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It Only Happens In Story Books


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Amy is a very charming girl who goes to high school and is 17 years old , she has two best friends - Candice, Katherine they have been together since they were born their families have been close to each other, but what if a mysterious guy ends up taking admission to same high school as her and is catching Amy's attention. Come with me to an journey where Amy finds out that vampires exists and that they all are not dangerous. discripction of every character Amy Gilbert- she is a long hair brunette with beautiful brown eyes and lightly pale skin and her height is 5'7' feet Ric Gilbert- he has black hair, brown eyes and is 6'2' feets tall Katharina Forbes- she has short hairs which are red in colour, her eyes are green in colour she is 5'6' in height. Candice kim-she is half Korean and half American, she has short blond hairs and black eyes, pale skin tone Klaus mikaelson- he has brown hairs, blue eyes and he is 6'2' in height , he has British accent. he is the first hybrid vampire in the history. * important notice* all the other characters will be introduced later in the upcoming chapters.


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