2 01 02 - A New Day

Suddenly waking up ain't that fun, as I looked up looking like a mess, the drool on my face has dried while the sun shone through the window onto my face. A groan escaping my mouth.

"Morning already?.. I'm tired.."

I grumble before finally standing up to get a drink of water. I was exhausted and the tiredness still hasn't disappeared.

"Augh.. what's that smell?"

Instinctively, I raise my arm to smell my armpits and immediately gave out a sour face, this so why you should always shower after work. Before even eating, I rush off to the washroom and stripping fast. Going into the shower as fast as I could and turning on the water.

Letting the warm water run down my face felt nice and calming, but snapping out my little day dream, I hurried up to wipe my body and scrub myself.

"Hah~ oh! I just remembered, I won't even have to work today!" I couldn't help but grin happily and slowed down a little bit, but then having to seem to realize something.

"Doesn't mean I can waste water, that's expensive. God you're stupid Gihyuk."

Doing a small face palm, I hurried up to finish my shower and turned off the water. Walking out feeling fresh and smelling like lemons, not having to rush to work felt nice. Yet suddenly remembering something, don't I have to meet the owner in the afternoon?

Quickly looking over to the clock on my bedroom wall, I got caught off guard from the fact it was 10:35am, meaning I only had an hour and a half to get ready, and it took at least 45 mins since I would have to take the bus since I don't have a car- oh no, panic time.

Quickly rushing off to grab the nicest clothing in my closet, a pair of light blue button up and some black jeans.

Double checking to make sure I didn't forget about anything in my apartment, I locked the door behind me and rushed off to the bus stop. Looking down at my phone, 11:05am.

"Nice! Still got time!"

Reaching the bus barely on time, he got a breather and sat down onto the seat, taking out his phone once more to text the boarding house owner, Kim Lisa.


[message: to Boarding house lady]

We're meeting at 12 right? I might be a little late but I'm on the bus now.


Sent. Alright, now we check my bank to make sure I can pay, I hope no one bargains the price.. I wonder why she even wanted to sell a room for so cheap? But since it's a boarding house, there's most likely more people there so maybe they wanted to fill it, yeah that makes sense.

I nodded to myself with my eyes closed, truly feeling myself before hearing the buzz of my phone on my lap, Lisa had already replied.


[message: from boarding house lady]

That's alright, I need time to get ready anyways! See you then, have a safe trip.


It was short and sweet, and just sent a thumbs up back because I didn't want to leave her on read.

When was the last time I had a moment of calmness in my adult life? It feels like it's been forever since I finally got a breather from working all the time. Leaning my head against the window of the bus, I watch as the bus passes through downtown, the streets were bustling with people, it was quite amusing I won't lie.

Before I knew if, I've reached the bus stop that was closes to the boarding house, it was somewhat in the rural area, close to downtown, but quiet enough that it wasn't a bother. The houses were somewhat close together, separated by a wall, it was the somewhat typical Korean home district. Soon, I reached the hill part, but the house was so close it was worth it... panting heavily as I stood in front of the gates, maybe it's not worth it, the hill was so steep I felt like I was dying. No wait it is worth it! It's cheap! Think of it as exercise Gihyuk!

I opened the gate and headed to the door, ringing the doorbell once, and heard the sounds of someone running on the floor board, Aggressive doorknob wiggling, then a sweet looking woman in front of me.

"Hey! My name's Kim Lisa, like I told you yesterday, I'm the owner of the boarding house, welcome."

She spoke bright and it was slightly overwhelming but at least she didn't make it feel awkward.

"Hi, I'm Lee Gihyuk, nice to meet you, here for the room rent? Or like boarding house- yeah-"

Oh god I messed up, it's confusing I don't know what to call it. She just snicker and told me to come in and closed the door behind me. Kim Lisa was a little short compared to me, I was 5'8 while she was 5'5, though I guess there's not much of a height difference, she also had blonde hair, but it was clearly bleached since her natural hair is already growing.

"Okay so basically, everyone has their rooms and it's already equipped with the vr machine, just bring your own bed and stuff, two bathrooms at the top, two bathrooms at the bottom, common room here and kitchen there."

She explained fast with a smile, pointing in each directing, it was easy enough to understand tho, but it was slightly surprising since it looked so small on the front.

"So, you taking it?"

I nodded but then back tracked, I had to make sure I really was paying 100$ only.

"Wait, I have the 100$ deal right? From the poster I saw? Isn't it expensive though? Why are you renting for so cheap?"

I didn't hold back on my questions clearly and she just stopped, turned and looked at me, she was kinda intimidating not going to lie.

"Well first off, yes it's only 100, second, because I wanted to try doing promotional stuff."

She laughed of like it was nothing, but guessing from it, she was probably already rich from the people renting the homes. This means I could really take this one in a life time chance! Alright, cheap, and I get a breather, I might try out the game once I move.

"Alright, I'll take it, when can I move in?"

I couldn't help but contain my slight excitement, and she noticed it too, patted my shoulder like she understood exactly how I was feeling from this luck.

"Well, just pay your first month now and I'll help you get your stuff to move today?"

That caught me off guard-

"Today? Already?"

She nodded and suddenly grabbed me by the hand and hurried off outside once again to her car.

"Yep today, I'm off right now anyways so it won't take long and the other guys won't get bother."

She laughed and slapped my back, it stung but it's alright I just smiled along and went with it.

"By the way, will I be able to see the other housemates?"

She got into the car with me and put on her seat belt as she started the car, thinking for a moment before speaking.

"Probably? I don't know, those guys barely leave their room and only leave to go to the washroom or find food, Oh yeah, make sure to label your food or they'll eat it."

