1 ch.1 The new admission

Amy's pov

Today I didn't feel like waking up and getting ready for high school, because 1 month ago I lost my parents in an tragic event , where they were coming back from Paris to New Orleans and they couldn't make it as there airplane crashed.

I still not ready to face anyone at school , I just don't know what to do...oh well I forgot to introduce myself

Hi I am Amy and I am 17 years old

I have a older brother who is 24 ( his name is Ric) , and he is a teacher in my school ( his subject is math - lol in which I am dumb).

He has helped me alot ,he is just like dad ( I miss him)

I have two friends- Candice, Katherina

Candice is a very good in school , she has a scholarship too.

Whereas , kat she is cunning , and likes to fool around , acts like her heart is made of stone but is a softy.

This is all you guys need to know , well I am ready now and Ric is waiting for me outside.

I went outside and sat in the car and waited.


I got out of the car and spotted can ,kat waiting for my arrival, I went there and greeted them , we all got little emotional as it's been a month I have meet them as we entered the hallways of school kat said " hey has any one of you heard about the guy who just took admission and is going to start school from today onwards" Candice said " no , I mean I was busy preparing for the test today" Amy and kat said in sync " we have a test today" with shocked expression can said " duh" Amy said " okay we'll see about that , it wouldn't be that difficult, so about the 'new guy ' what is his name?" Kat said " it's Klaus, ik kinda sucks but it is ". Amy said " yup totally "

And just then she bumped into something or someone and fell new guy said" excuse me I am sorry , here let me help you " in a very sexy British accent. Amy's thought " omg he is so handsome and he has a very attractive voice , Nono what am I thinking !! I need to stop . Amy said " no problem , it's okay and thanks for helping me, excuse me if I offend you but can ik who are you as I have never seen you here ". New guy said " oh no it's fine , I am Klaus and it's my first day here " kat said " omg you're Klaus , I mean I didn't expect someone so hot to be Klaus".

Klaus said " oh will I am happy to know that you think I am hot , well as much I would love to talk to you lovely ladies, I have business to do so if you don't mind I will take a leave, bye Amy " he said with a smirk on his face. Can said " it's fine , bye " .

Suddenly Amy said " how the hell did he know my name I didn't even tell him" she was shocked and scared .

Kat said" maybe he must have heard us calling out your name , uk what forget this and let's get over with today.

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