99 She Likes me!!....My Wifey Likes me !!

Eight hours back . ....

At kim corporation , inside the CEO office kim tan was busy checking out the company's progress and signing few important documents , when his phone started to ring . 

When he glanced at his phone , he saw the caller ID showing the name Oliver , one of Kim tans close friend . 

Picking up the call , he asked coldy " why are you calling me at this time "

" isn't it normal for a person to greet the other person when they call and .....what the hell is wrong with this time....you always tell me the same thing whenever I call you ....can you atleast tell me when can I call you ? " oliver nagged from the other side. 

" I going to hang up now " 

" hey ...hey.....wait " Oliver said hurriedly , afraid that kim tan might really hang up. 

" what is it " kim tan asked coldly. 


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