It's Like Magic [BL] Book

novel - Magical Realism

It's Like Magic [BL]


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As he was taking another draught of his cigarette, a smooth voice interrupted him, “Smoking is bad for you, you know,” Alec looked up, shocked by a beautiful face. It was the stranger that he had accidentally locked eyes with only a few moments ago. God almighty, he just wanted some peace and quiet. What was this crazy bastard dressed in some weird fancy get-up coming over and giving him a hard time for? * * * Alec Smoke is a gloomy magician who hates children. When he inevitably ends up ruining a kid's birthday party one day and gets fired, he thinks his life is now all over before a mysterious fellow offers him a place in his circus. Things get worse as "accidents" keep happening and things get heated between him and the man, who just so happens to be one of the most irritating bastards he has had the misfortune to meet.