78 Finally Dead

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Even though Lin Fan's attack was not enough to make heaven fall and the earth rend, it was powerful enough to send blood and remains flying all over the place, causing it to be a tragic sight.

"Chief Bai Shi, it's hard for me to attack you if you're still in your skin, why don't you show yourself?" Lin Fan swung his mace, killing another evil cultivator before turning to Bai Shi.

Fear washed over the remaining evil cultivators, and most felt like giving up.

They even suspected that Lin Fan was not a human being!

He was seriously injured, yet he was able to remain as calm as if nothing had happened and smile at them. Which human being would be able to do so in this situation?

Since when did the Magnificent Flame Sect have such a sick disciple that lives to fight? He's extremely cruel too.

"You're way crueler than us." Bai Shi sneered, trying his best to hide his fear.

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