6 Touched

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Lin Fan grabbed tightly onto the rope that was tied to a gigantic rock. Every time he released the rope, the rock would strike him.

This was a torturous method that not many would dare to try. It was simply too dangerous, and even if someone tried it, they wouldn't do it for very long.

But to Lin Fan, this was nothing.

It does not even hurt.

He practiced the Body Refinement Technique at the same time, and the number of experience points he had grew in no time.

Experience Points +5

He got more than what he got during normal cultivation.

Blood gushed up to his head, and his body was now as red as a piece of raw meat. Lin Fan was breathing heavily.

The other disciples watched him in utter disbelief.

"Who is this? That's so fierce!"

"Smashing the rock against yourself is ten times more effective than normal cultivation, but it's dangerous and you might die from mishaps. Not many below Body Tempering Stage Six have dared to do so."

"How many times did he do it?"

"This is insane! Even our seniors who are at Body Tempering Stage Six dare not do it at such an intense frequency! You need to let your boiling blood calm down after every strike! He will die soon if he continues!"

Lin Fan smiled after hearing the gasps. He gained more experience points than expected, and it was way more effective than training normally.

With immortality, he could endure things that others could not. To Lin Fan, this was nothing. All he felt was some wetness on his back, which was blood.

Currently, Lin Fan was as red as a tomato. He breathed through his mouth, and he saw a puff of white smoke.

Experience Points: 8000

Lin Fan did not hesitate to press down the plus sign.

Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Five (+)

A current of energy burst forth from his body.


Veins could be seen on his arm. They were very obvious, as if the veins were going to burst. He felt his power increasing.

His arms seemed to get thicker, and he became taller too.

"Who is this disciple? He broke through during cultivation! Now he's in Body Tempering Stage Five, and his bones are starting to change."

"Incredible. Who is he?"

"I heard that he's the one that killed the beast yesterday."

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The disciples nearby all stared at Lin Fan in disbelief and excitement.

They never once thought that they would see someone like this in their lives.

Zhang Long watched the scene with jaws wide open. He felt a bit guilty.

What did I just say about him?

Doubting his skills?

He's as timid as a mouse?

Oh lord, who dares to cultivate in this way, at such a high frequency?

The pain must be unbearable, yet he is able to do it as if nothing is happening! Oh, and he even seems a bit happy too?

He must be mad.

Gao Dazhuang stopped cultivating and stared at Lin Fan blankly. "Junior Brother Lin is so powerful! Even I do not dare to do that." He sighed in awe.

Yin Xiaotian nodded. "I never would've expected that he would have such a strong determination. If I wasn't seeing it myself, I wouldn't believe it."

Lu Qiming stared at the blood flowing down Lin Fan's back and glared at Zhang Long. "Who's the mouse here? Do you dare to cultivate in the same way?"

Zhang Long was currently at Body Tempering Stage Six. He practiced hard to get where he was now, but he dared not do what Lin Fan was doing now. His body would shatter under the pressure! The pain would be too much for Zhang Long to take.

But now, Lin Fan had repeated the same action a hundred times. How painful must it be?

"I… I…" Zhang Long stammered. He was at a loss for words. Zhang Long was indeed taken aback by Lin Fan's actions. He turned to Lin Fan. The disdain was long gone, replaced with admiration.

Lu Qiming ignored Zhang Long as he yelled at Lin Fan, "Junior Brother Lin, stop it! You will be in trouble if you continue."

Lin Fan opened his mouth, and a puff of water vapor could be seen coming out.

"Senior Brother Lu, this is nothing much. If I couldn't tolerate such a small pain, then how could I protect our sect? I have to work hard if I do not wish to get killed. As a man, I should bleed more so that others shed fewer tears."

I really admire my bullshitting ability.

What's pain?

I would love to feel it, but I can't.


The sound of the rock crashing into Lin Fan travelled across the training ground.

The training ground turned silent in an instant.

All the disciples were inspired by Lin Fan's words.

What are we here for?

To protect our sect and defeat our enemies.

The disciples were all motivated after hearing him.

"Senior Brother Lin is right, you're indeed a hero."

"Let's buck up and practice. Pain is nothing."

Another disciple took the rope and smashed himself with the rock. However, he was sent flying.

Another disciple went over to help him up. "Junior Brother, are you alright?"

"Yeah. But it's too tough. Let's train together, shall we?"


Gao Dazhuang nodded upon hearing Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin makes so much sense. Dazhuang is going to practice some more. Beat me up, Junior Brother."


Lu Qiming was inspired, so he got to practicing immediately. He never thought that this Junior Brother Lin would be that determined. I can't lag behind.

Zhang Long was feeling extremely guilty. He went up to Lin Fan apologetically. "I'm sorry that I misunderstood you, Junior Brother."

Lin Fan huffed and smiled. "Senior Brother, we are all disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect, we should help each other." 

Seeing Lin Fan smiling at him, Zhang Long was at a loss for words. He must be in deep pain, yet he is smiling at me to make me feel better.

Tears glossed Zhang Long's eyes. I'm so rude, yet Junior Brother Lin is so nice to me.

I'm so touched.

"Junior Brother Lin, I…" Zhang Long stared at him blankly before rushing off to cultivate.

If Lin Fan could read minds, he would be rolling his eyes at Zhang Long badly.

Senior Brother, you're thinking too much.

I'm just trying to show everyone that cultivating is easy.

Why would you think otherwise?

At noon, the training ground was filled with screams of pain.

It was a normal scene, but abnormal at the same time too, as no one left early.

This left many passersby in shock. What on earth?

Why does this seem like a mental hospital?

But the cultivation did not stop.

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