It's Time For A Makeover!
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It's Time For A Makeover!


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What is It's Time For A Makeover!

It's Time For A Makeover! is a popular web novel written by the author LiNa_Author, covering FEMALEPROTAGONIST, FEMALELEAD, ROMANCE, LOVE, MAGIC, TIMETRAVEL, CUTE, COMEDY, ROMCOM, WEIGHTLOSS, WISH, MAKEOVER, MAKEUP, Romance genres. It's viewed by 9.7K readers . The novel is being serialized to 3 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is the story of Miss. Cecilia Zhang- a young, career-oriented girl, who had just passed out of her college. Cecilia had two dreams - 1. She wanted to become a world famous TV news reporter. 2. She wanted to marry a prince. Life gave her many chances, to fulfill her two dreams. She got a chance to meet the famous Arab Prince, but failed to make him fall in love with her. Plus, she had been jobless from a long time now. No Tv company gave her the job. After a slew of disastrous job interviews, she decided she needs to get a makeover to exchange her tomboyish carefree style for a glam, ready-to-be-on-cam look. And most importantly, she needed to loose weight. On her journey, she joins a Yoga class to lose weight, and happens to meet Elizabeth, an aspiring fashion designer working for an up-and-coming Chinese beauty company. Soon, she is caught up in the world of beauty where zero figures matter the most, where eyelashes are pumped with volumizing mascara and lips tinted with lasting gloss, as she feels she must play the part. Her new look gets her new friends, lots of proposals, a new job and the prince's love. But when things fall apart, she wonders if all the magic is in the makeup.. -------- Tags: RomCom, Love Story, Hidden Gem, Funny Story, Cute Romance, Comedy, Prince Wife, CEO Love Story, Female Protagonist, Futuristic Setting, MakeUp, Transformation, Motivation

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Good start...reality is harsh and a not a fantasy so the situation is really relatable to us girls who have struggles..on top of our constant war with insecurities this competitive world is hard...so don't ever let your childish self fade... you are gonna need a lot of patience n work on your self to be better version of yourself..so don't let any fake ***** get you..you are worthy..you deserve every happiness in the world...❤🙋🙋go girl😇


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