1 01 01 - String of Luck

Year of 2045, the world was creating technology with no rest, creating wonderful things, yet one thing that won't change through all these years and decades, everything is still controlled by money and power. Many still work only to pay of debt that seems to keep raising higher and higher, thus, many choose to go into the virtual world that can let them run away from reality. The Land of Oasis.

L.O [the Land of Oasis] is a vast world within the internet. Large lands and continents, basically a world without an end. This digital world is so big that there are still many unknown lands that haven't been discovered due to the fact not many has reached the level to survive the monsters within those lands.

Even though it's a well known game, not everyone can afford the virtual reality equipment, the Silver Mind. A device that lets you as a whole, enter and sit inside, a headgear attachment letting the player to truly experience everything as the device sends sound waves into parts of the body on whatever the player is doing within the lands of Oasis. Either by eating, or by feeling a punch, though that option can be turned off for those who dislike the feeling of pain.

The world as known now, is truly amazing, but only for those who are packed with money in their pockets, but what if a normal and typical person was to be struck with luck in a moment of hardship in their life, now wouldn't that be amazing. To see a man with almost no power, to be given a chance to be the greatest.




"Hey! Hurry up, not everybody got time waiting for your lazy ass!"

The man in front of me spoke, yeah it was rude, but at this point I was used to it.

"Sorry sorry, I'll go quicker."

I say with an awkward chuckle and smile before finishing up and putting the items away.

"Lee Gihyuk? Hah. A stupid name for a stupid kid that only knows the job of a convenient store."

The man began to laugh, and man was I ready to fight him, but I knew I shouldn't. I wasn't dumb enough to fight someone and potentially lose my job. Once the man walked out, I let out a deep sigh and began to restock the shelves for the night before clocking out.

My name is Lee Gihyuk, just your average guy, brown hair with a somewhat long hair cut, brown eyes, and ain't that tall. Just trying to pay of the debt of his dead father and to pay for my mother's health. To think everything would be a bit better now with all the technology, but no, it sucks. What can I do tho? I'm just this 20 year old guy who can only manage to get a job at a convenient store. After a bit of stocking up and a few people coming in to buy things, it was almost time for me to clock out.

My co-worker, Han Kyun, walked in with a wave.

"Hyung, almost time to clock out right?"

It was surprising but also nice to be called older brother, at least the kid had respect. I nodded to show he was right, as I began to clean up and headed to the back.

"Hyung, have you been playing L.O?"

The black haired kid spoke, he was still in his senior year in pretty sure, but what was L.O? I've been so busy working and taking care of my mother, I barely have time to really surf the internet like I did back then when life was easier.

"L.O? What's that? From the sounds of it seems like a game."

Kyun looked so surprise from what I said, it got me confused really, but again, it's not like I have time for myself really.

"Really Hyung? You don't even know about it?"

The kid asked surprised and all I could reply with was a shake of my head.

"Wow, who knew there's still someone who didn't know about it."

At that point I wasn't sure if I should take offence or not, but I just decided to keep listening.

"Basically, it's a virtual reality game, it's a MMORPG and it's so big a lot of places haven't even been explored yet. Like the old PC games you know?"

I stood at my locker space, getting changed as I just listened to this kid.

"Like the old PC games? Let me tell you, I was one of the best players of that one game, Atlas."

I tried to brag but when I turned around, Kyun didn't seem to even believe me.

"You didn't even know what L.O was. Either way, you probably weren't as good as Blank, top ranker."

I stopped what I was doing for a second, then continued. I was Blank, but I couldn't tell him since it felt like he'd just laugh at me. So I just nodded then grabbed my stuff.

"Anyways hyung, you should try to play L.O, even if you can't but the VR equipment, at least go to a game room."

Wow, to think that now it wasn't just PC rooms, but they even got other consoles, man it felt like I've been living under a rock.

"Alright alright, I will, go already kyun-ah I think there's a customer, I'll get going."

I spoke with a wave as I began to walk out the back door, the younger boy running off to the cash register.

I rubbed the back of my neck in slight pain, I was only 20 but already getting the pains of a 60 years old, not a happy feeling. On the way home, it was cold and my legs were moving as if they were about to collapse. It was always like this, once I stopped working and got to relax a bit, that's when the exhaustion just rushes in. Soon I reached my bus stop, and while I still had some time, I decided I'd look at what L.O was.


