It's Just Me, Emma. Book

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It's Just Me, Emma.


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"I finally graduated from my hell of a secondary school, hoping to start over at my new school, a senior, with a clean slate. Happy to get away from the horrible treatment i endured at my old school, but i guess that was too much for me to ask for, because, wherever you go, people will be people, mean. I mean, i know that starting at a new school, making new and good connections and all that isn't easy, so when i made my own group of friends, i thought myself lucky. Well, that was before i knew how bad people could be." Emma tries to navigate her way through her new school, Emerald high, while she tries to avoid a repetition of her past. But it seems like she is cursed, because her past trouble follows her there too. ***************** just a light and simple novel, take a break from all the heavy stuff!! A nigerian themed book. .................. discord; neko-mimi#9512


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