1 Chapter 1 ~ Where Am I...

My Vision was enveloped by nothing but complete utter darkness that descended upon me.

Shivers were sent up my spine, at the fact that I had no ability to see except for the pitch black that seemed to stretch into oblivion.

How did I end up here? Where am I?

I started to crawl on the floor to feel for anything that might give me an indication that this was real and not just a sick dream.

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Clink... Clink... I heard a faint noise that sounded like metal being dragged across the floor.

Was someone in here?

Yet when I stopped crawling, the clinking noise stopped as soon as it appeared. So I started to shift around again, and then the anonymous noise was once again reborn.


My senses heightened and I felt an unsettling pressure that enveloped my right ankle.

I WAS CHAINED UP. My breath started to quicken and my heart was beating like 100 beats per second it felt as if it would burst from my chest at any moment.

Deep breath in.... Deep breath out....

I did this a couple of times till I felt under control again. As a matter a fact, I have always had anxiety, especially when I was young, it was so severe that I would completely faint on spot. But over the years I've learned to get in under control by myself because there is nobody that will help you. My number one rule was: nobody is going to help you except for yourself and that is the only way to survive.

After calming myself down, first things first, I have to figure out how to escape from these chains.

But then dark thoughts started to etch their way back into my mind.

Was I kidnapped?

The last thing I could remember before waking up was when I walking back to my dorm after graduation from university to relax. But as I was walking down the empty pathways, the sun was already almost down only leaving a sliver of faint orange-red in the sky, I felt a sharp sting pain in my abdominal region, like I was getting impaled by a sharp object, and then now I'm here.

My anxiety started to reboot at the thought, but I needed to stop thinking about it and start doing something that would help with my current situation. Calming myself again once more, I began to follow the chain that was attached to the cuff around my right ankle; when I heard a faint sound. But that sound soon grew louder, in which it began to resemble footsteps that were drawing nearer. Suddenly, a door slammed open.

There stood a woman that looked to be in her mid 30s at most, with honey golden hair that was pinned up and decorated with a pearl hair piece and eyes the lightest shade brown.

"I see you're awake," she sneered, which scrunched up her once decent face, but now her eyes bore onto me with a look of pure disgust.

Hmm... One question did come to mind: Is she into Victorian cosplay? The woman was dressed in an extravagant royal blue dress that had golden trimming, the upper half of her dress had a pinched waist while being plain with white lace trim at the v-neck and at the end of her long sleeves; while, the skirt was decorated in golden embroidery.


My head was knocked to the side all of a sudden as I felt a stinging sensation on my left cheek. I shifted my head and caught her eyes with min and just stared at her. She started to shift uncomfortably with confusion in her eyes. But then she quickly shifted gears and started to laugh, her high pitch made me cringe because it reminded me of a hyena.

"Aren't you just a snot-nosed brat, not even greeting me, well I guess isolation isn't the best form of punishment for you," her eyes gleamed with a mischievous glint. "Serena!! Get in here and unchain this wench at once!"

A woman that looked to be in her 50s cam into the room, with a smile as she bowed to the lady. She had graying hair mixed with brown that was pulled into a bun at the base of her neck and a simple black gown with a white waist apron. She walked to were I was and unshackled me, then got up and walked out of the door.

"Where am I?" I asked.

The overly decorated, lady's face was beginning to develop into a deep scarlet color. She appeared in front of my face in a flash and yanked me by hair.

"What the fuck are you doing!" I shouted, as I clawed and kicked at her, blood started to stream down from her arm, to which she let go and screamed bloody murder.

I stood up swiftly and tackled her legs, which she toppled over with me onto of her, then I clenched my fist and gave her a right hook to the face and smirked. I got off of her and started running like hell.

As I was running I noticed that this place was also victorian styled, it gave me like mid-evil times in Europe or something. I turned left at and intersection of the hallway and spotted a staircase that went down.

"Get that little wench!"

Think fast, my breathing was getting ragged and my calfs started to burn. What the hell is going on, how am I this tired from only running so little. Then I saw a little boy when I descended the stairs, who was probably 11 maybe and ran to him.

"You have to get out of here, come on! We don't have much time till she catches us," I pleaded as I yanked his arm and we both started to run. This is just messed up, she even kidnapped a little boy, how many others are there.

Suddenly, a large man appeared in front of us and rushed us. The next second he was picked me up and threw me against the wall. The little boys hand disconnected from mine. I started to cough as a metallic taste started to seep out of my mouth. The little boy was staring at me while trembling, he looked familiar. His hair was a sandy blond that was fluffy and he had turquoise eyes. The large man picked me up then slammed me against the wall again. Then he picked me up and punched me in the face and dropped me onto the wooden ground. My back felt like it was about to break and my lips felt like it was split open. I opened my eyes and my vision started to waver, the large man was laughing while patting the boy on the back while the the boy was silently looking at me with tears that streamed down his face.

My conscious started to fade in and out. The last thing I heard was, "When the filth wakes up, she will wish she'd never been alive.

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