[Search: L.O Game]


The first things that popped up was a wiki page of the game.


[The Lands of Oasis. L.O]

A virtual reality game that has spread all over the world, a vast reality bigger than the world we currently live in.


Hah- who ever wrote this is hella corny, but again, I can't say anything since this is something I used to be like, I scratched my cheek remember the embarrassing past of my high-school days, oh lord how embarrassing. Anyways, let's keep reading.

After reading most of text written in the wiki page, it's clear that the game was like the typical MMORPG that I used to play, but even better. Man it really makes me want to try it out, but I can't because it's expensive, and unless I find a cheap place to stay at, then that's the only time I'll be able to get some rest.

"I just want to go home now and re- AcK!"

I aggressively grabbed whatever that was that decided to attack my face, and it was just an advertisement of whatever it was. I was about to throw it out until I saw the VR equipment that I saw in the wiki page.


[Looking for tenants! Call immediately!]

Housing and VR equipment including, your own room with its own living necessities and the Vr equipment.

In need of tenant, and who ever gets here first can get a room for 100$ a month. You can even pay the rent with the in game coins you get, you can exchange them for money in the office space of the housing then pay.

Call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx.


I had to read that twice, 100$? A month!? That's hella cheap! This was shocking, but what really got my attention was what came after that, you can earn real money from playing the game? Yet, would it be worth it? What am I thinking! This is cheap! I could get some off time now since I don't have to stress on earning enough money each month, I could have a breather.

I felt so relieved but forgot I had to call them right away, so I called the number fastest that I've ever done. This was truly a string of luck, and I wasn't going to let go of it.

Soon the bus came, and I quickly got on as my phone continued to ring, until a soft voice answered.

"Hello? Silver Housing here."

It sounded like a woman's voice, quit sweet, but who cares, not right now the housing was more important!

"Hello, my name's Lee Gihyuk, and I saw your advertisement and was wondering if I can get a room to live in?"

I asked eagerly, in hope that the first spot hasn't been taken yet.

"Oh? Already? Yeah of course, you can come meet us at the address I'll send you, how about tomorrow afternoon?"

Holy, this was real, a gold needle in a pile of hay.

"Yeah! That works for me, thank you! Oh wait can I get your name?"

I asked as I didn't want to go to the place and not even know the name I'm supposed to be talking too.

"Oh, you can call me Lisa, my full name is Kim Lisa."

I said my thanks and we both said goodbye. I sat there in awe, before letting out a silent scream and made a little dance in the back of the bus. I won the jackpot, this would give me the chance to get rid of some weights of my shoulders, and I even found another way to earn money, by game!

Oh but, I have work tomorrow.. shit! I quickly pulled out my phone once more but this time called my dongsaeng.


I shouted in the phone, the kid could probably hear my excitement.

"Hyung? What's up?"

He asked as I began to explain my jackpot of a win. He even sounded excited for me too.

"So basically, can you cover for me tomorrow?"

I asked in hope he'd agree.

"Well, only if you play with me once you move in to that vr housing yeah?"

Without hesitation I agreed and began to thank him before ending the call. This was truly amazing and I can't believe that this was pure luck. I took a deep breath to finally calm myself after that moment, this was, really amazing. To get such luck, it made me feel like I was truly, and finally, the protagonist in my life.

Finally reaching home, once again the exhaustion basically taking over, I opened the door then locked it behind me, laying flat on my bed in this one room apartment, closing my eyes and not even being able to go shower. I was too tired to even move.

I couldn't help but smile on the thought of finding such luck, but before I fell asleep, I grabbed my phone and texted my mother to tell her I got home, she was quite the worry wrat even if she was the one in the hospital.


[message: to mom]

Mom, I'm home now, hope you didn't skip meals. I'm really tired but I wanted to tell you I'm home, take care.


And not even a minute later, I got a reply already.


[message: from mom]

Oh honey, I'm glad you're safe. I didn't, I don't want to worry you either, get some sleep!


Once the confirmation was done, my mind just shut off and before I knew it, I drifted of to sleep.

Tomorrow would be a new day, a moment of change in my life. I couldn't wait, maybe by a miracle, I could even earn money in the game and potentially pay of the debt and focus on the money for my mom, that mindset was what I was looking for even more. Soon, I began to fall asleep..

To be continued..

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