She warned me with another laugh and began to drive off. I direct her to my house and it was a pretty sweet ride there, total different feeling from a bus drive. The ride was a bit quiet, but time to time we'd chat about something random. Soon we reached my apartment. On the way here, I had already contacted the owner telling I was moving today, and I paid the month fully, Even if I had debt, I'd rather not add more into it by not paying.

Lisa was quite strong for someone small, but she had no troubles at all. Plus I didn't have that much stuff in my home, it was a pretty easy move. Before we knew it, we had already finished moving and I was already in my room after talking with like everyone else, she takes money every month, but she also said to talk to her if I wanted to pay by L.O currency, which were just called coins.

Coins could only be obtained from trade, quest, or selling them to npc's. You couldn't buy coins since, instead, you'd just trade your own money into the game for it to become coins, or vice versa. You can trade your coins for money you can use in person. Truth be told, that's the main reason I want to play L.O. For the money.

I was placing my clothes into my closet before the Silver Mind made a beep, the VR device was in set and was ready to be used. Should I take a break and play a little bet? Might as well.

I nodded to myself and walked over, it was confusing but the door glass opening and going up caught me off guard and hit my ankle. Making me move away in pain, before slowly moving up to fully open. The door hung up as the inside had quite the comfy looking chair. I made sure to read a little bit to know how it works, but damn, it was still cool.

I sat down and pulled the door back down to close. The window was there for others to probably check on whoever inside. As he sat down properly a sudden holographic screen popped out which caught me by surprises again.

"God this thing just likes to scare me."

I tried to read the screen but my eyes kept adjusting to the background but soon got used to it.



Thank you for using Silver Mind.

To use the game you would like to play, say "play - chosen game -"


Well that's easy enough. I cleared my throat and got comfy in my seat.

"Play L.O"

Silence, it was quiet before it repeated itself.



Thank you for using Silver Mind.

To use the game you would like to play, say "play - chosen game -"


I was confused and just sat there before it got to me, the full name of the game was what I needed to do. I cleared my throat once more and got ready.

"Play The Lands of Oasis."

It was silent for a moment and I thought it failed again before it began to speak. Wires attached onto the side of my head, my arms and legs, and finally my torso and over my heart as the machine began to speak again.



Please close your eyes, as we begin the stimulation. The game will soon start. We welcome you, to the minds oasis. L.O.


I was still caught in shock but quickly closed my eyes. I felt tingles on where the wires had attached themselves, and suddenly a ray of colours flashed by, then suddenly a plain white. I looked down and I saw my body, I began to walk around, it felt weird at first, the feeling of the metallic looking floor even tho it's not really the real thing. It sent a cool tingle on the back of my neck.


H e l l o n e w p l a y e r.

To start, please create a username.

Please remember that you will not be able to change your username in the future.


I was so focused on the new feeling of the VR that I didn't even notice the text before it repeated, but this time on the familiar moto-tone male voice. That's when I looked over and thought for a moment.

"Is the username Blank still available?"

I asked as the computer did a small loading screen before speaking again.


A l r e a d y i n u s e

Username unavailable, here are suggestions.

Blanko22, blank010, 9blank6..


It continued for a moment,

"Ah no it's okay you can stop!"

Once it heard me, it stopped its speaking and repeated its first question, to pick a username. I thought for a moment, thinking of cringe worthy usernames, making me cringe and laugh at myself for thinking of them, before choosing a basic username.

"How about LHyuk?"

I asked as it began the loading thing once again. Then it went to another blue window.


U s e r n a m e a c c e p t e d

username will stay the same. Changing your username will be unavailable.

Would you like to change your looks?


I'm glad that username worked, I didn't want to use the embarrassing username that I thought of. The second question made me think, but at the same time I'd rather not as it already took so long to choose a username.

"No, please start the game, skip everything."

I didn't know that would have been a choice I would have hated, but it was fine, the game just went ahead, flashing through the window screens until I saw the tutorial window get skipped. O h n o.

"Wait go back go back!"

I pleaded as it only said ERROR. Before I knew it, a blue light took over my body and spawned me into the starter town.


W e l c o m e t o L e n g l i s

Starter town within the country of Valdero.


I stood there in silence before I fell to the floor on my hands and knees. Biting my lips as I silently cried. God damn it! You're so stupid Lee Gihyuk!

I didn't notice the other players until I heard small whispers of people around me. Men and women speaking silently but enough for me to hear, a weirdo they said.

I suddenly stood up scaring some players and looked around. There was quite a lot, but not as packed as I thought it would be.

I had too much pride to ask anyone for advice so I decided to walk to the nearest npc I could find. NPC's had green marking on top of their heads and their title underneath. The one I walked up to was a old man with a long white beard, and the title of town chief.

"EY young man, how are you? New face aren't ya?"

The NPC shouted as I nodded and he continued to speak.

"Well why don't you help around in the farm? Ol' farmer Nel needed some help!"

Was this a normal quest? Well whatever I didn't know what to do anyways.

"If you head down that ol' little dirt path you'ol see the farm young man, go go, come to me when yer finished."

A farm huh? Weird way to start this game off, but another window popped up.


"Accept town chief Wae-li's quest to help around the town?"


I clicked the little accept button and the old man spoke again.

"Good good, go ahead! Here you might need this!"

Another window popped up saying a cane and a hoe was gifted by the chief and I just smiled before repeating.

"Thank you gramps, see ya later then!"

I waved at the npc, some people seemed to call me weird again for talking to an npc like a human, but I couldn't help it, the spoke like humans, it felt rude not too.

I started to walk down to old dirt pad looking around in awe. Everything seemed so real and felt real, it was amazing, I still didn't know much but it felt great. I continued to walk with a cheeky little grin, not knowing what's to come in the future..

To be continued..

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