1 I Will Never Die

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Within a desolate canyon, grays of every shade covered the sky, while the overwhelming stench of blood and the sound of shrieks took over the barren land.

"I must be dreaming."

There was a teenager lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He sneakily turned to the corpse that was next to him, wiped the fresh blood that was trickling out of it onto his face, and lay on the floor straight, pretending he was dead.

"The people here really do not value their lives, huh?" He opened his eyes slightly, watching the intense battle taking place in front of him. He had a beautiful face, and paired with his long ponytail, he looked slightly feminine.

Some distance away, a sword light struck the ground, chopping a number of people in half in an instant.

A gigantic pitch-black beast covered in scales came into his vision stamping its foot heavily, causing the ground to shake. This is a living hell.

"Oh mother, I want to go home!" the teenager, Lin Fan, wailed.

Lin Fan had no idea how he got here. Three days ago, he was still gaming at home comfortably, and he fell asleep soon after. When he woke up, he was right here in this unfamiliar environment.

Shortly after he woke up, memories not belonging to him filled his mind.

The body that Lin Fan was in now belonged to another guy who had the same name, looks, and even birthmark as him. This information threw Lin Fan off his feet. What on earth is going on?

And he was currently at a place called the Magnificent Flame Sect, just like the one he read about in a novel.

The Magnificent Flame Sect was established a hundred and thirty years ago by the mighty Emperor Yanhua, who led his unyielding citizens in overthrowing the brutal tyrant and building up a nation of hope.

However, it was a pity that the sect was too weak, which made them the prey of many other sects who had been eyeing their fortune. Thus, the sect suffered from constant invasion.

This was none of Lin Fan's business in the past, but now, it was. He was utterly shocked upon realizing the situation he was in.

Lin Fan was currently a disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect that was part of the army. Three days after he found himself in this new body, he would have to leave for the battle against the invaders.

As soon as he heard the news, Lin Fan attempted to escape numerous times, but it was to no avail. The sect was heavily guarded, making it impossible for him to do so. Therefore, he was now right here, lying in the middle of the battlefield pretending he was dead, with the hope of surviving the bloody war taking place right in front of his eyes.

"Mamma mia, please, wake me up from this nightmare!" Lin Fan muttered, shaking with fear.

If you really insist on transmigrating me, then at least bring me to a decent place! What is this!? Is this a joke?!


A figure could be seen walking over before crashing onto Lin Fan.

"You're pretending to be dead." The figure looked at Lin Fan. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper and there was blood spurting out of his chest. However, compared to the horn shooting out of his forehead, the huge amount of blood was nothing scary to Lin Fan. What on earth? Is this even a human being?

"Brother," Lin Fan called out softly. "Can we take a rest? Look at the blood on your chest. It's better if we rest here until the end."


Oh my, did he agree just like that? Lin Fan stared at him, unable to believe his ears, while the other party turned around and lay next to him. "It's such a great day though…"

The next second, a sword pierced through his heart. Lin Fan had murdered him with the sword lying by his side.

The man with a silver horn on his forehead turned to Lin Fan in disbelief. He let go of the weapon that he was gripping onto tightly with his hand and breathed out a word; "Hey!"

"I'm not stupid. It's obvious that you were trying to kill me too." Lin Fan had never killed a person, but being transported into this messy world, he had no other choice but to kill unless he wished to be stabbed to death.

The memory of the other "Lin Fan" left him with the knowledge that he should attack if he wished to survive.

Lin Fan immediately got back to pretending to be a corpse within no time.

"Oh my god. How do I survive this?"

"You have slain a Body Tempering Stage Three living spirit. You have gained 30 points."

"Who are you!?" A voice rang in Lin Fan's head, making him jump up in shock before lying back down within the blink of an eye. If not for the intense battle taking place around Lin Fan, he would have stood up to get himself an answer.

Shortly, he heard the voice ringing across his head once again.

"Name: Lin Fan.

"Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage One (+).

"Experience Points: 0

"Points: 30

"Rewarded with a ticket for the Epic draw."

