15 Low-Key

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Lu Daosheng went on stage. He stared at Lin Fan so intensely that he was about to burn a hole in Lin Fan's head. His words have really touched me.

He might've been an Earth Star Border cultivator, but among the various sects, that wasn't valuable.

How many disciples were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sect? On the contrary, everyone happily enjoyed the benefits given for being part of the sect, making use of the sect as their stepping stone to reach the peak of their lives.

Lu Daosheng used to be just a martial artist in a dire state. Under a stroke of luck, he caught the eye of a Magnificent Flame Sect elder and was brought back to the sect. Lu Daosheng received teachings and benefited tremendously from the sect. Thus, when the war broke out, he stepped up, volunteering to lead the team and protect the nation when nobody dared to do so. Without the Magnificent Flame Sect, he would never have been where he was now and would never have all that he had today.

Today, he finally found a disciple who resonated with him. It was heartwarming for Lu Daosheng to hear Lin Fan's words.

"Great. That was well said." Lu Daosheng looked at Lin Fan, pleased.

Lin Fan smiled thinly. What was so good about it? There's so much that I haven't even said yet, but I doubt I'll need to now.

Saying too much might just shoot me in the foot instead.

Lu Qiming clapped, cheering for Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin, you're great!"

The other disciples were chanting, showing support to Lin Fan. "Protecting our nation, not giving in by a single bit!"

"Junior Brother Lin, is there anything else that you wanted to say?" Lu Daosheng turned to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head. "Senior Brother Lu, that's all Lin Fan has to say."

What else would I say? With my eloquence, perhaps these guys will take their weapons and start slaughtering the Sunshine Sect if I were to say any more.

Besides, "Lin Fan" was part of this sect, so he would obviously have feelings for the Magnificent Flame Sect, but I'm just a passerby. Soon, I'll leave.

The world is huge, and I already had one chance, but I wasted it on that battlefield.

Under the crowd's gaze, Lin Fan went off stage.

Lu Qiming hurried over, giving him a pat on his back. "Junior Brother Lin, what you just said was so touching! It will be my motto from now on. I'll always keep your words in mind."

"Me too." Gao Dazhuang nodded. "It's our duty to sacrifice and work for the sect. If any of us are afraid, then our offspring will face the same torture from the Sunshine Sect too."

Hearing their praises, Lin Fan smiled thinly in response. What else could I say? As long as you are happy, it's fine.

In the Sunshine Sect:

Qiu Li managed to escape and return, half alive. When the Sunshine Sect leaders heard about the incident, all of them blew up. How could a sure-win battle end up like that?

"Senior Brother, Qiu Li is aware of my mistake, please forgive me!" Beads of sweat dripped down Qiu Li's forehead. His hands trembled as he looked up in fear.

He knew that he should've added, "Junior Brother deserves death" to the end of his sentence, but the last thing Qiu Li wanted was his life to be ended.

The man standing right in front of Qiu Li stared at him coldly, as if he was looking at a piece of trash.

"You're already crippled," the man answered. Qiu Li had lost an arm, and his empty sleeve was shaking lightly under the wind.

Hearing this, Qiu Li turned green with fear. He immediately dropped to the ground and kowtowed to the man while begging for forgiveness. "Senior Brother, spare me, spare me please…."

The man sneered and waved his hands. "Take him down and feed it."

Qiu Li's heart sank upon hearing him. I'm going to become the gigantic beast's food.

The gigantic beasts used for war were bred in a special way; they were products made by combining many different beasts and monsters. And now, Qiu Li would be a beast's dinner.

"No… please spare me, senior brother!"

But no matter how loud Qiu Li's cries were, the man had left, and he was dragged down by the disciples on the side.

To the Sunshine Sect, what was the use of sparing a cripple?

They might have turned a blind eye to Qiu Li under normal circumstances, but it was wartime right now, and he was nothing but a piece of trash that would potentially pull the sect down.

Lin Fan was feeling extremely great now.

He didn't know why, but it might've been the fact that he had just stood out in front of the crowd.

Back in his room, Lin Fan sat on his bed crossed-legged and started to cultivate. Cultivating had become Lin Fan's hobby recently. I can only be free if I am powerful.

Experience Points +1

The Body Refinement Technique was a must to practice for Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, but to Lin Fan, it wasn't enough.

Lin Fan suddenly opened his eyes and sat on his spot quietly.

Actually, I should give it a try.

Since I have that Mortal skills creation guide book, why not just try it?

Let me recall the Body Refinement Technique and take out the important parts.

After that, Lin Fan started cultivating again.

Let's try doing it a bit differently first.

I need to come up with a new set of skills.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan opened his eyes. Wait, extreme changes are taking place in my body!

My blood is starting to boil as if it's going to explode!

Suddenly, Lin Fan's skin bubbled.


The bubbles exploded.

Experience Points +10

After ten seconds, Lin Fan woke up.

"Oh lord, what the heck? I just practice it a little wrong and explode? Does it need to be so serious?" Lin Fan muttered, shuddering in fear.

When he looked up, Lin Fan was left speechless.

Splatters of blood were all around the room. What is this…? What would I do if the senior brothers barge in?

"My god. This is not a safe place. I need to leave soon." Lin Fan sighed. Why do weird things always happen to me?

He found a piece of clothing and wiped the stains off the wall.

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Lin Fan went out of the room immediately. I can't stay here anymore. If I stay here, then it will be impossible for me to create a skill set. Who knows how many more explosions I have to go through? How can I make sure that no one finds out?

How can I stay alive if I'm ever discovered?

I can't pretend to be dead forever.

I need to keep calm.

As Lin Fan secretly made his way out, he came across a few disciples, and they were all looking at him with respect and awe.

This made Lin Fan slightly embarrassed.

"Look, that's Senior Brother Lin."

"The one who made that shocking speech? Indeed not a normal person."

"My idol!"

Hearing this, Lin Fan shook his head. That's nothing worth talking about. He looked up and smiled at them before walking off at a fast speed.

But what Lin Fan didn't know was that he left the disciples in glee.

"See, Senior Brother Lin smiled at me!"

"Your sister. He was smiling at me."

The disciples started bickering. To both of them, their Senior Brother Lin was smiling at them.

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