20 My Dear Grandfather

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The battle had turned into a mess, making it difficult for one to leave this war intact.

Lin Fan wasn't aware of how Lu Qiming and the rest were doing, but according to their plans, they should be able to survive the war without a doubt.

He observed his surroundings and found an area that was less crowded. If I manage to kill my way there and then feign death, I should be fine. And it'll be easy for me to escape from there too.

Because of his immortality, Lin Fan was able to act as he wished without any concerns. He gripped his broadsword and made his way there.

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Liu Zhenhao's death was reported since a Sunshine Sect disciple witnessed Liu Zhenhao being chopped in half by Lin Fan. He yelled at Lin Fan, saying something about his Senior Brother Liu being the elder's nephew, and Lin Fan would be punished for killing Liu Zhenhao.

But why would Lin Fan care about all that? You'll be lucky if you're able to survive in a war. Who has time for all that other crap?

Lin Fan killed his way through the crowd. Why would I not want free points? Thus, he resumed his killing spree.

However, Lin Fan had attracted the attention of the Sunshine Sect's elites.

A man with gloom carved on his face followed Lin Fan's whereabouts. His face fell as he watched numerous Sunshine Sect disciples die under Lin Fan's hand. "This Magnificent Flame Sect disciple is extremely impudent, killing our disciples as he wishes."

"Hmph. He should be at most only Body Tempering Stage Seven. Trash. Not even able to take down a Body Tempering Stage Seven," a man replied. He was a dwarf who had a big head, which looked slightly abnormal. He looked like he was about to kill at any moment. He was definitely an evil sort.

Both of them were in a heated discussion. Lin Fan was already a non-existence to them, but if there was nobody who could take him down, then they would step out.

Okay, this is enough, Lin Fan thought. If I continue, I'll attract unwanted attention.

It would be hard to leave at that point. It would be even worse if they decide to catch me alive.

"Who else!?" Lin Fan boomed. He had frightened all the Sunshine Sect disciples.

He's drenched in blood and covered in cuts, but he's still as strong as metal. The more you beat him up, the stronger he gets!

"You…" Lin Fan looked around and stared at a Sunshine Sect disciple standing right in front of him. The disciple trembled under his stare. The disciple shut his eyes tight and ran toward Lin Fan. "Come!"

This disciple knew he would be dead soon because the person standing right in front of him was a monster.


The disciple could feel his weapon stick into Lin Fan's body.

He opened his eyes fearfully, staring at Lin Fan dumbfoundedly. When he realized what had happened, he jumped up in glee.

"I… I managed to kill him!"

The disciple cheered, tears of joy rolling down his cheeks.

I'm just a Body Tempering Stage Three cultivator, yet I was able to defeat the monster!

He saw the monster glaring at him, shaking violently. "You're… so strong?" Lin Fan's voice trailed away slowly.

The disciple smirked and looked at Lin Fan in disdain. "Haha, who do you think I am? Trash like you wished to kill me? In your dreams…!"


The disciple looked down, unable to believe what happened. He stared at the broadsword that was piercing through his body. "Why…?"

Points +30

"You chicken nugget, I wanted to let you take the credit, but since you chose to be so arrogant, then you are coming with me!" Lin Fan murmured. How can I tolerate such a tone?

But I shall stop now.


Lin Fan dropped to the ground.

The elites that were discussing Lin Fan sneered. "Pieces of trash. We still had to pay the price of one more Body Tempering Stage Three disciple."

"That's enough. We should release the gigantic beast and end this war."

"The Magnificent Flame Sect does not have enough mystic crystals left to destroy the beast. If they want to do so, they will need their Earth Star Border elites, but do they still have any Earth Star Border elites left?"

"It's a pleasant surprise that the gigantic beast we used for war has levelled up this time around."

"Magnificent Flame Sect, you are going to become dead meat soon."

Lin Fan lay on the ground motionlessly. He observed the war and nudged closer to the side when no one was around. When there were passersby, he played dead.

