19 Lin “I Do Whatever I Want” Fan

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When Lin Fan thought about the junior brother that took an attack for him, he felt extremely grateful.


Even though I am immortal, he isn't aware of that. How courageous must he be to take that attack for me?

"Nameless Junior Brother, you can rest in peace. I'll take revenge for you before I leave." Lin Fan did not know the name of that junior brother, thus he could only address him as "Nameless."

"Chicken nuggets, where's that dog?" Lin Fan looked around, searching for that disciple who tried to stab him. I must slash him in half and dice him into mincemeat.

The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples are weird. How much must they love a person to take an attack for him?

Suddenly, Lin Fan saw that disciple standing not far away. He took his 9-ringed broadsword and ran up toward him. "Take this, you fool!"

That disciple was currently in a tough fight with a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple. Hearing Lin Fan, his face fell as he turned back to block the attack.

Ding! A strong force came down on him, causing his sword to vibrate and nearly fall out of his hand.

"Trash. The trash that killed my junior brother. Look what I'm going to turn you into!" Lin Fan might've been the only one that dared to make such a comment on the battlefield.

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The battlefield was in a mess right now, and anyone could be assaulted from the back if they weren't paying attention.

However, Lin Fan wasn't fearful of death. Whoever manages to kill me, that's just his ability.

As a Sunshine Sect disciple, Liu Zhenhao's aim in this battle was to kill as many Magnificent Flame Sect disciples as he could. He had already lost count of how many disciples he had killed.

Now, Lin Fan coming up to attack him was just for him to add one more to his kills. Hehe, here to die?

But after blocking the attack, he realized that Lin Fan's strength was too much for him to handle, and that sent him running in fear.

In the blink of an eye, he was nowhere to be seen. Liu Zhenhao had gone to look for other disciples to kill.

As for the Magnificent Flame Sect disciple that came to fight him, he decided to just leave. It's hard to say that I would win.

Lin Fan watched him scramble through the battlefield. He gritted his teeth and yelled at him, "You better stay still, dog!"

Lin Fan did not care who was in front of him, slashing every Sunshine Sect disciple that came into his view.

Experience Points +30

Experience Points +30

Meanwhile, Liu Zhenhao had killed another Magnificent Flame Sect disciple.

In his eyes, these Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were just like grass, and he cut them as he pleased.

He saw another Magnificent Flame Sect disciple from the corner of his eye, and Liu Zhenhao appeared right in front of him within no time.

The disciple saw a figure coming toward him, blocking the sun. He could feel a sword pointing at him.

The Magnificent Flame Sect disciple was just a Body Tempering Stage Three cultivator, and Liu Zhenhao was blocking his way, not giving him a chance to escape.

"God, please don't let me die here!" the disciple murmured as he closed his eyes in despair.

But he did not feel the pain that he expected. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a figure blocking Liu Zhenhao. When he saw the face, he smiled widely. It was a pleasant surprise for him. "Senior Brother Lin!"

Lin Fan was currently staring at Liu Zhenhao with anger. "All you do is run, huh?"

Liu Zhenhao was dumbfounded. Is this guy mad?

Do I know him?

However, Liu Zhenhao pointed his sword at Lin Fan without hesitation.

"You mad pig." Lin Fan raised his 9-ringed broadsword, trying his best to slash Liu Zhenhao.


The sword and the 9-ringed broadsword clashed so hard that it sent sparks flying.

The blood drained from Liu Zhenhao's face. Lin Fan's strength was not something he would be able to tackle, and he was no match for Lin Fan.

Liu Zhenhao tried to escape again, but Lin Fan did not give him the chance to. He went after Liu Zhenhao like a madman while screaming at him profusely.

"You better not run, fool! How dare you kill my junior brother? You must be tired of living, huh?"

Liu Zhenhao blocked Lin Fan's attack once again. Lin Fan's strength was too much for him, and Liu Zhenhao felt that he could not take it anymore.

Darn it. Why did I bump into this Magnificent Flame Sect elite? He must be above Body Tempering Stage Six and way stronger than me!

Just as Lin Fan's broadsword was about to land on Liu Zhenhao, a few swords pierced through Lin Fan's body.

"Darn it." Lin Fan frowned and dropped to the ground.

Liu Zhenhao heaved a sigh of relief and bowed toward his senior brothers. "Thank you, senior brothers."

"Cut the chatter and get back to killing."

"Yes, Senior Brother." Liu Zhenhao did not say anything more and continued his killing spree.

There were plenty of Magnificent Flame Sect elites, but the Sunshine Sect had more.

Experience Points +10

10 seconds passed.

Lin Fan lay on the floor. He wiped his face and hesitated before standing up

Darn it, they killed me.

It was Lin Fan's chance to feign death and seize the chance to run off.

But he did not, because he promised his "Nameless" junior brother that he would take revenge for him. I, Lin Fan, do not go back on my words.

"Chicken nuggets, where did that dog go?" Lin Fan looked around and soon found Liu Zhenhao amongst the crowd. Lin Fan immediately picked up his broadsword and went for him.

Liu Zhenhao was having the time of his life. He had killed all the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples that he had met.

Liu Zhenhao was an outer disciple of the Sunshine Sect and the best among them. He should've been in charge of the safer job of robbing the Magnificent Flame Sect's territory, but he enjoyed killing because he could become more experienced. Thus, he was here.

Moreover, his uncle was an elder in the sect who was part of the middle management, and he could be exempted from the war, but Liu Zhenhao rejected the privilege. As a future elite, how could I be so timid?

Suddenly, he felt someone coming for him. He turned around and blocked the attack with his sword.

The force numbed his hands.

When he saw the face, he was dumbfounded.

"Why is it you again? Didn't you just die!?" Liu Zhenhao shrieked. He never expected to see Lin Fan again, and he felt that Lin Fan was going after him on purpose.

"I think your mother is the one who died. How dare you kill my junior brother? Wait for your death!" Lin Fan did not train in other skills; he simply raised his broadsword and tried to slash Liu Zhenhao.

After a few rounds, Liu Zhenhao was drenched in sweat. The other party was too strong for him.

"Are you insane? How many people are there here? Why are you only coming after me?" Liu Zhenhao cried out. There are so many people here, why isn't he letting me off?

"No. You should just die!" Lin Fan jumped up, feeling the Undying Refinement of Bone expanding his muscles. His veins popped out as he chopped Liu Zhenhao's sword in half, leaving a cut on his body.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Liu Zhenhao stared at him, eyes widening in fear. Liu Zhenhao never expected his life would end here. I'm uncle's talented kid!

After a year of cultivation, I am already at Body Tempering Stage Six. Who else is able to cultivate as fast as me?

If I was not separated from my uncle and had started cultivating since I was a kid, I would be an Earth Star Border elite by now!

Liu Zhenhao was unable to accept reality.

He grimaced and yelled, "You should know, I'm not just a random disciple. Remember my name, someone will take revenge…!"

"What? Just watch as I mince you." Lin Fan rolled his eyes and killed Liu Zhenhao. Who cares who you are? Just die.

Blood splattered everywhere like a fountain.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. "Junior Brother, look, I have fulfilled my promise and took revenge for you. Rest in peace."

Experience Points +60

Liu Zhenhao, an elite of his generation, didn't understand why he died to this tyrannical Lin Fan's hand.

He didn't even have a chance to grow.

It was just so sad.

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