257 Heaven Star Body

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"Level up the Ancient world's king kong's physique." 

At the most crucial moment, Lin Fan chose to upgrade this skillset. 

"Points - Two hundred thousand." 

"Ancient world's king kong's physique (level three)" 

"Traits: Ancient golden body, extreme destruction. Maximum increase in physical strength. Connection to earth and ancient world." 


Suddenly, Lin Fan's body turned gold. Level three was the level Li Chongshan reached. 

"This is a mystical aura." 

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However, he didn't have much time to think about it. His body was now at its limits; even the Ancient Golden body couldn't take it anymore. 

Lin Fan stood up. A powerful force wrapped around his body. His body started to swell. Every muscle of his was bursting with strength. 

"I can still take it." 

He said and stepped out of the secret chamber. 


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