Lin Fan could see a wheel covered with different images in his mind. It started spinning on its own at lighting speed, leaving Lin Fan to be confused about the current situation.

I do not know what this is, but it's dope! Thankfully, Lin Fan was able to adapt to changes quickly.

"You've received an Epic level buff: Immortality.

"Immortality: You will not perish even if the world does (Takes 10 seconds to revive)."

Lin Fan could feel a slight change taking place in his body. There seemed to be an unknown current of energy flowing through his body.

"What's going on?" He blinked his eyes, extremely confused. This makes no sense. Immortality?

Does that mean what I think it means?

"Oh? What's that spot in the sky? Am I going to wake up?" Lin Fan stared at the bright spot shining brightly in the middle of the sky, which was getting bigger in size as time passed.

When the spot got close enough, Lin Fan's heart stopped. Oh my god. What kind of evil is this? I did nothing other than lie here, minding my own business, yet I could get shot while lying down? Such luck!


An ice-cold blade pierced through Lin Fan's body mercilessly. Am I going to die? Lin Fan stared at the sky in despair.

Ten seconds later…

"Eh, I'm alive again?" Lin Fan opened up his eyes. He could see a sword piercing through his body. Lin Fan did not feel even slight pain, and surprisingly, his mind was clear. Lin Fan grabbed the hilt tightly and pulled the sword out of his body. 

Bright red blood spurted all around the place, but Lin Fan wasn't even slightly hurt as the injury healed within no time.

Lin Fan jumped up in excitement. Immortality must be real, huh?

Or do I have a hack?

Suddenly, a figure dropped down right in front of Lin Fan.

"No… I must persevere." The person tried to help himself up, gripping a purple ball tightly while his sight was fixed on the battle that was taking place a distance away, where a gigantic beast had just slaughtered a few comrades without blinking an eye.

Lin Fan turned to the obese man. The memories that he had obtained from this new body provided him with the information about the man's background: an extremely hard-working and quiet man. He was currently on the ground, holding onto his belly where blood was flowing out constantly, and he was as pale as a sheet of paper. He must have been injured on his belly.

"Hey fatty, pretend to be dead or else you really will be," Lin Fan whispered.

The obese man turned to Lin Fan, slightly shocked that Lin Fan wasn't dead. Anger soon took over as he tried to lash out at Lin Fan, but he was too drained to do so, thus he ended up just glaring at Lin Fan with fury.

"No, I need to send that beast to hell. If they manage to break through, our family and friends will die or be turned into servants at their hands," Lu Qiming growled at Lin Fan.

Wow, where did he get the energy to yell at me? Lin Fan stared at him, jaw wide open.

"You can't be a coward! If everyone was like you, then the sect would be doomed! Our future would be ruined, and our descendants would become slaves to them!"

Lin Fan stared at the obese man clutching his belly right in front of him blankly. He indeed does not speak much, but he sure is righteous.

To Lin Fan's surprise, the obese man tried to stand up. However, he could not because of the fresh blood that was gushing out of his belly, painting the ground bright red, and he fell down once again.

Unwillingness and despair could be seen from Lu Qiming's eyes as he shut them slowly.

Out of nowhere, he felt someone trying to take away the purple ball in his hand.

Lu Qiming opened his eyes in shock.

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"You're right. If I don't do this, who will? Just hand this matter to me. If I do not come back, remember to burn incense paper for me yearly."

All Lin Fan hoped to do was leave this place right away. What does your battle have to do with me?

And with my immortality, I can go anywhere I want to in this world.

This world had caught Lin Fan's interest. Of course, he would not have paid any attention if he did not have the buff.

"You…" Lu Qiming stared at Lin Fan in shock. Never would he have thought that this comrade of his would be so brave.

Lin Fan stared at him with determination. "The wind will blow and the stream will flow, but a hero will go and never come back. I'll leave now. Live on with my determination."

Lu Qiming's face turned even redder as Lin Fan's words rang in his mind.

Tears flowed down his cheek as Lu Qiming shouted at the figure dashing to the battlefield. "You must survive."

