money earnings! I should go look for armor and potions since I already have a sword..

I took a sniff in the air, I could smell a delicious sweet smell, it smelt like chocolate and strawberries, and the moment I looked over to where the smell came from, I saw a person outside of a restaurant eating such fluffy looking pancakes.

"it's just a game! don't get fazed!"

I shouted to myself, but, since I could smell it, I could probably taste it right?

I couldn't stop myself. I spent a silver coin eating the pancakes and same with other sweets and meals that were in the restaurant, I felt stupid, but it tasted so good too. Then I remembered my mother, maybe I could find a restaurant that sells something like this and give it to her the next time I visit her, I bet she'd like it.

Now back to the serious things, to find armor and get potions as well. I spent around an hour finding a good match of armor that would fit, some light weight but strong armor that cost me 3 silvers, then spent the last silver on healing potions and a little bit of invisibility, since it would be easier to get away from a monster that way. Now it was only my two gold coins left.

Once everything was ready and organized, I took a deep breath then went to find a cheap way to get to the capital. Most rides costed a bit, but I found a trader who agreed to give me a lift for free if I attacked any monsters that were nearby, so of course I agreed.

I just laid there at the back of the wooden carriage, sorting out my inventory, when a small ding ringed in my ear and a notification of a message popped up.


From: Empress Kim

To: LHyuk

message: Oi, I finally finished my quest and going back to the capital, did you get out of the starter town yet? Well I need you to hurry up to AlanVan, we need one more person for a quest and I think it's a good chance to bring you along.


I just sat there before letting out a small scoff, it wasn't even a question, it was an order. Though it's not like I knew what to do once I got there so might as well, plus I can leach off them. I started to chuckle to myself like the typical villain, I didn't even notice the trader was getting scared. I quickly wrote a reply back, telling her I was going to the city right now, so I don't mind going. Once the message was sent, I did a little stretch before looking around my surroundings.

The starter town was in a forest, even though it wasn't a dense forest, there wasn't much clear plains since the area, even the farm, was surround by trees. Not long after leaving though, the trees began to decrease and it was becoming more flower fields and plains.

It took maybe a hour or so, but I could finally see the city of AlanVan. the fields around the huge walled in kingdom was all farming grounds, and it really made the city stand out since you could see the palace's huge towers over the walls. The closer we got the bigger everything seemed. It was fascinating, it felt like I was there, I almost forgot that this was all just a game.

There was a line of people who wanted entry, and same with carriages and vehicles that were waiting to enter. It felt so real, because even if they were npc's, they still checked everything like proper knights would. Once inside, it was bustling with people, there was cobble streets, large enough to have both people and vehicles on the road.

At the sides were many different types of shops, snacks, potions, and it seemed most of the sellers weren't just npcs and actual players who wanted to sell what they have or created. This was great news, since that means I could sell auctions for items.

I got brought out of my thoughts when another message was sent to me by Lisa, she was asking where I was.


To: Empress Kim

From: LHyuk

Message: I just got here, I can see a white statue in the middle of town so I'll go there.


Once sent, she agreed and I went to where it was planned to meet up, and I was quick to go to the meeting spot. I told myself I wouldn't get distracted, but I couldn't help the delicious smell and ended up buying snacks, some kebabs on the way. I was already at the statue and didn't see anyone I recognized, no Empress Kim anywhere.

I walked closer to the statue to see a small metal plate on the front that wrote,

"He who stole powers from the strong, became a man that surpassed the warriors, creating peace within the country of Valdero."

I spoke it out and sudden a new quest title popped in front of me, a kebab in my mouth as I got caught off guard.


Main Mandatory Quest: The borrower's descendant

Quest level: Legendary

Chapter one - Quest completion: 20%

Second Quest - Find the lost diary of the hero

prize: receiving the hero's will.


"his.. will?.. could that mean.. his money?!"

My eyes shined with curiosity and excitement, this would be good for me! Though there's a question that lingers, how exactly am I going to find this diary when it doesn't even give me hints, maybe the statue would?

I examined the statue as well as I could, trying to figure out any secrete buttons or something. Not caring about the people who looked at me like a stranger, until I touched a black dot that instantly gave me a shock on my finger.

I retracted my hand fast in pain, as I stared at the small smoke that slowly disappeared.

"ow, what the hell?"

I mumbled to myself before suddenly feeling a looming and strong presence behind me.


it spoke.

To be Continued...

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