5 I Refuse to Believe

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If I have this hack and don't fully use it, I must be mad.

Furthermore, I'm still in a dangerous situation right now. If a war takes place again, I would be slashed again. I may not die, but being slashed repeatedly isn't good for my mental health.

Cultivate as much as I can!

Soon, it was midnight.

Lin Fan opened his eyes abruptly. He was a normal human being, after all, so like anyone else, he would feel dizzy and tired after cultivating intensely. His body was not yet so powerful that he could sustain himself without rest.

At least, for now.

I can gain around thirty experience points in a minute, so a thousand and eight hundred in an hour?

Experience Points: 7150

Three hours had passed.

The sky had already turned dark, and it was quiet outside.

Haish, still not enough points for me to level up.

The next day:

Bang! Bang!

Lin Fan could hear knocking on his door. I used to wake up at noon everyday. What's wrong with the people here?

"Who the hell is banging on my door?" Lin Fan pulled the door open, and the next second, he was enveloped in a fat man's arms.

"Junior Brother Lin, you survived!" Lu Qiming hugged him tightly, tears flowing down his cheeks. He remembered the events of the war vividly. Luckily for him, he survived the war, but the thought of Lin Fan made his heart ache, so he pleaded with others to search for Lin Fan's corpse while he was being treated.

Later, he received news that Lin Fan came back completely fine. Lu Qiming wanted to look for him the moment he heard this news, but he was so badly injured that he couldn't move as he wished. After spending a night recovering, he felt better and could not contain his excitement, so he was now here.

"Crazy man." Lin Fan rolled his eyes secretly. What is this fatty thinking? I'm straighter than a ruler. Lin Fan tried to struggle away from his hug but to no avail. Lu Qiming hugged him so tightly that Lin Fan felt like he was tied up in metal chains.

Lin Fan stared at him blankly and nodded. "I'm glad you survived, Senior Brother Lu."

Lu Qiming looked up, face flushing red with excitement. "I thought I was going to die there, but Junior Brother Lin instructed me to live with your determination, so I swore to make it through. I'm so glad that I could see Junior Brother Lin once again!"


A sound came from the door.

"Am I interrupting something?" Yin Xiaotian stood at the door, eyeing Lin Fan and Lu Qiming weirdly. He turned to Gao Dazhuang and shook his head. I must be thinking too much.

Gao Dazhuang smiled sheepishly and nodded. "Junior Brother Lin is so popular, just like me."

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Realizing what he had just done, Lu Qiming let go of Lin Fan and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, senior brothers. I was just too happy to see Junior Brother Lin alive."

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. He was so enthusiastic that it was scary.

"Senior brothers, it's still early. Is there anything you need me for?"

"Junior Brother Lin, we are here to bring you to the canteen before heading to the training ground to cultivate," Yin Xiaotian answered.

Gao Dazhuang nodded, giving Lin Fan a silly smile. "Let's hurry up, or else we are going to be late and we will end up with nothing."

It was the third day since Lin Fan's arrival, and he had always been alone, making a joke out of himself. He never thought that he would be so popular that there would be people who would come and invite him for breakfast. This feels good.

He went to wash up before going off.

"Senior brothers, let's get going."

After breakfast, the four of them went to the training ground together. It was wartime, but cultivating daily was a must.

"Senior Brother Yin, do all of the disciples practice the Body Refinement Technique?"

"Yes. It's the basics. It helps to strengthen our basis and body. When we get to Body Tempering Stage Nine, we can prepare to enter the Earth Star Border, and when we do so, we can produce yuan energy and stop training like a mortal."

"Then what techniques can I train now, being in the Body Tempering Realm?"

"What mortals train. You need yuan energy to train any proper techniques," Yin Xiaotian explained.

Within no time, they reached the training ground.

Lin Fan shuddered upon seeing the scene on the training ground.

This is too violent.

The training ground was currently painted with blood, and the ground was bright red in color. Some stood there quietly letting others smack them with wooden or even iron rods, while some pulled rocks toward themselves, letting them smash into their bodies.

They weren't masochists, this was just how they cultivated.

There were a lot of ways that they could train. The first way was to practice the Body Refinement Technique by itself.

Another way was to do what they were doing here while practicing the Body Refinement Technique at the same time, increasing the speed of cultivation.

However, if they decided to use this method, they couldn't do it for long. Persevering would only end up with a dead person.

"Junior Brother Lin, let's start," Lu Qiming said. In order to increase his ability, Lu Qiming was extremely hardworking.

"Okay." Lin Fan smiled thinly. I shall take this chance to cultivate. But do those methods really work?

Yin Xiaotian did not choose to cultivate in that manner as if he couldn't bear to hurt his precious body. However, Gao Dazhuang took off his shirt, revealing his muscles.

"Come and beat me." Gao Dazhuang took a deep breath. He was now all red, and his size was indeed scary.

Yin Xiaotian gripped an iron bar tightly and smacked it into Gao Dazhuang hard. Gao Dazhuang, who always had a smile plastered on his face, currently had a serious look.

He hid the pain well and did not show it.

Gao Dazhuang made use of this and practiced the Body Refinement Technique at the same time. His body turned red as if it was being cooked. Gao Dazhuang's blood turned into strings of energy and dispersed into his bones.

He was refining his bones at a high level.

Lin Fan looked around and decided to try it out too.

"You're Lin Fan? The one that killed the beast?" A voice travelled from the back.

Lin Fan turned around to see a buff man walking toward him. He wasn't wearing his clothes, and Lin Fan could see injuries all around his back.

"Yeah." Lin Fan smiled proudly. A fan, huh?

The man scanned him and sneered. "I, Zhang Long, do not believe that. With your cultivation and size, how is that possible?"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes. Hey, I sacrificed myself for you all and you do not believe it? Are you insulting me?

"Then what can I do to prove it?" Lin Fan eyed him. I must prove myself.

"Nothing, I just don't believe it," Zhang Long replied and went off.

This left Lin Fan in confusion. That's not how this is supposed to go. He's supposed to say something that angers me, and then I prove him wrong. Now he's leaving just like that?

"Zhang Long, what do you mean? Are you questioning Junior Brother Lin's ability?" Lu Qiming could not hold it in anymore. I saw his heroic act with my own eyes!

"Lu Qiming, what are you trying to imply? What's wrong if I suspect his ability? He was as timid as a mouse before, but now I'm supposed to believe he defeated that beast? Who would believe that?" Zhang Long sneered.

"You…!" Lu Qiming glared at Zhang Long with wide eyes, not knowing what else to say.

After some time, they heard a gasp from the distance.

"What the heck, who is this disciple? He's so fierce!"

"But with this frequency, no matter how strong he is, he will die soon."

Noises kept coming the distance.

Lu Qiming and Zhang Long looked over together.

But what they saw left them flabbergasted.

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