1 Awake

I opened my eyes and all I saw around me was an ever expansive void. Trying to think about where I could be, I tried to look around, but I couldn't feel my body. Before I could panic, a screen appeared in front of me.

"Choose 3 powers" it said. I stared at it for a second, shocked at how little that told me about where I was and what I should do.

'Well might as well go along with it, not like there's much else I can do.'

'Hmm, now what powers should I choose. Nah, this isn't a hard decision.'

I didn't have a body so I just assumed I thought of what I wanted. In my mind I pictured the 3 powers I wanted: The Vector Control of Accelerator, Code: Unknown of Sakamaki Izayoi, and the Kaleidoscope of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg.

Once I had thought of those 3 things, a new box appeared in my vision asking me to choose my name. For some reason, I couldn't remember my name, so I decided to just pick my favorite name from the animes I had watched, Sakamaki Izayoi.

Once I had thought that the entire void lit up with a white light, and suddenly I could feel my body again, and with that, my vision faded to black.


I opened my eyes and tried to look around. The first thing that stood out to me was that I could feel calculations running through my mind just by looking at anything. All kinds of different vectors became apparent to me and I could feel that with just a thought I could manipulate them.

Standing up and walking out of the alley I found myself in, I ended up on a bustling street with tall buildings and people walking all around. Looking at a glass window of a store next to the alley I had just walked out of, I saw that my appearance was the same as Sakamaki Izayoi's from Problem Children. Not sure how to feel about my appearance completely being changed, I decided to just roll with it and try to figure out where exactly I found myself.

It didn't take me very long to realize, however, as with just a cursory glance around I could spot the giant building with a planet on top of it and the large letters saying "Daily Planet."

'Well apparently, I'm in one of the DC universes, I'm fucked.'

Then my attention was drawn back to the vectors I could see all around me, and I remembered my 3 powers I chose.

'Maybe I'm not so fucked, I have some extremely powerful powers I should be able to have a lot of fun here. Now how do I use them.'

And with that thought, information rushed into my mind about how to use the powers I had selected.

'It appears as though the Kaleidoscope gives me knowledge about which universe I am in. I am apparently in Earth-16 of the Dc Universe, which is the Young Justice universe. Everyone here is much weaker than their comic book counterparts, and the justice league is still in its infancy.'

With this realization, I decided that there weren't a ton of threats to me here, so this universe could be extremely fun to be in. but there was something I needed to take care of first.

With a thought I was able to choose what universe I wanted to jump to and the time period I would find myself in, and I vanished from Earth-16, but not for long.


After my vision cleared of the kaleidoscope of colors I just experienced, I found myself on top of a giant tree. Dashing foreword with the strength given to me by Code: Unknown, I grabbed the cup sitting on the pool of water, and activated the Kaleidoscope to take me back to Earth-16. All the while, the blonde girl who was there did not have time to react and cried out in surprise once she realized the treasure she guarded was gone.


Once again in the alleyway I originally found myself in, I looked at the cup I had in my hand, and without a second thought, I drank the entire thing.

'I never understood why in all those fanfics people never thought to go to Seven Deadly Sins and grab the fountain of youth. Ban was able to heal from life threatening wounds instantly, his healing is even more stupid than Wolverine's. With this, I should be able to do whatever I want for the most part without fear of death.'

After drinking the entirety of the cup, I did not feel much of a change. Looking around in the alleyway, I noticed a broken shard of glass near me. Picking it up, I prepared to cut myself to test if it really worked.

'Come on, it won't leave lasting damage. It's just a little pain, you can deal with this. You have all these powers, don't worry about a little pain.'

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I tried to sike myself up to willingly cause myself harm, and after a little i finally closed my eyes and stabbed down. There was something I had neglected to remember, however. I had 2 different powers that would prevent the glass from actually cutting me. My vector manipulation reflected the glass shard before it even touched me, and even if I deactivated the passive barrier, Code: Unknown would not let something as weak as this actually damage me.

'Well fuck, I really didn't think this one through.'

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