1 1) Filling the Void .

There is a time when you feel that something is missing from your life , you are near to your family , your beautiful brother and sister playing with you but still you seek for something to fill your void . Yes that was the time when I just completed my engineering and was looking for a job . Now you got to know what exactly the void means . It has been 2 month since I graduated and still unemployed . All of my friends have got their first job and was planning their journey ahead . I would just listen to their conversation and if needed giving them advice how to adjust life in different city far away from home then suddenly a silence crept inside me thinking I'm not the right person to give them advise as I was so demotivated after getting rejected from 5 companies by now .It's Amazon that they got hired from , yes "Amazon " one of the best companies in world known for it amazing work culture and obviously pay was something that would make us feel like we are some Ambanie's .

As I was waiting for the results from HDFC bank interview , I needed something to preoccupy my mind . We don't need something else if we have a smartphone on our hand . I was just going through some of the app in play store and suddenly I came accross one language learning app . Instantly I felt a sudden urge to learn all the language in the world ..hahaha .....I installed the App and to my surprise , it was really good where you can chat with people from all over the world and exchange your language . So I send a request to multiple people without knowing anything about them . No one was accepting my request , then I realised that I need to make my profile to an extent where people can trust talking with me . I clicked a nice selfi uploaded , wrote some fancies description about myself . After few minutes , I got one request from Egypt and to my surprise , a girl was talking to me . We talked normally knowing each other interests , hobbies , daily life activities . We talked for a day or two , I got to know about the egyption culture , great pyramid of Gija , about mummies , story of Cleopatra etc etc . I got to know about the famous Alexandria city , lifestyle for them is far different from ours . To add my knowledge , I searched about Egyptians , their histories , foods etc . It was really fascinating knowing about them . I took interest using this app so inorder to expore more about other countries , I started sending request to people from Spain , italy , Rome , Turkey , germany , France etc .Within a week I had enough friend to talk and keep myself busy . I then came to know that every country have different lifestyle far from each other and one thing was common between them was getting job .

Those days my life was like , sleeping , waking up in morning , studying for interviews and in the meanwhile talking to my friends from outside world and at evening I used to go out with my childhood friend where we used to spend time together , talking about our future ...oh , I haven't I introduced him to you , his name is Arnab , studied in same school and he was also looking for a job . We both were only friends amongst our group lagging behind others . So now you can understand we shared same bond and our friendship was becoming strong day by day .We both applied for HDFC bank as a relationship manager . It's very common in India getting into different field after engineering as getting a job in core field is like hunting a lion a forest where their are 1 lion and 10 hunters . On 5thAugust we both went to kolkata to give an Interview , we have a common friend living in kolkata so staying their was not difficult for us . Next day we went to give an interview and the result was same as always , we both got rejected , we came to know about this when they said , they will get back to us after 2 week ....awesome !! They took interview in English and they were looking for a guy fluent in Bengali as work location was in Kolkata branch . We came back to jamshedpur on same day . Rejection has become a part of our life and we were used to it .

2 . Lurking in the shadow .

Just like a normal day , I went to sleep at 12 but some kind of feeling crept into me not letting me see dreams instead I was introduced with fear of life . A kind of fear which you don't know how to deal with , I drank a glass of water went out for a small walk listening my all time favourite Cold play. I then opened this mysterious language learning app hoping to find someone to whom I can chat for a while to clear my mind . Reading the descriptions I don't found any character worth interesting to talk but just then I saw a message popping up saying " Hi " . Without talking much time , I replied " Hello ". , message was seen in no time .

" How are you Shiv ".

I replied " going as it is ! " , What about you ?"

"Good" .

"Glad to know that "

For me the person was anonymous having no profile picture . And by looking at the profile , I came to know that the person was from " Turkey " .

Age 20 , no descriptions as such to define , only thing I read " I need improve my english , anyone to help ? " .

I really wanted to see the person but then I kept silent and continued talking normally .

I asked , tell me something about yourself , it's the question which have become a part of my life , you know why . I got a reply " I'm 20 , I study Hospital management in Ankara University . I replied waooo not knowing anything what to reply . I then took some time and searched about turkey , and then I realised