It's Not Okay to be An Agent Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

It's Not Okay to be An Agent


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"You must call me my sweetheart or my husband, Ahn Yoo Na!" asked Lee Do Hwa. "We just got married for a mission, so don't get personal feelings!" said Ahn Yoo Na. "I also don't want to marry a secret agent like you if not forced," said Lee Do Hwa Yoo Na answer him who reject it. Lee Do Hwa married Ahn Yoo Na on a secret mission. They must find clues unnatural death of sexual offenders named Julian Park. However, it turned out that their case was not as simple as they had imagined. There was a dark conspiracy that makes it difficult for Lee Do Hwa and Ahn Yoo Na to reveal the truth of the Julian Park case. Ahn Yoo Na was a secret agent who goes on a mission to find out who killed her brother who died on the same mission. Can they both reveal the case?


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