1 Kissed rain

As the matter of fact ,I believe then I don't on something that don't really matter ..if it will be factual or not. I maybe am numb of setting down my emotions thou i'm also not an emo to start with. But then, as the days goes by just like this position of me from this bed counting clock-wise to pent up my shallowness be briefing through my unknown senses. As I sometimes just sat down and embrace my knees pusshing down myself from towards of my feet. Together I knew of something special was I must find and count my time on where or what of to find it. Or maybe to find myself.

*wearing shoes*

*opens door*

I'll go now ..

*sfx door closes* dzzztt..




Always are the same ..or somewhat different from each other ,but I don't really care or I must. I ..I don't know ~same words as tomorrow ,will I ever find my true face and won't ever run in to soo much conclusions than making of some random objectives that I musn't focus onto. Or I must ?I keep asking and asking myself but once I did it keeps making my mind go blank and dull ,in case ..as if I will occur accident afterwards--*gasps*

ahh- ..mm *sfx running vehicles*


shame ..

*walks* pauses*

huh ..-*pauses*

*sfx running* bumps* ack!!--

*glares*ooii ..miss aren't you looking ??tsk !

..*pauses and stares back*

what ? *pisses off* remember this face .Cause I won't be able to forget a shitty face like yours ~ *whimpers*

*sfx train doors closing*

..what ..*clenches* what

..was that ???..

I understand now ..the feeling of the heart beating for someone who you really don't know but ,were feeling the mixture of fear and confusion of why are you in this situation even if you didn't do anything or much of an effort to realise something. And that is I am still human after all ..will I wonder of ,where can I meet him again .I'm not afraid but I just.. I just want to confirm of why do I suddenly felt this way for the first time in my life ,that those eyes of him whispers something intruding about him and were making me still wanting to be someone who's of who will be involve with his aura .It's a piece of a valuable answer coming from my mind ..and this time ,i'll find myseld depending on it ..or may be just let the days come and pass by ,just like this ..

Unexpected moment .

I have found myself ..

.. Soon .