All of a sudden, the ground shook.

Lin Fan opened his eyes slowly, and what was in his view left him speechless.

"What fool is this? Why is it so huge?" A gigantic beast appeared in Lin Fan's vision. It had spikes all over its back and huge feet. Its bloodshot eyes scanned the battlefield. There was no doubt that it was made for war.

Lin Fan now understood that this beast was created by fusing the DNA of different beasts that the Sunshine Sect had collected. It didn't have a mind of its own, and it was born to be destructive. The Sunshine Sect had cast a spell on it to control it. Now, it was the strongest being on the battlefield. Other than Earth Star Border cultivators, nobody was strong enough to be its match.

"Holy mama," Lin Fan whispered. Even though he was immortal, he still could not do anything to the scary beast.

The two Sunshine Sect elites sat on the beast's shoulder, controlling it.


The beast growled. Standing right in front of the gigantic beast, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples seemed tiny.

Seeing the beast, Fang Qing's face fell immediately as he tried to convince himself that he was dreaming.

Why do they have another beast?

We don't have enough mystic crystals left to activate the Divine Cannon. How are we supposed to continue this war?

Witnessing his disciples being crushed under the beast's foot, Fang Qing nearly died of anger.

Hearing the cries around him, Lin Fan shrugged. I really can't help you this time. Do not blame me.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that something was odd. The beast stopped right in front of him. He opened his eyes cautiously only to meet with the beast's bloodshot eyes. It was glaring at Lin Fan with hatred as if Lin Fan had killed its family.

The elites controlling the beast were confused with the situation too. "What's wrong?"

They tried to control its actions, but no matter what they did, the beast stood rooted to the ground.

Feeling the beast's glare, Lin Fan decided that it wasn't a good idea to stay there any longer. Seeing that there was nobody around, he stood up and made a run for his life.


The beast let out a roar. It tried to break free from the control and go after Lin Fan, but it felt that there was something controlling it.

Everyone on the battlefield was dumbfounded, confused with the situation.

The elites controlling the beast were startled too. "What's going on? It's resisting our control."

Suddenly, the situation escalated in a way that nobody would've expected. The beast stood up, grabbing the elites on its shoulder with its sharp claws. With a pinch, it crushed both of them into pulp.


Its growl boomed across the battlefield.

Lin Fan watched the scene unfold in disbelief. What the heck? Why does it seem like I have offended it?

The next minute, the beast growled again, hurting Lin Fan's ears, but he could hear a faint voice amongst the growl this time, and it caused him to jump out of his skin.

"Surnamed Lin… come here… I want your life…!"

Wait, that sounds familiar. Lin Fan raised an eyebrow.

What on earth? That sounds like Qiu Li's voice.

After being fed to the beast, Qiu Li's grievance rose and fused with the beast's memory. Everything was fine at the start, but it smelt Lin Fan on the battlefield and then saw him as well. This awoke the resentment, and all the beast wanted to do right now was kill Lin Fan.


The beast stepped out, running toward Lin Fan.

Seeing the beast coming toward him, Lin Fan's legs turned to jelly.

"Madman! Why are you coming after me? Are you insane?" Lin Fan cried, dashing off.

Hearing Lin Fan's cries, Lu Qiming immediately registered the fact that Lin Fan survived. "Junior Brother Lin survived!"

Lin Fan felt that he was about to pee his pants. What the hell? How did it get its eyes on me? I was playing dead very well!

And no, Senior Brother Lu, I will die soon enough.

And Qiu Li, why are you even coming after me? I did not kill you, I only made you lose a hand!

Oh lord!

Whatever, let me run away first.

To the others, the beast seemed to be attracted to Lin Fan. It was going everywhere Lin Fan was going as if it would not rest before it managed to kill Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was currently trembling in fear.

"Let me off, please.

"I beg you, Lord.

"I'll call you grandfather now. Let me off, my dear grandfather.

"Can we both just lead a peaceful life?"

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