3 Future

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"Huh, where are they?"

When Lin Fan got back to the battlefield, it was once again the barren land it was before. There wasn't even a single corpse in sight.

Lin Fan did not know how many had sacrificed their lives in the battle, but from how intense it was, there should be at least ten thousand people that were sacrificed.

How long was I unconscious that the battlefield is totally cleared up now?

He had only been in the Magnificent Flame Sect for three days, so of course he wasn't attached to it even slightly. However, what was on the other side was too dangerous, and even with immortality, he wouldn't be able to defend himself, so returning was the best choice.

Lin Fan scanned around the place, but there wasn't anything left. What on earth?

I would be a walking joke if anyone sees me in this state as well.

If I continue, I'll reach where the Magnificent Flame Sect is located. I wonder what's going on.

Time flew past.

"Hey, stop there. Who are you?" All of a sudden, Lin Fan heard a yell. Two men came up to him with weapons in their hands and were staring at Lin Fan guardedly.

Oh, lord. Finally.

"I'm one of you. Calm down." Lin Fan waved his hand. He reached for his pocket to pull out a piece of evidence, only to realize that all he was wearing now was a cloth covering his crotch.

The skinnier man stared at Lin Fan weirdly. Why is he dressed in such a manner? He looked at him in disdain and sneered. "What do you have to prove that you're not a spy?"

Lin Fan stared at him in disbelief. Spy? God bless your intelligence.

Which spy in their right mind would wear this?


The taller man shook his head. "I feel that we should just kill this kiddo. He looks so perverted and is from some unknown origin."

"I don't think we should do so." The skinnier man shook his head.

"Why?" The taller one rolled his eyes. "I could just slash him in half and be done with him."

Hearing them, Lin Fan turned as red as a beetroot. I have travelled so far to look for you just to have you kill me? Pigs!

This is absurd!

"What do you want to do to me!?" Lin Fan yelled. "This is such a disappointment. I help you get rid of that beast and yet you want to kill me as soon as I return?"

Both of them turned to Lin Fan in utter disbelief.

"Are you the disciple that told me to fire at you?" the skinny man stammered.

"Who else could it be? I already sacrificed myself for you all, yet you want to kill me? Oh my, this is so sad. I'll just leave." Lin Fan sniffed as if he had never thought of this possibility.

As soon as Lin Fan turned around, someone grabbed onto his arm.

Lin Fan snickered. Easy. I only need a few words to make you feel guilty.


"Junior brother, pardon us. Me and senior brother were really unaware." The skinnier man looked down in guilt as he stopped glaring at Lin Fan in anger.

How would they not know that they were only able to win this war thanks to this disciple? If not for him, the Magnificent Flame Sect might now be in a mess.

"Okay, then I'll forgive you if that's the case." Lin Fan turned back, making his hair flip.

As for the taller disciple, he was also buff. He put his arm around Lin Fan and stared at him seriously. "Junior brother, I apologize for my words. Don't take it to heart, I'm just rough."

Lin Fan rolled his eyes secretly. Buff but seems brainless.

Lin Fan smiled at his decision. Even with immortality, I wouldn't have been able to escape if I was captured previously.

Here seems to be safer, and I'll be able to escape later if I have the chance.

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"May I know the names of my senior brothers?"

The skinnier man's hair flowed down his shoulders. He looked decent and feminine. "I'm Yin Xiaotian."

"I'm called Gao Dazhuang. We are a family from now on. You can come to me if you need any help. My hobby is to assist those in need."

He indeed lives up to his name. Tall (Gao), buff (Zhuang), and silly (Dazhuang is considered a silly name).

And who's his family member? You can't just call anyone your family member.

But they seem friendly, though.

"I'm Lin Fan."

All of a sudden, Yin Xiaotian let out a yelp. "Yeah, Dazhuang, take care of Junior Brother Lin. I'll go and inform the senior brothers right away."

With that, Yin Xiaotian dashed off.

Lin Fan watched him take off and turned to Gao Dazhuang. "Senior Brother Dazhuang, where is Senior Brother Yin going?"

Gao Dazhuang patted Lin Fan's back hard and spoke in a loud voice. "Junior Brother, you're our hero. Our senior brothers are all searching for you."

Oh, and here I was worried about what grave matter it was.

Lin Fan wanted to roll his eyes badly.

Under Gao Dazhuang's lead, he got past a few obstacles.

According to the other Lin Fan's memory, this was not the sect itself, but a camp set up temporarily to prepare for the battle with the invaders.

Lin Fan was slightly embarrassed by Gao Dazhuang now though; he constantly shouted the same thing at every person they met.

"This is the junior brother that killed the beast during the war. He's a hero!"

And now, every single person was staring at him with admiration.

Lin Fan stood with his chest up. It's fortunate that I get to enjoy the treatment of a hero before I go off.

They reached the main camp within no time.

Unlike the campsites seen in dramas back on Earth, this was not just a big tent.

It was an ancient architecture, majestic and sturdy. Especially the commando hall right in the middle, which was magnificent and huge.

"Senior Brother, that's him." Yin Xiaotian came out from a room bringing along a man who was scanning Lin Fan.

"You're Lin Fan?" The man stared at Lin Fan in confusion. How did he survive the Divine Cannon?

"Yes, Senior Brother. I'm Lin Fan." Lin Fan smiled widely.

"How did you survive?" the man asked.

Lin Fan had already thought of an explanation. He smiled and started sprouting nonsense; "Senior Brother, what you might not know is that Lu Qiming – Senior Brother Lu – wanted to sacrifice his life to kill the monstrous beast, but he was seriously injured, so this junior brother did not hesitate to take over for him. I took the weapon and rushed to the beast on the battlefield, but when the Divine Cannon shot arrived, I had already run off and then lost consciousness after some time. I woke up somewhere far away, still alive but without my clothes."

The man looked at him, shocked. Wow, there were such things?

That Divine Cannon is a treasure among middle-grade weapons that can be activated by inserting a huge number of mystic crystals. Even if he was a Body Tempering Stage Nine person who was about to become an Earth Star Border elite, he would not have survived!

Whatever, let's just take it as him being lucky.

"Great. This is fantastic. With a disciple like you, the Magnificent Flame Sect will have a bright future." The man smiled happily and patted Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin, I'll remember your achievement and repay you heftily when we return to the sect after the war. Junior Brother Yin, take Junior Brother Lin back for a rest."

"Yes, Senior Brother." Yin Xiaotian nodded and smiled at Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin, let's go and get you changed."

Lin Fan stood rooted to the ground blankly.

Aren't I a hero? This is how you treat me?

Didn't I perform a heroic act?

What on earth? This is so disappointing. It's indeed better to wander outside.

Lin Fan sighed in disappointment. He thought he would be able to reach the peak of his life easily, but who knew it was just this?

On their way back:

"Senior Brother Yin, who's that senior brother?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's Senior Brother Fang Qing." Yin Xiaotian sighed in admiration. "He only came to the sect two years ago, but he's already a Body Tempering Stage Nine cultivator, and soon, he'll be an Earth Star Border elite." He then smiled sheepishly. "I and Dazhuang have already been here for three years, yet we are still only in Body Tempering Stage Six. I wonder when we can be like Senior Brother Fang Qing."

Lin Fan nodded. Two years to Body Tempering Stage Nine? Then what would I be? Invincible?

Luckily, I have my hack.

"With Junior Brother Lin's ability, you will soon be an Earth Star Border elite too." Gao Dazhuang smiled.

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