Lin Fan did not even bother to turn back as he continued dashing forward.

"Survive? What nonsense, I'm getting out of here."

As Lin Fan got closer, he realized that the gigantic beast was not that enormous, but it resembled Godzilla.

Lu Qiming sat on the floor, staring at the figure that was now far away.

It was impossible to destroy the beast, but Lu Qiming still kept his hopes high.

All of a sudden, the figure that Lu Qiming was following dropped to the ground. Due to it being too far away, Lu Qiming could not tell what happened to Lin Fan.

"No…!" Lu Qiming wailed. But the next second, something unbelievable happened; that figure that dropped down stood up.

Perhaps it was Lu Qiming's imagination, but the figure's back was covered in blood.

"Darn it. Why are those idiots chopping me? A crowd will always bring trouble," Lin Fan muttered. Somebody chopped him in his back when he wasn't paying attention. Luckily this immortality works and revived me after ten seconds.

He thought no more and started running off.


Not long later, somebody killed him again. The other party slashed his neck. Lin Fan could not feel the pain, but he could see the blood gushing out of his neck and splashing onto his face.

Seeing the figure far away dropping down once again, Lu Qiming felt that his world was coming to an end, but to his surprise, the figure stood up after a few seconds and started running toward the gigantic beast.

Lu Qiming clenched his fist tightly – so tightly that fingernail marks formed on his hand. He was sobbing badly, touched by Lin Fan's act that he perceived to be of perseverance and bravery.

How brave and how strong must his will be?

Lu Qiming gritted his teeth and made a promise to himself. "I'll do my best to pass down your spirit."

On his way, Lin Fan lost count of the number of times that he had died, but thankfully, he managed to revive every time.

Even with immortality though, they keep killing me as they wish.

Suddenly, Lin Fan thought of an idea. He stuck closely to the ground and wiggled his way to the beast slowly.

The battleground gained an earthworm.

The crowd was in an intense battle, so nobody noticed the earthworm wiggling around.

"Ah-ha, this is better. I'll stop getting killed." Lin Fan smiled proudly. I'm so smart.

Not long later, Lin Fan looked up to see the gigantic beast standing right in front of him.

It was a scary beast that killed many with just a stomp.

There were four figures floating next to the beast. They were staring into space, as if the battle had nothing to do with them.

Lin Fan crawled his way to the beast. Even now, there was nobody who took notice of Lin Fan, including the four figures floating next to the beast. They did not even take a look at the ground, as the enemies on the ground wouldn't be worth them worrying over.

Suddenly, the gigantic beast stomped on the ground. Lin Fan managed to escape its attack, but it was still so strong that it sent Lin Fan flying off, puking blood.

Lin Fan cursed. "Darn it."

When he revived once again, he rushed to catch up with the beast.

The ball he had was a weapon of the Magnificent Flame Sect. It was a Mortal high-class support tool painstakingly made by their tool-refining masters.

It was designed to assist the Divine Cannon in aiming correctly at its target.

Lin Fan stood in between the beast's legs and held the ball high. He took in a deep breath and pressed the "on" button before shouting a touching sentence that he saw elsewhere.

"Fire at me!"

He was so loud that the whole battlefield heard him.


The great force of the cannon shot straight to the sky.

"Oh my god, they don't even hesitate, huh?" Even though I have immortality, I do not want to be bombed into pieces!

"Aish, run!" Lin Fan ran away from the battlefield before the shot landed.

Lu Qiming, who was lying on the ground in despair, looked up in shock.

He made it!

Lu Qiming could no longer hold in his tears, and they gushed out like a waterfall.

"I'll remember you for life!"

Lin Fan's action touched all the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, inspiring them to win the war.

"How can this be?" The four figures floating next to the beast could not believe their eyes as they were sent flying in an instant.

The ground shook violently.

A strong force could be felt across the battlefield.

Lin Fan might have run quite far, but he did not escape the strong shockwave that came right after him and sent him into the air.

"I'm flying!"

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