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"Damn it, I can't take anymore."

Lin Fan might not have been able to feel the pain, but he knew that there was something odd about his body.


Lin Fan felt his spine crack after being put under such constant pressure.


He vomited blood.

His lungs had burst open.

Lin Fan was now as pale as a sheet of paper, which was a sign that he was seriously injured. Being only a Body Tempering Stage Five cultivator, he could take this no more.

I need to rest, right now.

I should just commit suicide, but I can't do it right in front of everyone. Let me find a secluded spot first.

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"Junior Brother Lin, you're okay, right?" Lu Qiming came to Lin Fan and helped him up, looking at him worriedly.

Lin Fan waved his hands. "I'm fine, I'm just quite tired now. I need to go back and rest, senior brothers can continue on your own."

"Are you sure?" Lu Qiming asked, not convinced.

Lin Fan nodded and flashed him a smile. "It's okay, I'm fine enough to kill a bull. Do you believe me?"

Before Lu Qiming could say anything else, Lin Fan dashed away from the training ground.

If I can't hold it in anymore and collapse right in front of him, I would be done for.

"Is Junior Brother Lin really alright?" Watching Lin Fan run off, Yin Xiaotian muttered.

Gao Dazhuang stopped cultivating and nodded. "Junior Brother Lin is so powerful. He must have trained the Body Refinement Technique well."

As soon as Lin Fan returned to his house, he could not hold it anymore and started coughing blood.

"Oh my god. Not only are my lungs finished, even my liver is done for. No wonder they say that this cultivation method is insane."

If I were to recover naturally, who knows how long it would take?

Lin Fan grabbed the sword next to him and slit his neck.

"Ah!" He could hear some background music playing next to him as he fell to the ground.

Experience Points +10

After ten seconds, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He stood up to stretch, and he was feeling perfectly fine.

He had fully recovered.

Experience Points: 1265

I'm done acting cool for today. Now I should think about how to leave this place, which is my my goal. It's not an easy task though.

He looked around and realized there was a pool of blood on the floor. Lin Fan furrowed his brows at the scene. It's disturbing. He then immediately went to clean it up.

Now, all I should do is improve at the fastest possible speed. I can do anything when I am strong enough.

Lin Fan went back to the training ground.

Lu Qiming was dumbfounded seeing him here again.

"Junior Brother Lin, why are you here again?" He knew that Lin Fan was injured, and he did not expect him to recover in such a short time.

Lin Fan shook his head and sighed. "Senior Brother, I can't rest in peace upon thinking about the situation we are in. Since I'm fine, then I'll continue."

Lu Qiming felt inspired by hearing Lin Fan. "Good job, Junior Brother Lin."

Other than that, there was nothing he could say.

Junior Brother Lin learns fast – so fast that I admire him.

Lin Fan felt helpless upon transmigrating here. The other Lin Fan was an orphan too. He had no one to rely on and no one to worry about either.

Whatever, let's cultivate.

As the rock smashed him, he gained more experience points.

Throughout the afternoon, the disciples in the training ground were all practicing hard.

They cultivated desperately because they had met a monster, which was a certain disciple.

His method of cultivating made them watch with jaws wide open. If they did not see it with their own eyes, they would not believe it.

A distance away:

"Who is that disciple?" A fierce middle-aged man stared at the training ground.

"Senior Brother Lu, he's Lin Fan." The disciple at the side bowed, staring at Senior Brother Lu with admiration.

Senior Brother Lu had high cultivation and was very powerful. He was an idol in many disciples' eyes, and it was said that he was already an Earth Star Border Stage Five cultivator.

Senior Brother Lu took note of Lin Fan and continued patrolling. "Great. The disciples are training hard today. This is the only way that they can prevent themselves from becoming mincemeat."

"Yes, Senior Brother Lu is right."

It was finally night, and Lin Fan went back to his room all beat up. He immediately ended his life.

After ten seconds, he revived again.

Experience Points: 10500. But I still need some more to level up.

The next day, the chimes woke Lin Fan up from his dreams.

"Are they mad? It's still early!" Lin Fan grumbled in frustration and woke up reluctantly.

Bang! Bang!

"Junior Brother Lin, hurry up, we need to gather." Lu Qiming banged on his door, rushing Lin Fan.

"Yes, I'm coming." Lin Fan put on his clothes and walked to the door. "What's going on, Senior Brother Lu?"

"This is an emergency signal," Lu Qiming answered. "Something must have happened. Let's hurry."

When they reached the venue, it was already filled with disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect. The disciples stood there in neat rows, and the atmosphere seemed a bit depressing. What's going on?

"Senior Brother, what's going on? Why are they so solemn?" Lin Fan whispered.

"Shh, Junior Brother, keep quiet," Lu Qiming said.

"Oh." Lin Fan nodded. There's a secret.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt something in the distance.

As he realized what happened, he got a shock. Wow, he's so buff, even bigger in size than Gao Dazhuang. And he looks so fierce! I might not be able to see clearly, but I can feel it.

"That's Senior Brother Lu." Lu Qiming looked over. "Senior Brother Lu is extremely powerful. He killed a Sunshine Sect's elite and turned the tables during the battle."

"Junior brothers and sisters," Senior Brother Lu spoke up. His voice was so deep that it sent chills down Lin Fan's spine.

"The Sunshine Sect is still not willing to give up. They are going to split into two teams, one to Tianfeng City and the other here. We are going to send a thousand disciples to intercept them outside Tianfeng City and leave the rest here. There's a 10% chance of surviving, but you will only need to hold on for three hours, which will be enough for reinforcements to get to Tianfeng City. Who is willing to do so?" Senior Brother Lu's voice boomed across the hall, waiting for volunteers.

The disciples all stared at each other in fear.

10% survival? Isn't that basically the same as 100% of dying?

Moreover, the Sunshine Sect's disciples are mad and cruel. If they know they're about to die, they will want to pull you down with them too! That's what scariest about their sect.

The disciples hesitated upon hearing about the danger.

Lin Fan weighed the benefits in his heart.

Going would be equivalent to suicide. Many will die.

Why not escape there?

Lin Fan raised his hand without hesitation.

"I will."

The hall turned to Lin Fan unanimously.

Lin Fan stood upright and walked up to the stage, away from the crowd.

Lu Qiming wanted to stop him, but he was too late.

He was not afraid of death, but he did not wish to die just like that.

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