1 My First Teen Halloween Chapter 1

I woke up outside-cold-oh my god my stomach-where am i? As i quickly sat up from the grimy couch under a rickety awning in the pitch black,so did he! "Its okay i got your hair, go ahead!" the deep voice came from behind me as the mystery guy went to grab my long thick dark brown gypsy hair out of my face with one hand and began to rub my back with the other. I could feel the warmth of his body pressed close behind squished together on this small couch in the back of someones yard. Where was I? How did i get out here? Who was behind me playing mr nice guy? All these thoughts rattled my aching head as i quickly sat up assuring my intended hero i no longer felt the need to vomit despite my nausea.

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"Im fine, im fine" I proclaimed quietly as i pushed away from the warmth of the large muscular boy. In the dark Halloween night i let my eye sight adjust to get a better look at him and all at once my heart began to pound in my chest, my mouth was dry, that ache between my thighs came back. Oh my fuck oh my fuck it was him! Thank God and oh fuck! I cant believe hes here. When did he get here? " I need use the restroom" i said as he stood up behind me, adjusting his jacket, he must have covered me up with while i was puking incoherently not to long ago. Now as he pulled his coat around my shoulders we stood almost face to face, im barley 4 foot 9 and i know this gorgeous white demon glaring down at me must be at least a foot taller than me. Once again the area began to get warm despite the bitter chill around us, his deep icy blue eyes looked hard into my large almond shaped eyes. Im sure they were a dark brown at the moment, only in the summer sun or pouring rain do i normally get lots of green flecks. "Are you okay Odett?" Piotrek asked with concern. "Yes im fine thank you, where are we? Where is everyone? " Piotrek grabbed my hand. I could tell he wanted to kiss me despite all the vomit i recently spewed in front of him. I quickly looked down moving my face once an inch

from his now much further down. I softly glanced back up at him as his eyes caught mine, we held a gaze and Piotrek took one last hard look at me before he broke the heat spell forming between us.

He led me through a small maze of wet logs and broken pieces of scattered wood not even twenty-thirty feet around the shed. As he lead me towards another little shed Piotrek looked back with his large wide eyes double checking i was okay. After all i was in tall pink stilettos, a pink leotard, black thigh high nylons, with a cute little cotton tail and bunny ears to top it all off. Yikes. Im sure he isn't too happy with me. Oh well-I can tell hes high. Its obvious. His eyes are just too large. It makes it harder for me to work my magic on him when hes like this. Pupils so black and large his grey blue eyes are nothing but a sliver. Thats how i know things can just come out too unpredictable. It dosent matter, im not worried about none of that right now anyway. I just want to call my mom and get out of here! Gosh, where are all my things? I looked around as he led me into the little blue shed. Wow- what a party here!

There was a set of bunk beds directly to my left. A large queen sized bed in front of us. As i looked into the shed further down my left i seen a little love seat in the corner and another set of bunk beds against the end wall. Each bed included multiple teenagers from the local high school and even a few pre adults from the continuation school. "The Bad Kid/ Last Chance School" Most had on thier favorite Halloween costumes. The few more popular girls however wore thier expensive name brand jeans and shoes with cute sexy revealing little tops.It was obviously the end of the night and the High School Halloween Party was coming to and end. Dang i missed it? I knew using my powers would make me get sick and black out. Oh well at least everyone will think i got drunk. Piotrek was telling sum kids to move and was making up the bed for me, expecting my to lay down in here and go to sleep with him? Yea, i gotta get out of here. I reminded Piotek i needed to use the restroom first, He asked Casper the friendly Ghost to escort me inside.

As i struggled through the damp dark yard trying not to step in mud and ruin my pink heals any more than they were already ruined, i didn't even give Piotrek a second thought. I rushed inside the sliding glass doors and took a quick look around. The house was thrashed. Black and orange streamers and balloons everywhere. The table was covered in miscellaneous party snacks, chips and dips of various flavors, large dishes of candies and empty soda cans and alcohol bottles laying throughout the place. I spotted a cell phone in the mix-yes-no lock. I went into the restroom and immediately sent my mom a text to come get me. She knew where i was, her and my aunt dropped me and my friend off. Where was he i wonder....i didnt see a 6 foot white guy dressed as Beyonce in the shed. Hes a big boy im sure hes fine. I used the restroom and washed my hands and face. As the cool water splashed on my face i stared in the mirror and thought to myself. What happened tonight? I barley remember what happened after we got here...did i pull Piotrek here with my will? Uhggg ive got to learn how ro better controll my powers. I made a mental note to ask my grandma more about this later. Soon the cell phone beeped notifying me my ride was out front. I peeked out of the restroom, coast was clear-i put the phone back on the table and went out the front door. My first High School Halloween Party i thought as i pulled the big jacket around me and took off the bunny ears before hopping in the car to go home..

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