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Jack-of-all-trade, The Skill Borrower


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Warning I lost most of my work for this, just the writing would have sucked but I also lost my huge amount of planning and its too much work to try and rebuild what I was writing, so I’ve stopped writing this and started a new novel. It’s very different from this one though, but if you’d still like to support me it’s called “For I will be the war Empress.” I am a student though so posting stories won’t really be on a fixed day but I’ll try my best. Anyways, thank you for reading this. The world is at its peak of technology, Many things that seemed unachievable were now at arms length. Yet even now, Money is still what really controls the world and the people. Those who have too much time began to spend time in a virtual reality game that is so vast and open, that there are still many places that haven't been open. This game was called The Lands of Oasis. L.O for short. Like many others, this man has a hard time with money, earning minimum wage from a local convenience store, which he hates, but he needs to pay rent after all, but he's not self absorbent, he was also working to pay off his dead father's debt, and mother's hospital fees. He was once a top player in RPG games but now, he has no choice to live by working until he spotted a great deal with the game he has always wanted to try, A boarding house for gamers, specifically for L.O players. The male managed to get a deal with only having to pay 30% the amount that was meant to be paid for half a year, room and gaming equipment and food included, he rushed to take the chance. Earning money however he could within the game, Even getting a legendary and one of a kind class. Without realizing it, his job slowly became something he truly loved, now slowly aiming for the title of number one player. Yet what if there was something else that was brought with his luck, while in a random party, a member suddenly acts weird before logging off. The next day, they were found killed. At first, the boy wasn’t going to mind it, but the moment he witnessed his own companion, he himself felt he had to find out what happened, both inside, and outside the game.


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