12 Skill Creation Guide Book

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Lu Qiming was extremely pleased to have such a junior brother. Just as Junior Brother Lin says, he's a real man.

"Are you okay, Junior Brother?" Lu Qiming asked worriedly.

Junior Brother may seem powerful, but it was an intense fight. I'm afraid that Junior Brother's injuries may worsen.

Lin Fan smiled weakly and replied, "I'm fine."

I would just look weak if I replied with, "I'm not fine."

Haish, what luck is this? I just want to escape from this place, but why am I never given a chance?

Oh lord, please. Meeting with that trash unexpectedly here is already very bad, yet I am unable to escape after I had it all planned out?


Lin Fan looked at the blood on his hand. Another mouthful of blood? How seriously injured am I?

"Oh no, no, I am going to faint." With a fall, he fainted.

Lu Qiming went forward to grab Lin Fan. "Let's go back now."

Yin Xiaotian stepped forward with a pill. "Let Junior Brother Lin take this to stabilize himself."

Lin Fan opened his eyes after some time. The skies were already dark; it was probably already past midnight.

He felt that something was on the side of his bed. It was Lu Qiming. Seeing that Lin Fan had sat up, he grabbed his hands in glee. "Junior Brother, how are you feeling?"

There's a problem with that question.

I can't even feel pain, so how would I know how I am feeling?

But seeing Lu Qiming staring at him with genuine concern in his eyes, Lin Fan smiled weakly and nodded. "Okay, much better now."

Lu Qiming heaved a sigh of relief. "That's good. Junior Brother, you have been seriously injured, and you nearly died, according to the doctor. He even said that it's a miracle that you survived. It's all thanks to the sacred medicine that Senior Brother Yin gave. That saved your life."

"Ah, so it's like that." Lin Fan gulped. If I had died right in front of them and revived after 10 seconds, it would've been extremely awkward and a tough situation to deal with.

But it's a surprise that Senior Brother Yin would feed me the sacred medicine. Even though I have no idea what it is, it should be something precious.

"Senior Brother, it's getting dark. I am feeling better now. You should get some rest too," Lin Fan said, smiling.

"I am fine, Junior Brother." Lu Qiming did not want to leave yet. He was still worried about Lin Fan's health.

However, Lin Fan wished that he would leave immediately. How am I going to commit suicide if he doesn't leave?

No matter how good that medicine is, it's not like it can make me recover in an instant.

I feel so tired now, and my body feels weird.

"It's okay, Senior Brother. It's a crucial time right now, and I am fine." Lin Fan smiled and repeated himself.

Lu Qiming protested no more and left.

"Junior Brother, rest well. Call me if you need anything," he said before going off.

After Lin Fan was sure that Lu Qiming had left, Lin Fan got off his bed to stretch. This feels weird, I should do something about this.

Out of the corner of his eye, Lin Fan saw the 9-ringed broadsword on the table. He rolled his eyes.

"Which idiot brought this back? It's just a random weapon that I picked up, and they thought it was mine?"

But this was not the time for him to focus on that. He picked up the 9-ringed broadsword and slashed it across his throat.

Lin Fan sighed. Am I too violent? Killing anyone, even myself, who disagrees with me. How would people feel about me if they knew?

Lin Fan lay on the floor, dead.

Experience Points +10

10 seconds passed.

Lin Fan opened his eyes. This feels better, and I am no longer injured. He smiled.

He immediately went to check his panel to see how much he had gained.

Name: Lin Fan

Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Five (+)

Experience Points: 10510

Points: 1100

Talent: Immortality

Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), rest yet to be unlocked.

"Not bad, there's so many points. I can start drawing now."

If not for the automatic draw previously, he wouldn't have believed that such items existed in this world.

The needles and the grenade.

It's a surprise that I can see these in this world, but they're surprisingly useful.

Just one grenade can blast a Body Tempering Stage Eight into a cripple. If I draw something even better, who would dare to anger me ever again?

"Let's try the Bronze lottery first."

Points -100

Bronze lottery: Thank you, please try again.

The smile on Lin Fan's face fell.


What is that supposed to mean? Are there empty slots?

Lin Fan was utterly confused.

He used the Epic rank lottery and got immortality.

And the two lotteries during the battle both gave him great prizes too.

But this is telling me that it's not 100% that I'll win a prize.

Oh god, a hundred points are now gone.

"Damn it." If I had the opportunity, I would surely slash the guy who created this in half. How dare you cheat me?

Whatever, I'll let you go this time. Let's continue.

I'll take the 300 one.

Points -300

Silver lottery: A Mortal skills creation guide book.


"What the hell? 300 points and all you give me is this?

"No, wait… Mortal skills creation guide book? Isn't that really excellent?"

Wait, there's a legend that only creating a set of skills will turn you into an elite. Only by doing so can one reach the top of the world.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's eyes shone.

This is such a treasure! It might only be a Mortal skills creation guide book, but it's not to be underestimated.

Even an Earth Star Border cultivator can't create their own Mortal skills.

Only with enough cultivation, knowledge, and experience can you do so.

Lin Fan's hands trembled in excitement. I'm so excited!

Wow, Lady Luck must be on my side.

He flipped open the book with excitement.

There might only be one page, but it will surely give me a surprise.

Suddenly, Lin Fan blinked his eyes to confirm what he was seeing.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

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There were only a few sentences in the book.

"There are numerous skills in the world, but we are unable to create something out of nothing. The easiest way to create is to find a technique and refine it. If you are daring, you can repeat it a few more times. You will succeed one day."

After Lin Fan finished the book, it turned into a ray of light and went into his body.

"I…" Lin Fan clenched his fist, turning red in anger. His breathing turned rapid, and he exploded.

"Darn it! What on earth!? What 'daring'!? Go and die! Oh my lord!"

"Return my 300 points!"

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