It Always Starts With A “Once Upon A Time” Book

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It Always Starts With A “Once Upon A Time”


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This is a story that begins with a Once Upon A Time. A girl named Ctholly asks her grandfather to tell her a story about her parents, buy mostly her mother since she never met her. The story of her mother, Luna, takes place during an old time where the war has been continuing on for the past 100 years and how she tries to stops it. Luna has a secret though, she has silver eyes that give her a special gift to heal people and the ability to move things with her mind. People want to use her, keep her locked up, experiment on her. She lost faith in other people when they did these thing to her, but she lost everything when they killed her brother and her parents. Until she meets a boy named William. He wants to restore her faith in other people, but mostly in him. They both go on thrilling adventures to end the war and while together they soon fall in love. This story will contain the hardships in life but the light that will follow when a boy, who is soon to be king, falls in love with a girl, who is the bravest person one would meet. This is my first time writing a story. I hope that you like it and I am sorry if the Grammer and spelling are bad.


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