It Is My Life (Villainess) Book

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It Is My Life (Villainess)


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My vision is enveloped by darkness, not even a single peep of light in sight. I started to crawl around to get a feel for the place. Clink... I heard something dragging, then felt an unfamiliar weight that was pressing on my right ankle. I started to breath rapidly, while I felt my lungs contract to an abnormal size. Deep breath in.... Deep breath out.... __________________________________________________ The reflection was not of a girl that was 20, but instead much younger. Realization had hit me, I currently am a person named Viviana Crawford that was a villainess in a novel I read, 'Fated Encounters'. __________________________________________________ My name is not Viviana, it is Rosalia. I am sick of everything, everyone, and... myself. It was finally starting to become bearable... but everything always gets taken away. I should have never listened, but now I have a new beginning. _________________________________________________ I am nobody but somebody. __________________________________________________ P.S. The cover art is not mine, credit to whoever the owner is of this amazing piece (found on pinterest) Warning: This novel does contains scenes of child abuse and violence. Yes, there will be time skips everyone, because we all know that some things should not be dragged out for too long, right? ~.~ This is my first attempt of a novel, so I hope you guys enjoy!!! (2 chapters a week)


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