8 Wait, Let Me Talk

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Standing under the spotlight…

This feels so great.

Feels great to act cool before I run off.

Lin Fan turned to Senior Brother Lu, looking all serious. "Senior Brother Lu, I am willing to do it."

"Great." Lu Daosheng patted Lin Fan, smiling widely. "Who else?" He turned to the crowd.

The disciples below the stage looked up in hesitation. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for the sect, but no one wanted to be slaughtered by the madmen from the Sunshine Sect for nothing. They were trained to battle, not to be meat shields.

Senior Brother Lu had made himself clear: 10% survival. It wasn't a fair war, and they might die before they could even kill an enemy.

Some disciples particularly treasured their lives and didn't want to fight at all.

Senior Brother Lu sighed in disappointment. So there's nobody who is willing?


"Me too."

Lu Qiming, Yin Xiaotian, Gao Dazhuang, and Zhang Long raised their hands and went on stage.

Lu Daosheng smiled proudly. That's the disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect!

But Lin Fan, on the other hand, was left speechless.

"You guys are going to come along?" Lin Fan stared at them helplessly. He was aware of how dangerous this trip was going to be, but he was immortal and also prepared to play dead. I am just going to escape after they pass.

But Senior Brother Lu and the rest aren't immortal. They will be dead if they're killed.

And none of them look willing. Did they raise their hands because of me?

"Why would we be afraid if Junior Brother Lin isn't?" Lu Qiming answered. "I owe you my life too. So why not die together?"

Tears glossed Lin Fan's eyes. Are you an idiot?

How the heck am I going to escape if you come with me? You're ruining my plans and preparing to guilt trip me for the rest of my life?

Why did I meet such people?

"Dazhuang must assist his friend in need," Gao Dazhuang replied sheepishly.

Yin Xiaotian shrugged. "I'm here because Dazhuang is here."

"I admire you, so I want to make friends with you," Zhang Long replied.

Lin Fan wanted to facepalm badly. Where on earth am I? I live my life alone and you are saying such things? It's so idiotic.

And yet, I'm touched. Do you know that?

Lu Daosheng looked toward the crowd. "Any more?"

Lin Fan sighed. What should I do now? Go with just these few? That would be suicidal! He took a deep breath and stepped forward, looking at the crowd with fury in his eyes.

"My senior brothers and sisters, it might only be a 10% chance of survival, but it's all worth it. Those in Tianfeng City are our relatives – our loved ones. What do you think the consequences of those insane people getting into the city will be?

"I am sure that all of you are aware of what the Sunshine Sect people are like. Are you willing to see your wives humiliated or your loved ones turned into mincemeat? I can't, so I am here."

Lin Fan yelled at the disciples. C'mon. Join.

Lu Daosheng turned to Lin Fan, looking pleased. Wow. He's a smart one. If he survives, I am going to nominate him when we get back.

With a mindset like that, he will surely reach the top of the world.

However, an awkward situation happened.

"I don't have relatives at Tianfeng City."

Which idiot is this? Lin Fan gritted his teeth.

Lu Daosheng felt like he was about to blow his top. No volunteers? Are they forcing me to do a random pick?

Lin Fan coughed and shook his head. "I don't know who said that, but what I'm sure of is that, if we can't secure Tianfeng City, then the Sunshine guys will go on to invade other cities. How do you know the next city won't be your hometown?

"Imagine that your wives are humiliated and your parents turned into mincemeat. What are you going to do if you are unlucky and your wives have to bear their kids? Is that something you could close an eye to?"

Luckily, Lin Fan did not waste his breath.

"No. I am joining."


One by one, the disciples raised their hands.

Many people responded to the threat of wives bearing the enemies' kids and their parents being turned into mincemeat.

Their hatred for the Sunshine Sect was also not a one-day thing. They hated them the most among all the enemy sects.

Because back when Emperor Yanhua overthrew the brutal tyrant, the Sunshine Sect invaded their territory and ravaged many cities. They had held this hatred with them for a long time.

The hatred was still deep in their hearts now.

Even though he was quite coarse, Lu Daosheng turned Lin Fan pleased.

Lin Fan watched the disciples volunteer happily.

Soon, they had a thousand disciples.

All of them were full of anger and had no regrets.

They knew that they were about to die, but they feared nothing now.

"Lin Fan," Lu Daosheng called out.

"Senior brother, disciple is here." Lin Fan stepped out.

"You are now in charge of this movement. All disciples shall listen to Junior Brother Lin's instructions. Those who rebel will be stripped of their cultivation and kicked out of the sect," Lu Daosheng instructed.


Everything was ready.

Lin Fan stared at the crowd and furrowed his eyebrows. How am I going to escape if I have to lead the team?

This is troublesome.

But I don't have time to think about this. He waved his hands to the volunteers.

"Let's set off."

The crowd followed behind Lin Fan and walked off.

Lu Daosheng watched them leave in worry, but there was no time for him to do so. The real battle only just started.

"Junior Brother Lin, well said." Lu Qiming smiled.

Lin Fan shook his head and smiled thinly. "Nah, it was nothing much."

Under the blazing sun, Lin Fan and the rest stopped on a road and took out the map.

"Junior Brother Lin," Lu Qiming said, "According to news, the Sunshine Sect disciples will pass through this route."

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded while scanning the place. There were trees on both sides of the road, enough to hide the troops. "Senior Brother Lu, hide at the side of the road and attack when they pass."

Lu Qiming's eyes shone. "Junior Brother, that's a good idea!"

Lin Fan smiled awkwardly. That's a good idea? What else would we do? Stand here and wait to die?

"What about you, Junior Brother Lin?" Lu Qiming asked.

"My stomach hurts. I'll excuse myself first." Lin Fan clutched his stomach.

If I do not escape given such a chance, I must be an idiot.

"Junior Brother, be careful. Shout if there's anything," Lu Qiming said.

"Be at ease." Lin Fan nodded. I shall leave now. There's no more time for me to waste.

"Hehe, I have looked into it, there's a route in the back that I can use to leave safely."

At the Sunshine Sect's troop:

"Senior Brother, if we use the main route, there will surely be Magnificent Flame Sects disciples to stop us. I might want to send them to hell as badly as anyone, but our aim is to attack Tianfeng City and take away all the resources, so we should take the route in the back."

"Makes sense. Pass the message down to all the disciples. We will take the route in the back."


As Lin Fan made his way out, he stopped in his tracks, worry written all over his face.

"Oh man. I've only here for a few days, yet I met so many idiots. Why were they so nice to me? It would've been easier if they did not volunteer for this. How are they going to survive if they meet the Sunshine Sect people?"

I'm righteous, smart, and the nicest guy you could ever find, so how could I leave the senior brothers who were so nice to me to just die? I can't live on with this guilt.

"Damn it. Such a tough life." Lin Fan rolled his eyes and did a U-turn. No matter how it turns out, I can't just leave them there. 

Right at this moment, a voice rang out nearby.

"There's a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple right here!"

Lin Fan turned to take a look.

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And the scene shocked him; a troop of Sunshine Sect disciples was currently right in front of him.

"Oh my!"

Why are these guys over here?

Aren't they supposed to be on the main route?

"Kill this dog!" the Sunshine Sect disciples yelled, raising their weapons and running toward Lin Fan, not giving him a chance to make himself clear.

"Wait, let me talk!" Lin Fan yelled.

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