1 it all started with a little bit of icecream

18 year old, Rebekah woke up from along nap and wanted icecream, It just so happens that she hears the ice cream mans music coming down the street.

In this moment of time she does not care if she looks like trash, all she know's is she wants icecream. Rebekah runs outside in pajamas with no makeup nor shoes on, and runs toward the ice cream truck. Little does she know that she forgot money. As she realized this, the ice cream man is asking what she wants and in a pit of despair she runs off in embarrassment. As Rebekah was running off she trips and falls into this very handsome guy named Damon. (Damon is a very rich dude that hates everyone UWU 😌😌😌😌 hes 21 btw) But as Rebekah was falling and saw his face all he she new was she was in love πŸ’–. Rebekah was in love with anyone handsome guy she met but whenever she shared her feelings she got rejected bc she wasnt pretty like the other girls. (thats why she started wearing makeup). Rebekah picked herself up and humbly apologized for her bad behavior and falling into him. But instead of Damon getting mad at her he said it was fine and he gave her his number but not for any business work. It was for her to call him 😏😏 (Damon finished school at an early age because he was really smart and now works in a big company called The Economy Of Science {TEOS} ). Rebekah runs into her house and squeals finally someone who likes me for me not for the fake me who wears all that makeup crap.

UWU ;) should I continue this and make it better ?