1 Prologue

Mr. Steven Callaghan successfully made a game called "Virtual World" at 1950. Virtual World is a game were you can play sorts of games with different categories such as roleplay, horror, fantasy, etc. And also, you can meet thousands of players in the game. Having a team together or trying to betray in the game. They play like closed friends.

And until now, it is still the Top 1 on the Most Trending Game worldwide until 2025. But unfortunately, Mr. Callaghan died due to Stage 4 Cancer in the heart.

16 year old named Klyde Wyatts, a simple guy with a big dream. To became a successful chef on his future. Not a famous person but always lovable, caring and a kind kid to his family.

Aside from having a friend in the game. Is there a chance that you also find the right person to love you?

Some of them said yes but the majority are no.

As Klyde starts his journey. Will he be able to find a person who will love him until his last breath?

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