18 A Chance

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They were currently having a briefing right now. The instructions given were the same old things, and nobody was listening to them. What's the use of repeating all this now? Who would follow any of it during a battle when everyone is busy fighting for their lives?

All the disciples were currently talking among themselves.

"Are you afraid?"

"Of course. What about you?"


"That's great! Please cover me later. I'm shuddering in fear."

"Shut up."

Lu Qiming patted Lin Fan on his shoulders. "Junior Brother Lin, do not rush forth. Follow the troop closely and do not end up in the opponent's area."

Lin Fan was currently bouncing off the wall at the thought of freedom in a few moments' time. Wow, how great will it be to travel all around the world? "Be at ease, Senior Brother. You have to trust me."

Before Lu Qiming could reply with, "Of course I trust you," another explosion could be heard.

Lu Daosheng looked down at the crowd before turning to Fang Qing. "Fang Qing, it's all on you," he said. Lu Daosheng could see troops coming in from a distance away.

"Those uncultured thieves, Lu Daosheng will make sure that you die under my hands today," Lu Daosheng growled and disappeared on the spot. A few figures followed him.

Fang Qing's vision followed his senior brothers, eyes shining with passion. The Earth Star Border cultivators could move freely at lighting speed. He gulped as he stared at the scene taking place over there. However, that was not the battle that he should be concerned about.

Fang Qing's Body Tempering Stage Nine cultivation was nothing in comparison to the elites.

He turned to the battlefield that was right in front of him and waved his hands. "Let's get going."

Lin Fan was feeling anxious. How should I start later?

A few moments passed.

The disciples of both sects stood on the battlefield staring at each other, but nobody made a move.

"Senior Brother, what's going on now? When are we going to fight?" Lin Fan asked.

"Senior Brother Lu has not made a move yet," Lu Qiming answered.

It suddenly dawned on Lin Fan that they should wait for the seniors' actions. If they managed to sort things out or something, it would be awkward for the rest of them to be fighting.

Bang! A loud noise could be heard from afar.

"Kill!" Fang Qing yelled.

This brought Lin Fan back to reality. Oh lord, here we go. Lin Fan held up the 9-ringed broadsword. "My fellow brothers, follow me and let's kill this trash!"

"Yes! Kill the trash!"

"Follow Senior Brother Lin and kill the trash!"

"Junior Brother Lin…" Lu Qiming watched him leave, rooted to the ground. Did he take all my words as nonsense? Dashing in now is the equivalent of going straight to hell!

Yin Xiaotian and the rest were all in shock too. He immediately went up to Lu Qiming. "Did you not tell him?"

"I did!" Lu Qiming said, breaking out in cold sweat. "Do not rush forth." Did he not understand what that meant?

"Haish, this is fate."

Lin Fan was the first to rush up. He held his 9-ringed broadsword high up in the air while screaming, "Idiots, here comes your ancestor!"

Points +30

One down, and more points for me.

A Body Tempering Stage Three disciple dropped to the ground as Lin Fan's points increased.

Now, Lin Fan was on a killing spree. He slashed whoever he came across with his 9-ringed broadsword. I would be an idiot if I didn't kill you all!

The disciples who were following Lin Fan were all motivated to fight after seeing this scene. "Senior Brother Lin is so cool!" 

"Let's kill this trash with Junior Brother Lin!"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes. You're actually following me? You foolish people, following me will only lead you to your deaths. Why are you following a guy who's trying to run away?

But this is not the time for that. Let me hurry and get more points.

Points +40

Points +50

No matter what stage you're in, you will all become the same under my hands – dead meat.

Lin Fan felt that he was stronger than a normal Body Tempering Stage Six cultivator.

His blood boiled as his biceps expanded. Lin Fan was bursting with energy, and with a slash, his current opponent turned into a blood fountain.

Just as he was about to leave, Lin Fan heard a cold voice next to his ears.

"It's not a good thing to chop my juniors as if they are vegetables."

A figure flashed past and stopped beside Lin Fan, pointing a dagger at him.

"Who are you?" Lin Fan dodged the attack. After realizing what the person had said, he frowned and rushed forth with his 9-ringed broadsword.

The Sunshine Sect disciple smirked and sheathed his dagger, blocking Lin Fan's attack with his hands.

All of a sudden, the blood drained from his face.

He stared at Lin Fan in fear as a wave of energy gushed through his body.

His blood started gushing to his throat.


He vomited a mouthful of blood.

"How could this be?" the figure murmured, staring at Lin Fan with his jaw wide open. We are both of the same cultivation, why am I unable to block his attack?

"What a joke, Mr. Vegetable." Lin Fan sneered and slashed him in half.

Points +60

Lin Fan grinned. I like this, points going straight in my pocket.

To him, this battle was his chance to earn points so that he would have enough when he left later on.

I should give it a check.

Points: 2500

This should be enough for me to squander.

The war had escalated into an oddly fierce battle over time. There were hardly any intact corpses to be seen.

Lin Fan had been trying to gain points, which resulted in him dying the ground red with blood.

The disciples who were following Lin Fan were in awe. They looked up to their Senior Brother Lin. He's so powerful! He does not even frown even if he has a deep cut. That's a real elite.

Chicken nuggets, this is enough.

To Lin Fan, this amount of points was already enough for him. It's time to feign death.

"Die, you dog." A Sunshine Sect disciple saw Lin Fan and dashed over with his sword, wanting to pierce through Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's eyes shone, and he smiled. Great timing.

Come kill me so I can leave.

"Be careful, Senior Brother!"

Suddenly, a figure jumped in front of Lin Fan, and the sword pierced them instead.

Lin Fan was rooted to the ground. What the hell are you doing?

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Seeing that he did not manage to kill Lin Fan, the Sunshine Sect disciple looked slightly disappointed. He pulled his sword out and ran away, leaving behind him a trail of blood.

Lin Fan held the disciple who was only at Body Tempering Stage Three tightly. What should I do now? I would have been able to leave. Why did you take the attack for me?

"Why did you do that?"

The disciple looked at Lin Fan with respect. He opened his mouth to reply, but blood flowed out. "Senior Brother, you're my idol…. I can't let you die. You must live."

Lin Fan looked at him, dumbfounded. What on earth are your brains made out of? Bean curd? You can't sacrifice yourself for me even if I'm your idol!

I just want to leave, but why are you all not allowing me to do so?


Why must you leave me with guilt?

Ah, damn it.

What should I do now? What should I do?

Why are you all filled with love, and not hatred or schemes?

Lin Fan gritted his teeth. "Junior Brother, I'll take revenge for you."

I would be inhuman if I just left like this now. I'll take revenge for him first at least.

"Senior…" The disciple lay on the ground. He raised his hand as if he was about to say something more.

But in Lin Fan's eyes, he was saying goodbye to him. Lin Fan felt himself tear up as he grabbed the broadsword, running toward the Sunshine Sect disciple who tried to kill him.

"Brother… get me the medicine," the disciple said in pain, but his senior brother was currently long gone. He endured the pain and took a bottle with a pill out from his pocket, stuffing it in his mouth.

"Luckily, I was not stabbed in any vital parts. Wow. My life is saved!" The disciple heaved a sigh of relief and lay on the ground, counting stars.



I want to sleep.

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